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“All Citizens are Equal before Law and are Entitled to Equal Protection of Law”-Article 27 of the Constitution of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

Issue No: 51
January 12 , 2008

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Human Rights analysis

2007: Occupational accidents in Bangladesh

From January to December 2007, a total of 3,550 workers of which 2,512 (70.76%) were male and 262 (7.38%) were female in different workplaces (formal and informal) including transport sector were victimized due to various accidents and violation around the country. Noteably, the number of death of workers was 1,768 and while the injury figure was 1,782. While death due to accidents was 41 percent and the violation was 19 percent. Similarly, injury due to accident was 20 percent and injury due to violation was 20 percent. Considering overall accidents and violations, it was observed that the rate of occupational accident and violation was comparatively high in the garments sector among all other different factories or sectors. It is hereby also mentionable that the rate of road accident as well as the victimization rate among the transport workers was very alarming.

Workplace Incidents: Among 3,550 victimised workers, a total of 983 workers were victimised mainly for the workplace incidents. And while 376 workers were killed and 607 workers were seriously injured. Noteably, among different workplaces, 80 workers were killed and 236 workers were injured in garments sector, 77 workers killed and 92 workers were injured in construction sector, 43 killed and 16 workers were injured in agriculture sector (farmer), 24 day-labourer were killed and 2 were injured, 14 were killed and 15 workers were seriously injured in rice mill factories. Moreover, 120 workers were killed and 238 workers were injured in other different industries or sectors around the country during the previous year.

Road Accident: Road accident was the common panic for the workers in the last year. A total of 1207 workers (858 killed and 349 injured) workers of different sectors were the worst sufferer of the rampant road accident wholeover the previous year. It was very alarming that 572 transport workers were victimised due road accident and while, 451 killed and 121 were injured. Meanwhile, the death and injury figure due to road accident among the day-labourer were 73 and 65 respectively.

Worker's right violation: Again considering the violation figure, the garments sector was in the highest peak. Due to violation including both physical and sexual torture by employer, suicide of the worker because of rape, torture by the law enforecement agent, killing of workers because of previous enmity etc 50 workers were killed and 368 workers were injured in the garments sector during the previous year. While for the domestic workers the figures were respectively 40 and 34. In more detail, 337 workers were killed and 730 workers were injured in different sectors mainly for the worker's right violation.

Other incidents: Moreover, 293 (197 killed and 96 injured) workers of different sectors were victimised of other incidents including malicious firing, attack by wild animal, thunderstorm, cyclone, gas cylinder combustion, sinking into water etc.

Source: Bangladesh Occuptional Safety Health and Environment Foundation (OSHE).

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