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     Volume 9 Issue 14|April 2, 2010|

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Write to Mita

Dear Mita,
I have a very unusual problem and no one to talk to about it. I have been losing time. I know it sounds bizarre but sometimes find myself in places I don't remember going to in clothes that don't belong to me. I often find things in my room that I don't own and I have no idea where they came from. People I have never met say hello to me on the streets, calling me by different names and are offended, sometimes downright unpleasant when I don't recognise them. My parents tell me I am not myself sometimes and am very rude and uncommunicative with them, but I don't remember being this way. Sometimes I feel like I have missed days, sometimes weeks and woken up from a deep sleep and yet no one has missed me. This frightens me. I don't know what is happening with me. Am I going crazy? Please help!

Dear Not Psycho,
It is a strange problem and the fact that you recognise this is a positive step. I strongly advise you to seek help from a psychiatrist. Hopefully there is nothing serious but your symptoms as you describe them need to be checked. Fortunately there is help available and you should seek it.

Dear Mita,
One of my colleagues has recently proposed to me. I've told him clearly that nothing of the romantic sort can happen between us but we maintain friendly relations. I'm not sure if he's still hopeful about something more developing in the future. Neither do I know whether I should continue to be friendly towards him simply for the sake of professionalism as well as the fact that he's not a bad person and I quite like him, though I'm just not attracted to him in the romantic sense. What should I do?

Dear Confused,
If you are so certain that you are not romantically attracted towards him then you have done the right thing by telling him. There is no problem in maintaining friendly relations with him as long this does not leave him with the impression of something happening in future. You will have to convey this to him in various ways and actions. However, the most serious message that you are not attracted will come when you do get romantically attached to someone in future.

Dear Mita,
I have anger issues. It's not that I get angry all the time, but it's not all that infrequent either. The main problem, however, is that when I get mad, I completely lose it. I start to shake, I scream, sometimes I even start crying if I'm really, really mad. At times like these I need the other person to be calm but of course that doesn't always happen; if it's with people who don't know me very well, they become shocked and stunned and it doesn't help my reputation. How can I control my anger?

Dear Fury,
There are a number of ways you can control your temper. First of all you must admit that this is a negative trait and needs to be corrected. You should try to identify all the things that make you mad or angry and think about those one by one. In trying to analyse those you will find most of those were not worth getting so angry about. You might also try talking to a counsellor. It is helpful to get the views of a third person in order to see things in a different perspective. I am confident if you try hard enough you will be able to control your anger.


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