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From Velocipedes to Hobby horses to the Boneshaker

The Encarta defines the bicycle as a vehicle consisting of two wheels in tandem to a frame, steered by handlebars and propelled by an arrangement of pedals and gears driven by the feet. The name "bicycle" has been used for this vehicle since 1869. However various precursors of this machine were known as velocipedes from a French name dating from the late 18th century.

In Bangladesh, bicycles are very important to a specific group if not all. Readers are suggested to visit their village homes and ride their grandpa's Chinese Phoenix, which has been passed on from earlier generations. Although modern transport systems are beginning to be introduced in the villages of our country, the need for a bicycle has not perished. Even in the city, having a bike or knowing how to ride a bike is a must for almost everyone. Bicycles are especially popular amongst students in our country and all over the world because it acts as an efficient mode of transport, saving a lot of money and providing a method of physical exercise as well.

There are several places, which sell bicycles or bikes in Dhaka. However, if you want the best deal, the unparalleled place to go to is Bangshal in Old Dhaka. There you'll find hundreds of bike shops lined side by side in really narrow streets. Going there might be time consuming but when you'll return with a good bicycle you'll be the one feeling good. One such shop is M/S Jabbar Traders. It will give you a generalised idea of what's available in Bangshal and the price range of bicycles there. Jabber Traders have been operating for the past decade and sells bikes mainly from India and China. The Indian bicycles available at the moment are Hero, Avon, Metro, City, Amazon, Punnet, Jimmy, Neelan and Hercules. Amongst the Chinese bicycles are Phoenix, Sansi, Titanic and Robin Hood. These bicycles are mainly MTBs or mountain bikes and rickshaw cycles. Jabbar Traders also offers racing cycles from Taiwan called Oyama and Safari. The prices of normal Indian and Chinese bicycles without gears range from Taka 2500-3500. The price of cycles with gears but without suspension ranges from Taka 3500-4500. As for bicycles with gears and double suspension, the price ranges from Taka 4500-7000. For further information call M/S Jabber Traders, 1 Kazi Alauddin Road, Bongshal Dhaka 1100, at 7174827 or 011810889. Readers are advised not to take their cars because once you enter Bongshal with your car, you can't get out!

By Alex

News Flash

In to the Bird's World

The exhibition, titled In to the Bird's World, featuring photographs of the birds of Bangladesh by Shehab Uddin, is being held at the Bengal Gallery of Fine Arts, Bengal Shilpalaya 275/F Road 27 (Old) Dhanmondi, Dhaka. The show will be open for public viewing from 12 to 8pm everyday till 22 September 2003.

The Orchid House...

Orchid is no longer an unfamiliar name to the flower lovers of the country. It has become immensely popular nowadays thanks to the flower shop owners, orchid growers and the related people. Major M A Iqbal Ali decided to grow orchids. He started the Bangladesh Orchid Society with his other fellow orchid lovers' back in 1989. His wife Ms. Nasim Iqbal is the president of that society ever since. The society organizes orchid shows every year. All the fellow members of the society participate, and the show is held at The green house at Road 95, House 2 Gulshan second circle. The entire garden looks stunning.

Mr. Iqbal Ali said, "In the world of flowers, orchids are the undisputed champions. Once the expensive interest of the wealthy, orchids today are within reach of all. If you can grow houseplants, you can grow orchids too".

The president of the orchid society Ms. Nasim Iqbal said, "orchids are no harder to grow than many flowering popular plants. Many popular orchids can be grown in your home in a window or under lights."

She also mentioned, " You can spend as much or as little as you like on your hobby. There are many excellent books available to help a novice grower learn more. That is how we have learnt about orchids. Most bookstores and public libraries have them. The Internet has many web sites devoted to the enjoyment of this hobby. Perhaps the most useful step you can take is to find an experienced grower and make friends. And your best bet is to join the orchid society. For further information contact house #CEN-C2, road # 95, Gulshan, Dhaka 1212.

By Bohemian Soul

Check it out

Rong in this autumn

Autumn, the third season in Bangladesh has a very special significance. The Hindu community of our country and else where in the world, celebrate their largest festival Durga puja in this serene and tranquil season. Autumn is a very significant season for fashion houses as well. Every year they bring out special collection for their customers.

This autumn, Rong introduces a men's collection along with the one for women. Fatua, shirt, panjabi, lungi, and T-shirt in khadi, crepe, and georgette bring new attraction in their collection. Chundri, kotki, tie-dye, block, spray, hand embroidery were used as special media. T-shirt would cost Tk150-350, the price of fatua ranges to Tk220-450, shirt Tk280-500 and the price of panjabi would be Tk350-1500.

Enormous variety of saree is available there. Suranjona priced at Tk1200, meghmala Tk1000, baloo churi Tk560-700, bihongo at Tk800-1100, Tangail silk TK1200-1500, hand paint will cost Tk1000-1200, moslin Tk1200-2000 and so many more. This wide range will sure make shopping great for you.

Rong is situated at Twin Tower, Kakrail road, Shantinagar and at 233/1, B,B, road, Narayangonj.

Home Remedies

Ritu Malik

Keeping wrinkles
at bay

Some tips to keep wrinkles at bay and age gracefully. One cannot avoid aging, but can definitely slow it down with proper and regular skincare. Massage your skin daily with 10-12 drops of almond oil and then wipe it off with rose water. In addition, an egg-white whipped thoroughly with 4-5 drops of Sandalwood oil to it is a good mixture that should be applied. Apply it all over the face and neck and let it dry completely. Once dried completely wash it off with ice-cold water and pat dry. It's a good idea to avoid steaming your face and also no strong face packs should be used.

A clear and glowing skin cannot be achieved overnight. One needs to work hard towards it. Regular massage of your face with honey once a day and clean with rose water. Also, a scrub of powdered almonds, sandalwood powder and milk. This if used every alternate day will make a marked difference. Skin should be well nourished to make it glow.

Hanging Out

"Kaderer Chap"

Our "Hanging Out" place for this week will be "Kaderer Chap" at the Basketball gym corner of the Abahoni field. If you want the exact location, Kaderer Chaap is beside the gate which leads to the office of the Abahoni Krira Chakra. It's basically an open-air shop which provides fried beef with luchis. Or is it-grilled beef? I don't know for sure and it won't make a big difference anyway. The sitting arrangements aren't all too bad, since Kader Bhai has introduced wooden benches and steel chairs for our happy and comfortable eating. As for beverages, coke and pepsi are usually available along with water. Duh! Chaap is very affordable. You can leave with a full stomach having spent around 30-40 Takas. The atmosphere isn't bad at all although the shop is only open from the evening and onwards.

So if you want a quick, yummy, spicy meal, then Kaderer Chaap is what you are looking for. Good food at a very reasonable price. The only problem I came across was the absence of a water tap, which the customers could use to wash their hands. However, the alternative to the tap is quite innovative as well. Kader Bhai provides newspapers to wipe off the oil from our oily fingers after the meal.

By Alex



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