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     Volume 7 Issue 19 | May 9, 2008 |


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Cover Story

A Price too High to Pay

It is often said that when we look back at the times we have lived through our memories are what we want them to be. The reason is that the past always seems like a better, friendlier place, where children respected their elders, politicians were honest and prices were reasonable. If that is true, then how will these times be remembered in a generation from now? Will we remember a friendlier, better Bangladesh where politicians were honest and prices were low? One feels our memories will not be so cheerful, as we are living through the toughest times of our lives, where even a reasonable salary is not enough to provide for a family. Those who don't even have a steady salary may not remember it at all, they may not even be around to remember it.

Cover Photo: Zahedul I Khan
Cover Design: Manan Murshed

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