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     Volume 9 Issue 48| December 17, 2010 |

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"Nera ekbarei beltalai jai (A wise man hardly repeats the same blunder).”
Nobel laureate
about his joining politics again

"BNP does not love the country and its people. They know only how to resort to looting. Their prime task is to patronise killers and militancy.”
prime minister
about BNP extending support to the December 26 hartal called by Sammilita Olama Mashayekh Parishad in protest to the education policy.

"We are now waiting for the Nobel Peace Prize for Sheikh Hasina.”
AL lawmaker
at a parliamentary discussion after passing a resolution to thank the premier for bringing honour to the country by her honorary doctorate degree from St Petersburg State University.

"Tobay police dhoa tulsi pata noi (Police are also not free from faults). Still police risk their own lives to ensure the security of the public. At night, no one except the dogs and the police can be found in the streets.”

CID chief and Co-chairman of Bangladesh Police Service Association about Transparency International Bangladesh's report that police administration is the most corrupt institution of the country.

"I think that governments of Bangladesh and Pakistan should join hands for arresting all those who were responsible for genocide in 1971.”
Pakistani journalist
about Bangladesh's initiatives to try 1971 war criminals.

"He said he wanted to take me into the jungle to see tigers, but I refused because it was already late at night. Then he started making threats. He said he was going to kill me, my wife and my children.”
Bangladeshi son-in-law of Nepal's deputy prime minister Sujata Koirala
about former Nepali Crown Prince Paras Shah firing a gun at his sister and brother-in-law during a drunken row at a hotel restaurant.



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