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July 4, 2004

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Muslim board to divorce 'triple talaq'

In what may come as a big relief to the Muslim women, their husbands would not be able to get rid of their wives in future by simply reciting talaaq, talaaq, talaaq.

The All-India Muslim Personal Law Board is set to ban this practice from next month and ratify the new model talaqnama. The Board is likely to adopt a resolution at its annual meeting of 41-member working committee on July 4 at Nadwa College, in Lucknow. The new talaqnama, carefully drafted by the Board clerics after carrying out deliberations for three years, disapproves of the age-old three-talaaq system and replaces it with the Shariat-approved 'phased-talaaq'.

Though the draft of the new talaqnama was already approved in Board's Patna meeting in October 2003, it was awaiting a final nod from the 41-member working committee, Board's highest-decision making body.

Under the new talaqnama, the separating couples would be given a minimum of three months to reconcile, instead of shauhar (husband) just firing talaaqs to separate without giving any chance to his begum.

Source: Times of India, 28th June.

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