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    Volume 10 |Issue 06 | February 11, 2011 |

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Koto Mullo Loibe Ihar
Serajul Islam Chowdhury
Published by Bidyaprakash
Genre: Literary Criticism/ Essay

Serajul Islam Chowdhury, needless to say, is one of the leading Bengali intellectuals, held in high esteem both in Bangladesh and West Bengal. Enthused by classical Marxism, he has written about the political and historical changes of the subcontinent as well as the world. With a unique flair for literary criticism, he is also one of the leading literary critics. This volume presents the readers with essays dealing both with literary criticism and political essay. In this collection, too, readers will find some highly commendable pieces especially the one on the novels of Syed Waliullah and Akhtaruzzaman Elias. In this piece of criticism, he explores how Waliullah and Elias show the devastating impact of partition in 1947. But what will interest readers most is his Marxist interpretation of Osman's character in Elias's Chilekothar Sepai. He reveals Osman's class character, who always tries to escape from the historical realities of his time.


Shukhdukkher Galpo
Syed Manzoorul Islam
Published by Nymphea Publication
Genre: Short Story

Yet another volume of short stories by Syed Manzoorul Islam. Professor of English at Dhaka University, Islam is a popular writer. He is also an eminent literary as well as art critic in his own right. His stories bear vivid signs of his scholarship in literary as well as cultural theories. However, with his characteristic comic presentation, he takes the readers into grotesque realities. This volume is no exception with a collection of twenty stories where readers will find Islam at the height of his postmodern experimentation, but always maintaining a down-to-earth link with the simple stories of happiness and grief.



Biggani Meghnath Sahar Jiban O Dorshan
Edited by Rathindranath Saha
Published by Muktodhara
Genre: Biography

Dr Meghnath Saha was one of the most noted Bengali scientists of the nineteenth century. His contribution to astrophysics, especially his theory of Thermal Ionisation, is recognised all over the world. Besides being one of the most influential scientists, he was a visionary who made science an instrument of social development in the subcontinent. The book is an anthology of short stories written by assorted scholars who seek to fictionalise the scientist's childhood, personal life and professional achievement. In other words, the stories attempt to capture in a nutshell the becoming of Meghnath Saha.



Ga Shirshir
Anwara Syed Haq
Published by Bidyaprakash
Genre: Fiction

The modernisation of our lifestyle, the exponential progress of science and technology and an urge to act logically and rationally have erased the superstitious beliefs, the thrill of being scared of “the other world”, the unreasonable fear of the dark, and lonely nights from our hearts. The ghost that used to capture our imagination is dying away but according to the author of the book, if we desert that ghost from our lives, our future will be lost. We shall be buried underneath the bricks and iron rods of civilisation. An eminent psychologist by profession, the author in this fiction attempts to take one back to the thrilling world where ghosts, spirits and everything that we used to imagine, exist.



Moses O Ekeshwarbad
Sigmund Freud
Translated by Soureen Nag
Published by Sandesh
Genre: Religion/ Psychoanalysis

We all are more or less familiar with the story of Moses and Judaism: Moses, being prophesied as the blessed one who would vanquish the Egyptian Pharaohs; and destiny making him the adopted son of the pharaoh whom he eventually dethroned. Thus Judaism, one of the oldest monotheist religions, was born. But these origins were found only in religious books- the Book of Exodus, the Bible and the Quran. In Moses and Monotheism, Freud negates the religious interpretation of Moses and presents his psychoanalytic interpretation of those religious narratives. One might agree or disagree with Freud's viewpoint but the book is a substantial addition to the huge body of works that constitute Freud's theory of psychoanalytic interpretation.


Morge O Nishorge
Muyin Parvez
Published by Oitijjhhya.
Genre: Poetry

Poetry is the emotive articulation of thoughts and feelings, endowed with the gift of a rhythm unique only to its genre. With its rhythm it makes mundane routine of human life sound like a cadenced song, and with its rhetoric it takes one to the world where the trivial is turned into the essential, ugliness into beauty. Morge O Nishorge is a venture into the world of the poet where reality is mixed with melody of poetry.



Meghlar Sonali Din
Konika Rashid
Published by Anyaprakash
Genre: Children's literature

Written exclusively for children, the book mixes reality with imagination. The story of Santu, who gets freedom from parental control just for one day; then the account of Bubli's 'dadamoni'; and the exciting story of Tasha and her whereabouts- all are perfect tales for children. Children will find all the accounts thrilling tales full of adventurous exploits, the kind of tales that captures children's imagination the most. Finally, the adventures of Meghla and the incredibly colourful life of the poor girl named Matia will remind them of the poor children who deserve a better life but are deprived of their basic rights.



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