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     Volume 7 Issue 3 | January 18, 2008 |


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Cover Story

They Know They Can

There is something about the word special, a certain tenderness is attached to its usage and most people use it sparingly, they may say they like someone a lot, but they will think twice before saying someone is special. These days to say someone is special takes on a whole new connotation, but the interesting thing about it, is that it doesn't take any of the tenderness away. We live in the era of political correctness where euphemisms are no longer euphemisms, they are the standard, and possibly the greatest term to come out of it is 'special', because truly the intellectually disabled are nothing short of that. Their strength and determination is a testament to their attitude in life, and it shames those who are far more fortunate.

Cover Photo: Zahedul I Khan
Cover Design: Manan Murshed

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