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September 21, 2003 

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Lawyers' brawl bewilders nation

Recently political divisiveness among lawyers took an ugly turn in the Dhaka Bar Association when the Prime Minister went to inaugurate a newly built building. The pro-BNP lawyers and Jubo Dal activists swooped on the pro Awami League lawyers injuries at least 50 of them. It was utterly shocking for a young lawyer like me. It is true that political divisions exist among the lawyers and this divisions do not revolve around competing visions of better professionalism. But I ever thought that these would result in a bloody brawl. This particular act of the lawyers will definitely undermine the image of the lawyers among the citizen of the country. If the lawyers, who are supposed to protect the cause of law and justice, act in this way, then what can we expect from a lay people!

F. Dilshad
Segunbagicha, Dhaka


An eye-catching film style snapshot was published in 8th September 2003 in The Daily Star last page under captioned on "Quick Justice". We, the general people expect that the lawyers should respectful to the constitutional rules and regulation of the state comparing lay persons. When they dishonoured the legislative law of the state like the bad-mannered person, we really feel regret. The mentioned snapshot looks like a film battle, which was unexpected and regrettable from an attorney. The legal representative could hand over the alleged pickpocket to the law enforcing agency but they instead of doing so took the law in their own hand for "Quick Justice!" We expect lawyers as law abiding citizen first.

Md.Zillur Rahaman,
MSS Economics, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Hall, DU.


At last some of our learned (!) lawyers have unmasked their face to the nation by their activity in Dhaka Judge Court Premises. They wear black coats and apparently they seem very polish. But some times they forget who they are , what is their job , and become indulged in political rivalry. They misbehave with their colleagues only because their political belief is different , their political support is diverse .Only for politics our lawyers fight to each other, they break their professional unity. When the independence of our judiciary is at stake , when the dignity of judiciary is constantly losing ,and therefore when there is paramount necessity of the unity of lawyers, then our lawyers are busy in beating each other. Nothing is more pathetic when our respectable lawyers fight for revenge.

Sharin Shajahan Naomi,
LL.B (1st year), Dhaka University.

Speedy Trial Tribunal and some expectations

The English maxim 'Justice delayed Justice denied' is very much applicable for the present legal system of our country that is over burdened with cases. It is the Speedy Trial Tribunal, which is now playing a pioneer role in ensuring quick justice. But few initiatives are really essential for the proper utilisation of this tribunal & hence meet the public demand. At present the Speedy Trial Tribunal only deals with the sensational cases which are fixed by the Government. Now the question raises whether the cases are neutrally selected or the selection is influenced by political identity. That's why a neutral & more acceptable authority is needed to be formed. According to article 27 of the Constitution all citizens are equal before law & are entitled to equal protection of law, then why there is such inequity in this regard. It should wide open to the mass people so that they can enjoy prompt justice. It is the sacred duty to the honourable judges of the tribunal to conform proper judgment within the fixed time. It is noted that the judgement of the tribunal will be waiting for a ling time for adjudication in the High Court Division due to the backlog of the cases there. Therefore the Government should introduce Speedy Trial Tribunal in the High Court division of the Supreme Court also.

Md. Al Amin ,
LL.B (Hons) 1st year, DU.


The Speedy Trail Act was enacted on October 24 of 2002. The BNP lead coalition government deserves a round of applause for enacting the law. When the Act was introduced many politicians and citizens thought this Act will be abused but the apprehension proved wrong so far. The Speedy Trial Act 2002 is the landmark in the field of justice and by this law a lot of litigants are getting verdict within short time. But one regrettable thing is that there is a backlog in the higher courts. The government may ponder to set up additional high court bench for disposing of cases in short time. It would be another milestone to give speedy justice to the poor litigants. I hope BNP alliance government will take notice of the matter.

Md.Zillur Rahaman,
MSS Economics, Bangabandhu Hall, DU.

Sex workers' rights Vs social values

A few days ago I attended in a premier show of the two documentaries titled "We the Citizens" & "When We Walk the Streets" made by the sex workers of Bangladesh, held at BETS Centre Auditorium, Dhaka on 24th August. It is for the first time in Bangladesh that some documentaries are made and presented by the sex-workers. So, this initiative is of course a laudable one. In the films they mainly focused on police-atrocities on them and raised two demands regarding their rights: 1) to recognise prostitution as a normal job, and 2) to demonstrate humanistic attitudes to them. Nonetheless, these two crucial demands are not only raised by the sex-workers only but also by their close allies NGOs.
There is no doubt that we should try to develop some kind of social consciousness in respect of establishing their rights. But here the obstacle is prevailing social values. Our social values may support to response humanistic attitude to the sex-workers but it never supports prostitution as a normal job. Because our social values which is based on Islamic values never allows prostitution. Moreover, the Constitution of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh also discourages prostitution, which entails in its Article 18(2) that "The State shall adopt effective measures to prevent prostitution and gambling."
Thus the demand regarding recognition of prostitution as a normal job is unconstitutional and is against the prevailing social values. So, if the sex-workers and their allies are tried for realising the first demand i.e., recognition of prostitution as a normal job, they must be failed. On the other hand, their second demand i.e., demonstrates humanistic attitude to them seems comparatively easier to be realised. Because, Islam, that shapes our social values, strongly commands to show due respect to all human beings irrespective of race, colour, language, culture, religion and occupation.
In this circumstance, the sex-workers and their supporting NGOs should discard the first demand of recognising prostitution as a normal job, in aim to achieve the second demand.

Md. Mahbubur Rahman,
MSS, Political Science, DU.

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