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gilded gorgeous

AN often-asked question from the youngsters coming in for makeovers is about the 'look' of the season. What are the colours in vogue? Shades of makeup? Cuts and styles? Nobody wants to be left behind in the fashion race. It's wonderful to see the awareness that has come about in Dhaka. The quest to improve one's look should be encouraged, needless to say how gratifying it is for a beautician to see a girl who is thrilled with her makeup or a cut, or simply her newly shaped eyebrows.

The key to getting your look right is to know your face well. Be your own critic. Try new colours, new styles of makeup on your own and see what works for you. Maybe thick eyeliners are in vogue, but does it suit you? Or are you looking like an owl? Don't follow a trend unless it works for you. It could be the hottest look in Bollywood, looking great on Aishwarya Rai, but it's not for you. Of course, if you can carry it off, then great. Go for it!

The trick is to experiment, improvise and learn. Whatever looks good on you should be your fashion mantra, be it clothes or makeup. Create your individual style, and wear it with confidence. Don't hesitate to ask your beautician about hairdos or cuts that may or may not work for you. Your friends and family should be able to give you a truthful feedback as well.

There are of course no compromises on being well groomed. Clean healthy hair, a glowing clear skin, manicured nails and pedicured feet are a must, not to mentions hair-free arms and legs. The rest you can take it or leave it…you are your best judge!

Lamia is one of my favourite models. Her face is very versatile, and can carry off makeup very well. So it's easy to experiment with different makeup styles on her.

We have put together a formal evening look for this issue of Lifestyle.

Lamia has a roundish face so I've piled her hair high on the head to add length to her face, and applied a prominent blush to emphasise her cheekbones. The bronze and black makeup theme is very neutral and very much in vogue. It would work perfectly with several other colours such as rust, orange, gold, yellow, white, or practically any colour that has dull gold work on the outfit.

The long earrings compliment the length of her neck and the absence of a necklace definitely emphasises both.

Her foundation is glossy, and therefore the skin is looking dewy and healthy. The overall effect is quite stunning and definitely a head turner.

The makeup is dramatic, yet neat and well blended. You definitely don't want to look overdone and painted.

The ensemble and accessories go hand in hand with the makeup to complete the look and make it a success.

By Sadia Moyeen













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