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Quitting the Mosquitoes

Probably the peskiest little creatures of this planet, mosquitoes are the menace that literally bites. Whether inside of the mosquito net or out side, there seems to be no place safe that can be considered as "mosquito free zone". The assaults of these mosquito brigades do vary from season to season yet their philosophy remains "we were, we are and they will be". It is often we hear people utter how vexed they due to the ever torment of mosquito squads. In this universe of vast creations of Almighty Allah, it is said that every living creature on this planet has some righteous purpose to serve. What is the purpose of mosquito? What good reason could it possibly serve, no on knows!

The alarming factor about the mosquitoes is that not only they cause us great discomforts but also they have very negative impact on our health. No body forgot about the peril that took place during the last epidemic like dengue fever, as hundreds of lives was lost. As a result it is always best to prepare ourselves before something catastrophic takes place The are some easy steps that can reduce the numbers of mosquitoes as well as some moves that can keep us safe from this creature's deadly bites.

At first getting home mosquito free is always a good idea which should followed by installing or repairing window and door screens so that mosquitoes cannot enter into indoors. One significant factor that increases the number mosquitoes including the one that carries dengue virus is the standing water both inside and out side of the home. It is advised to reduce or eliminate standing water in flower pots, gardening cans, wheelbarrows, puddles, old tires, tin cans, buckets open trash cans flower troughs, plant boxes and pots. For areas where water accumulates regularly, try applying sand granular insecticide. However, in this case one also has to make sure that the insecticide is not used in areas where the water might be consumed by pets. For swimming pools and outdoor hot tubs and saunas, all these have to be properly cleaned and chlorinated and when these are not in use, empty them otherwise keep them covered.
There are other steps that help to better the situation.
These involves bringing some changes in household wares like throwing out old tires, tin cans, buckets, drums, bottles, or any other products that holds water. For the houses with big lawns and grassland it is best to fill in or drain low place in yards and keep the drains, ditches and culverts clean of weeds and trash, so that water rains properly. It is advised to cover trash containers, and drill holes in bottom of trash containers so any water can drain out, repair leaky pipes and out door faucets and keep grass cut short and shrubbery well trimmed around the house, so adult mosquitoes will not hide there. There is also a suggestion to replace outdoor lights with yellow bulbs and light insect-fighting candles such as those containing citronella during out door gatherings.

While some changes in household materials take place with the best intention there some recommendation that always do good to those who welcome them. By staying inside during the peak mosquito time, which is at dusk and in the evening hours, one can safe the trouble of fighting the loosing battle against the hordes of tiny bloodthirsty beasts. Whenever there is outdoor activity, wear loose fitting and light colored clothes while applying insect repellent sparingly to exposed skin. Using mosquito net, especially for a country like Bangladesh, is a must at night. With these simple measures one can fight off the concentration of mosquitoes in indoors while firmly protecting the family from the attacks of these night time creepy crawlers since prevention is always better than cure.

By Obaidur Rahman

A painful Eid shopping story

Eid brings joy and happiness for all. It holds the same meaning for both the rich and the poor.

While many of us are able to spend to our heart's content, a major section of the society spends Eid day on meagre budget. Yet amid all such hardships people still want to buy at least something for their loved ones.
This is a story of one such female college student of a lower middle class family. Her father is a small businessman, supporting a family of four children. Her poor, hardworking parents were never able to buy new dresses for their kids. However, this time the mother has managed to save Tk 700 to buy dresses for her four children, a choice made at the expense of other pressing family needs.

Going to the market and back on a bus would take away twenty precious notes from the pitiful amount, so they decided to walk. The scorching sun takes its toll on the poor souls and leaves them tired, thirsty and hungry. Once they arrive at the market, they are greeted by an array of items far beyond their financial reach. The good news is, they managed to get good bargains on dresses. Sadly enough, though, their budget did not include shoes and other accessories. Even then, this was a lot. This was Eid for them, and perhaps hundreds of people like them.

So this Eid, when you're out partying with friends and family, all dressed up in your new clothes, spare a thought to these simple people, and thank your lucky stars.

By Nasreen Akhtar

Random thoughts- The untamed spirit

The untamed spirit. The very word "untamed" can haunt anyone who is not familiar with such a soul. Madness and insanity drives such a spirit. There is no fear of resentment in its heart . The world as it sees is not black and white- it's golden. The sheer sparkle of life causes it to ride a vehicle that is moving at its full velocity.

Unaware of the dangerous consequences , it opts to make its hallucinations a reality. It is not tied by the shackles of society and believes every second on earth is worth living. Yes , living. Living in a way that it pleases to do so.

To gain happiness is what one desires . The untamed spirit, however, gains happiness even in misery. Insane, you might call it but its character to many is incomprehensible. Its loud laughter can break the silence of the dark midnight and its silence can destroy the thin mirrors on the wall. It is powerful and it is captivating.
You can compare it to any other ordinary person living on this earth but its restless mind compels it to do the unthinkable. The untamed spirit is violent but not ruthless. Its soul is clear but not transparent. Its innocence attracts many if not its own reflection.

Free as a bird , its wishes and aspirations are many. Aspirations that it desperately wants to transform to reality and wishes that it doesn't know how to fulfill. It travels on a path that has no certain destination but still remains optimistic throughout its journey.

It is a soul that is full of enthusiasm and liveliness. A soul which has no true sadness or despair . It is an unusual feeling just to watch it breathing. It seems as if every breath that it takes spreads the message of some new hope, a new beginning.

Many of the shades of an untamed spirit may be present even in some of you. Probably you are not aware of it.

By Sarah Zermin Huq



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