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July 20, 2003 

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Public interest should be given priority

The Bangladeshis are passing probably the worst time now since the emergence of Bangladesh. Political as well as non-political terror activities, violence towards women, deceiving, cheating, and bribery in the institutions i.e. everything worse is increasing everyday. Observing all these people are getting nervous because they are not seeing any symptom that the law and order situation will turn good and they will have secure and friendly environment. The most regrettable thing is that our law enforcing agency i.e. police department is reported to the most corrupt institution while the lower court is the second top one where men go to get justice. To change this circumstances the media world can play the most influential role by propagating through publishing, screening, airing or broadcasting our enumerable problems as well as their reasons, consequences and the way of prevention, and thus making public aware of their rights and obligations. As a matter of fact, so long as we are not being aware of our rights and responsibilities towards others we cannot overcome our problems. In this respect, The Daily Star seems the pioneer. Introducing a special section named 'Law & our rights' it starts the campaign first few years ago. What 'Law & our rights' has done so far and is doing is no doubt good but our expectation to it is more. It must publish the most public-helping i.e. people-friendly writings. There are many constraints to the way to access justice, there are numerous loopholes in laws, about which people should be made conscious. In this regard, I would like to mention that there should not be any policy that the writers should be Bar-at law or PhD holder or university teacher and so on. Designation or high-ranking position of writer can never be the criteria to justify whether the writing is publishable or not. There are many lawyers who are practising for years in the lower courts. They have no mentionable degrees but have invaluable practical experiences. Law & our rights can encourage them to write in its pages.

Kolyanpur, Dhaka.


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