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February 12, 2004

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Cover Story

Only two hours away from Dhaka, life is surprisingly different in Dakatia , a small village under Munshiganj district. As night falls darkness descends in the neighbourhoods. The weak slim flame from the kerosene-burning kupi and hurricane is no match for the deep darkness of the village nights. Here sunset means more than just the end of a day, it means the end of all forms of activity. The only thing one has to do then is retire to bed.
Dakatia is certainly not the only village where life halts at sunset. There are thousands of villages across the country where people do not have access to simple household conveniences basic to modern living like light, fan, television, fridge and many more household appliances, because they don't have electricity. Access to electricity is still a privilege only a few urbanites can enjoy while the majority of village folk have to depend on lanterns.






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