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Volume 2 Issue 10 | December 2007



Original Forum Editorial

Month in Review: Bangladesh
Month in Review: International
Exit strategies: The way forward- - Rehman Sobhan
Politics of 1971--Afsan Chowdhury
The continuing rape of our history -- Mashuqur Rahman
1970 Cyclone Special
Photo Feature Aftermath
Reverse Charges-- Jyoti Rahman
Betrayal and consequences-- Badiul Alam Majumdar
Captive market-- Mikey Leung
Sleepwalking nation-- Manzoor Elahi Choudhury
Imran Khan in his own words--Asif Saleh
Playing games-- Kaiser Haq
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Photo Feature

In Sidr's wake

A television set balanced atop a floating roof. Photo by Munir uz Zaman/Drik News

Clockwise from top left: Fishermen come to recover their boat, which was buried by sand as the cyclone struck, Bagerhat. Photo by Debasish Shom/Drik News
A woman mourns her two grand children in a paddy field, Bagerhat. Photo by Tanvir Ahmed/Drik News
Sidr rips through the southern coast causing devastation in its wake. Photo by Raj Anikat/Drik News
Two men praying at the site of their local mosque, no longer standing, Bagerhat. Photo by Tanvir Ahmed/Drik News

Left: A village mourns its dead, Barisal. Photo by Munir Ahmed Ananta
Right: Two women comfort each other after their loss, Khulna. Photo by Tanvir Ahmed/Drik News

Left: The misery has yet to end, Bagerhat. Photo by KM Asad/Drik News
Right: Relatives and neighbours help as a family who lost three members bury their dead, Khulna. Photo by Tanvir Ahmed/Drik News

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