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Volume 6 | Issue 06 | June 2012 |


Original Forum

Managing Expectations in Public Expenditure for Development
-- Ziauddin Choudhury
Anchoring inflation in budget
-- Asjadul Kibria
Proposals for Agriculture Sector
-- Fahmida Khatun
National Policy on Women's Development
2011 and National Budgets

-- Dr Pratima Paul-Majumder
Dinner not Going to be Cheap Anytime Soon
-- Olinda Hassan

Colourful Six Cities of Six Seasons
-- Mokaram Hossain


Photo Feature

Dhaka: A City in Peril

Making a ghost of a City

-- Tawfique Ali

Ship Breaking: Environmental and
Human Disaster along the Coast
-- Syeda Rizwana Hasan

Disaster Sufferings: Who's Accountable?
-- Dilruba Haider
Conversation with Bangladesh
-- Interview with Hillary Clinton
Death of Carlos Fuentes: a Buried Mirror?
-- Razu Alauddin

Our Friend Joe O'Connell (1940-2012)
-- William Radice


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Dhaka: A city in peril

A Photo Feature by Anisur Rahman

With industrialization expanding its grip over the last forty years or so, Dhaka, once a horizontal city flanked by greenery and rivers, has gone through drastic environmental change. Sprawling industries have found the rivers as the dumping grounds for their huge untreated waste. Compounded with it were all forms of river and canal encroachment. The brick kilns on the fringes of the city contributed quite heavily to polluting the air and withering trees. As rapid, unplanned urbanization followed, the city of Dhaka began to lose its greenery, fields and huge swathes of open spaces. What is worse, the greater parts of the buildings, whether residential or commercial, turned a deaf ear to the Bangladesh National Building Code. Altogether, it won't be an exaggeration to say Dhaka is a city in peril even though there is no dearth of environmental laws and acts. One could only hope that effective enforcement of the laws one day would save the rivers and restore its healthy environment.


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