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“All Citizens are Equal before Law and are Entitled to Equal Protection of Law”-Article 27 of the Constitution of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

Issue No: 303
January 05, 2013

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Reviewing 2012

Laws in 2012

A good number of laws have been legislated in 2012 considering various important issues which reflect utmost commitment of the government of Bangladesh towards the creation of effective legal regime. But this commitment will get into light “if” proper implementation followed. Law desk portraying some of the significant legislative developments in the previous year.

Graffiti Writing and Poster Sticking Control Act 2012
Under this Act None will be allowed to deface walls with graffiti and posters. People or organisations will only be allowed to put up posters in the government-designated spots by paying required fees, This Act has recognised unauthorised posters sticking and scrawling graffiti as an offence. If any person or institution violates the aforesaid procedure of posters sticking and graffiti writing, the punishment is estimated at minimum 5 but maximum 10 thousand taka fine and in default simple imprisonment of 15 days.

Public Servants (Retirement) (Amendment) Act 2012
This Act extended the retirement age of government employees to 59 years from 57 years by amending section 4 of Public Servants (Retirement) Act, 1974.

Bangladesh Workers Welfare Foundation (Amendment) Act 2012
This Act makes it mandatory for companies to deposit 5 percent of profit to workers' welfare funds' in case of their failure punishment will be followed.

Human Trafficking Deterrence and Suppression Act 2012
This Act is comprehensive in nature which provides an inclusive definition of human-trafficking and makes the punishment of human trafficking more rationale. It aims to provide an integrated package of protective measures for the victims and witnesses of trafficking; The Act has provided for the establishment of an Anti-Human-Trafficking Offence Tribunal for the speedy trial of the trafficking offence. The prescribed timeline for trial is 180 days from the date of framing a charge.

Mutual Legal Assistance in Crimes Act 2012
This Act provides detailed procedure for inter-country cooperation in carrying out enquiries, prosecutions and trial of criminal activities. It also empowers the Bangladesh government to freeze or attach properties of criminals and their equipment used in criminal activities in line with the request of a foreign country.

Money Laundering Prevention Act
Under this Act, banks and other financial institutions, nongovernmental organisations, stock dealers, and other organisations must regularly send information about suspected transactions to the central bank, and in case of failure fine may be imposed. It also pledges for a separate financial intelligence unit at Bangladesh Bank to monitor and take necessary action against money laundering activities.

Anti-Terrorism (Amendment) Act 2012
This Act amended The Anti-terrorism Act, 2009 to prevent terrorism like killing, threatening, carrying or possessing illegal arms and ammunition, abduction, creating panic, using Bangladesh's soil for carrying out terrorist activities in or outside the country.

Pornography Control Act 2012
This Act contains various provisions banning production, preservation, carrying and marketing, export and import of pornographies It provides for 10 years' rigorous imprisonment or Tk 5 lakh fine or both for pornography-related offences.

Hindu Marriage Registration Act 2012
This Act pledges for registration of Hindu Marriage. Though it is optional, if someone want to register their marriage will get some benefits, including getting visas for their spouses and children.

Others at a glance
The Dhaka Transport Coordination Authority (amendment) Act, 2012, Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council Act 2012, Bangabandhu Poverty Alleviation and Rural Development Academy Act 2012, The Competition Act 2012 , Prime Minister's Education Assistance Trust Fund Act 2012, Bangladesh Applied Nutrition Research and Training Institute Act 2012 , Atomic Energy Control Act-2012 , Public University Teachers' (retirement) (special rules) Act, 2012, The Wildlife (protection and safety) Act 2012, Disaster Management Act 2012, Power of Attorney Act 2012.

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