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     Volume 7 Issue 6 | February 8, 2008 |

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Chintito Letters


Dear Chintito,
Please have a look at the following link, a crude picture of current medical services in BD: http://labaid.wordpress.com/
Hosnay (18 Jan 2008)

I appreciate your concern. There have been repeated complains against some of our clinics/hospitals, and several against Lab Aid. I wish and pray we can come out of this commercial medical "services" soon.
Best regards.

i am saiF from BANGLADESH.i am student. naxt i will go forgen country to take good education.but how.plz tall me? (18 Jan 2008)

Hello Saif,
One of the first things one should do is improve one's communication skills. I suggest you try and improve your English, which will take you a long way.
Best wishes to you for your future plans.
Thank you and best regards.

Dear Chintito,
Pleasant greeting!!!
I've been wanting to drop in a few lines to you for the last few months, but didn't muster the courage until today as you are such a MIND-BLOWING WRITER OF OUR ERA!!!
My Fridays are incomplete without READING your write-up. I LOOK FORWARD for YOUR ARTICLE LIKE ANYTHING.
I missed by few minutes not being introduce to you in a <>gaye holud<> ceremony by an acquaintance. I still repent the fact of not meeting you in person. Anyway, I hope against hope that we can meet in any such occasion in the near future InshaAllah.
Please keep writing to enchant us in this monotonous life.
Best regards,
1 of your GREATEST FAN. (Sadia Begum, 24 Jan 2008)

Hello Sadia,
We have already met. You have said something and here I am saying something in return. Isn't that what we do when we meet?
You are very generous in your appreciation.
Thank you and best regards always.
Take care. Be good.

I think that such a brilliant thinker like you shouldn't hide under a 'choddonam'. Please show the real world who is behind this energetic writing. I bet you will win a real applause from us.
A student of Class Ten. (Kazi, 19 Jan 2008)

I am not hiding. It IS now my identity.
Hey! Keep in touch.

Dear Chintito,
My Fridays usually start with your columns. Your writing gives me a wide range of topics that I can use my brain. I want to thank you for your patience in writing on a regular basis. Would you please tell me about you age because I m studying about human psychology and it's important for me to know your age to identify the correspondence between age and maturity? So please let me know about your age. That would be really helpful. Thanks - Princilla. (25 January 2008)

I was born in 1995 at The Daily Star.
I know such answers can upset you. But I am not sure from your letter whether you thought I was mature or aged.
Thanks for writing, and please keep in touch.


Dear ch!
Please accept my warmest thanks for your excellent writings. I'm a great fan of your column and never miss to read it. Actually it's a real amusement to go through your informative column. I really enjoy it. Hope you keep well. (Md. Fazle Rabby Haider, 23 Jan 2008)

[I tried replying but failed since the mail was sent by using WapKing.Net free mobile mail service.]

How are you?? I love your articles...but sometimes it makes me bored when you use tough topics…… but I love to go through.
Take care. Bye.
Mustakim (27 Jan 2008)

Thank you Mustakim for establishing contact.
Best regards.

WRITE TO CHINTITO <chintitoforever@gmail.com>


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