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all that glitters is you!



This Eid, you've decided you'll leave no stone unturned to look your very best. Only your very best has been done to death for a long time, and even you are getting sick and tired of it. Time for a dramatic change, wouldn't you say? Lifestyle, as always, Tis at your side to help you go for it. We're taking you straight to La Belle, to give you the inside scoop on how you can get a whole new look that'll make heads turn. Interested? Read on, as beautician Sadia Moyeen tells us about a deal that'll make you reel…

I had wanted to do this 'makeover' piece for Lifestyle for the longest time but was unsure about how exactly to go about it. The only thing I was sure about was that I did not want to use professional models or actresses for the makeovers. The reason being, that I wanted everybody who was reading this article to be able to relate to it and not hesitate to improve ones self.

The whole point behind doing this piece was to encourage women to get out there and do whatever it takes to bring out the best in themselves. Sometimes, all you need is maybe just a hair cut. It's amazing what a bit of change can do to your confidence. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to see someone leaving La belle with a skip in her step because she's looking and feeling great.

So when 'The Daily Star' sent their correspondent Sabrina for a makeover to La Belle, she walked in with an open mind and 'do whatever you like' attitude I was thrilled. Initially, we decided to concentrate on her skin and the first two weeks all the attention was on improving it. After a few intensive facials and a couple of fair polishing sessions, I shifted the focus to reshaping her brows, which were made thinner and more arched to create space between the eye and brow. This made her eyes appear bigger. We gave her a new hairstyle; something shorter and trendier that wouldn't require too much fuss. Since Sabrina has a wide forehead, a few bangs were added to make it appear smaller. Finally, a little light make up was applied to complete her new look.

While we were making all this fuss over Sabrina, I found Lamia having her hair shampooed in La Belle and asked her if she was interested to do my bridal makeover. She very sweetly agreed and worked very enthusiastically with me even though she had nothing to gain. Thank you Lamia for all your time and effort.

The key to a good Bridal make up is to make it look naturally beautiful, you may have applied a whole lot of stuff, but the finished look just has to be natural.

It should seem that the bride had flawless skin to begin with and that you have just enhanced her features.

By Sadia Moyeen

Special thanks to La Belle for all the efforts taken to do the makeover and the make-up.

La Belle Makeover: My story

I think every woman, whether pretty or plain, at one time in her life or another, wishes she could change the way she looked. Although I'm not too fussy about fashion or make-up, I too had my wish list of features I wished I had. So this makeover offer was something like a dream come true for me.

When I first went to La Belle for the makeover, and was told about the things that would be done, however, I got intimidated. Ms. Sadia Moyeen used words I'd never even heard before…what in the world is a Fair Polish? A thermoherb facial? It began to sound more like a plastic surgery than a makeover.

My reservations quickly dissipated once we got going. The staffs were very friendly and considerate, and the procedures themselves were not nearly half as scary as their names suggested. Ms. Moyeen herself is a genius…she worked wonders on my face.

When I saw myself in the mirror after it was all done, I couldn't recognise the person staring back at me. Where were all the pimples? The wild, frumpy hair? I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming.

Kudos to La Belle for a Cinderella experience brought to life. I'm in love with the new look.

By Sabrina F. Ahmad

Check It Out

O2 presents its punjabi Line

With the Eid shopping season approaching, Dhaka's men can expect a little more style and glam in their Eid wardrobe this year, as O2 launched its exclusive Punjabi line.

In a star-studded event that featured Indian fashion and film celebrities on their guest list, the boutique, located at House 2, Road 103, Gulshan-2 (close to the Wonderland amusement park) launched its newest collection.

The Punjabi line features punjabis made from a range of natural fabrics like khadi, cotton, muslin, and silk, to name a few. Prices range from Tk 1200 6000, depending on the material and the detail of work. O2 also offers chundri stoles and other accessories to complete the picture.

The other items on display were equally eye-catching. There is an extensive collection of fatuas and short kurtas in a kaleidoscope of colours and a multitude of patterns and in unusual designs, which you won't find anywhere else in the city. They also offer executive wear, party wear, and an extensive bottom line. On display in the centre of the main showroom was the collection of men's jewellery, with bead circlets to neckpieces, and others.
So, for guys who aren't afraid to spend on themselves, make O2 your destination for clothes shopping this Eid. --

By Sabrina F. Ahmad

Ecstasy's Eid-fest

Starting from October 22nd and right upto Eid day, Ecstasy, one of the premier fashion houses in the country, is having a Eid Fest in all its four outlets at Banani, Dhanmondi, Panthapath, and Maghbazar. Special product ranges will be featured from November 2 for exclusive western outfit and November 7 for punjabi & shalwar-kameez. Accessories include brands like Gucci, Lacoste, Dunhill, Hugo Boss, Crocodile and Victorinox.
The Eid Fest includes men's collection, comprising of casual and formal shirts, full sleeve t-shirts, polo shirts, kurta-pajama, trousers, jeans, jackets blazers, sweaters, suits and punjabis. The women's collection includes tops, shirts, t-shirts, trousers, jeans, fatua, salwar-kameez and winter wear.

The Ecstasy Eid fest also features accessories, such as: shoes, sandals, belts, bags, wallets, watches, swiss army knives, branded perfumes and colognes. Interestingly, all customers are offered a 10 per cent discount on garment products they buy for the first seven days of the festival.

LS Desk

Mantra: Adding a touch of magic into the fashion scene

Mantra, a new shopping outlet, located at Gulshan, right next to the Samarkand restaurant, went into operation on Saturday, October 25, 2003.

Mantra aims to bring under one roof, three century-old, world-renowned American brands: Arrow, Lee and Wrangler. The men's line consists of jeans, jackets, T-shirts, casual and official shirts, kurtas, punjabis, and trousers. The ladies' wear collection comprises of shalwar kameez, sari, jeans, jackets, three-piece sets, tops and T-shirts.
Accessories that include handbags, shoes, and belts accompany the clothes. There is also a section for perfumes, which offers a wide range of international brands like Hugo Boss, Crocodile, and Armani, to name a few.

Prices are a bit tough on the wallet. The jeans cost about Tk 2800, and the shirts range between Tk 2000-2080. The punjabis range from Tk 1400-3500. The fatuas and short kurtas start from Tk 450, and climb as high as Tk 1200 or more. The kameezes range from Tk 1200-3000. The bags cost from Tk 600-1800. If you think that all this sounds a bit costly, bear in mind that Mantra offers high quality. The designers of the Mantra collection treat fashion as an art form expressed on the human form, and this outlook is evident in each outfit.

By Sabrina F. Ahmad

The joy of shopping

Dhakaites can now indulge in the ultimate shopping mania by the opening of the new monstrous 12000 sq. ft variety store "Shoppers World". The joint effort of Indian designers, Prem Bhambani and Chandan Bhambani with Bengali entrepreneurs Raquibul Kabir, Rana Shafiullah and Yasir Ahmed Khan promise to create the shopping environment and exclusivity of design and craftsmanship that people go outside the country to search for.

The main attraction of the shop will be its apparels. Starting from saree, shalwar kameez, lahenga for women, shirts and trousers, suits and sherwani for men to a comprehensive clothing collection for children, everything has one special thing in common- exclusive design in terms of both printing and hand embroidery. The branded perfumes and jewellery adds to the total flavour of the store.

Readers, we now have one more mega store to 'lose ourselves' in the indulgence and joy of shopping.

LS Desk



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