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     Volume 7 Issue 30 | July 25, 2008 |


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The World of
Mesmerising Muppets

An extension of Sesame Street, the 'longest street in the world', Sisimpur began airing on Bangladesh Television in April 2005. In Sisimpur, everyone is equal. In fact, Tuktuki's home is a small hut made with hay and leaves, as compared to the other characters living in the neighbourhood. The differences don't end just there. Each of the four ambassador characters on Sisimpur are very unlike each other Halum, the Royal Bengal Tiger loves to eat fish and vegetables, a Ikri, a blue-coloured muppet, Tuktuki, the only human form amongst the four muppets and Shiku, a fox. In spite of their differences, the four muppets are best friends, and everyone in the neighbourhood loves them.

Cover Photo Zahedul I Khan
Cover Design Manan Morshed

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