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           Volume 10 |Issue 40 | October 21, 2011 |


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Star Diary

Insincere service

My one-year-old baby cousin had been suffering from an eye problem for a few months. Her left eye was swollen and discharged much rheum. She couldn't even sleep at night and screamed all the time. Her parents took her to many eye experts but all attempts were in vain. None of the doctors we went to could solve her problem. Whenever we visited a doctor she would be prescribed new eye drops and medicines changing the old ones. After about seven months, her parents became very concerned about the problem.

One day one of my uncles noticed the problem. He said that there might be sand or dust in her eye. Finally it was removed from her eye. It seems that our doctors are dedicated to earn money rather than fulfill his or her responsibility to the nation. We see that they also prescribe medicine just by listening to the syndrome of the patients. If they were sincere they could have found out the problem. We never expect such deceiving service from our doctors. Their cordial few minutes can save us from torment or untimely death.

Shahadat Hossain

A Polite No

Two weeks ago, I went to the income tax office to submit the income tax return form. However, as I submitted my return form I was questioned on my income and on various financial figures in my form, which I took to be the standard procedure and answered. After answering a good many of their questions, some that were a bit too obvious, I asked them if they would kindly give me my receipt and let me go. They flashed me balmy smiles; “So you seem to earn quite a sum of money. Surely you would not mind treating us to some tea and biscuit.” And by that they obviously meant I pay them some sort of bribe. To which I flashed them an equally balmy smile and said; “I am sorry but I really do not make such offers to anyone, please do not embarrass me by making such demands”. And a series of polite hustles continued but thanks to my perseverance and my well learnt civil skills I finally tired them into just giving me the receipt. I walked away happy and content that to a bad thing such as bribe, I could get away with a polite “No”.

Suraiya Bishash
Agargaon, Dhaka

What has the World come to?

The other day my mother was getting infuriated due to all the work that was left undone. She had already informed a friend of hers to lend in some extra help. Luckily her friend was there with an old lady who claimed to be a house maid at a place near by.

The old woman could barely move and my mother was puzzled at her friend's inconsiderate mentality as to bring the poor, old lady for work. My mother told the old lady to leave for she could not hire her. The housemaid hesitated and requested my mother to let her stay. When my mother asked her why she was so desperate, the old woman burst out crying, too hysterical to answer my mother's queries. While she was being consoled with a few soft words, a bowl of rice and curry, she sighed and narrated the story of her two able sons who had married and thrown her out of the house. The poor woman had nowhere to go and had find for herself. My mother could not but wonder : is this. What we teach our children, to grow up and forget about their parents? What has the world come to?

Naome Syed
Mohammadpur, Dhaka

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