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     Volume 7 Issue 51 | January 2, 2009 |


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People's Victory

The results of the 9th parliamentary elections have been clear and decisive. The voters have overwhelmingly rejected the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP)-led Four-Party-Alliance (FPA), opting for a change that the Awami League (AL) driven Grand Alliance promises to bring about. This victory is also the victory of the spirit of the liberation war, which is evident in the routing of the anti-liberation forces in Monday's elections. As the country is on the verge of a historic transition to democracy we analyse the results that have given the AL, the vanguard of our Muktijuddo, a chance to rebuild the nation.

Heads or Tails?
Like the consumer in the advertising world, the common man is vulnerable to catchy slogans, clever words and phrases, engaging images and symbols, visualisation that canvas ideas on the television screen. The simple herd instinct also works in making up the undecided political mind. The man in the street is not really all that street wise to being brain-washed, and can be easily manipulated, by the government, the campaigning candidates and parties, the electronic and visual media, by microphonic means, and ...even by their employers

Playing with the Darker Side

Natural instincts of human beings have been brought under the spotlight in Mahakal, Natyasamradaya's latest production Ahom Tamosha. Everybody in society is greedy, hypocrital, selfish and cruel, which has been presented aptly in young playwright Anon Zaman's drama. Every character in the play represents the darker side of society.


Cover Photo
Zahedul I Khan
Cover Design
Manan Morshed

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