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     Volume 9 Issue 32| August 6, 2010|

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"We want such a Bangladesh where not a single woman sits idle at home."
prime minister at a function arranged at the Bangabandhu Mazar Complex, Gopalganj to distribute sewing machines among the economically vulnerable women.

"Various committees of Biman take decisions on leasing aircraft where I, as a minister, have no scope to influence them. And there is no scope for my relatives to get an opportunity to influence them either. "
Civil Aviation Minister
about his relatives' involvement in manipulating tenders for Biman's hajj flight. .”

"NWe have a lot of issues in the court and that is why we should not make it annoyed."
A top BNP leader
at a meeting with the chairperson that the party statement should not contain anything against the judiciary or the verdict on the fifth amendment.

"Hurling a shoe is better than hurling a stone."
chief minister of Indian Kashmir
about a shoe thrown at him by a policemen at a Independence day event .

"It doesn't mean that Mullah Omar is about to stroll down main street in Kabul anytime soon and raise his hand and swear an oath on the constitution of Afghanistan. "
the US commander in Afghanistan
about the prospect of eventual reconciliation with the Taliban.


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