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          Volume 11 |Issue 12| March 23, 2012 |


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"Are you crazy? Why should we go for bilateral discussion with India now? The arbitration process for the settlement is now going ahead and we want to resolve the issue in due course."
a senior official of the foreign ministry
about resolving the maritime boundary issue with India through bilateral talks as offered by Indian High Commissioner in Dhaka Pankaj Saran.

"According to a book by BNP leader Major Hafiz, she (Khaleda) did not go to her husband, rather she preferred living in a mess of Dhaka Cantonment with Pakistani army. Now it's clear to everyone why she didn't go to her husband, who was a sector commander during the Liberation War."
prime minister
about Khaleda Zia's affiliation with Pakistan.

"We have nothing to say if you [journalists] talk in the tone of the ruling party… He [Tarique] is abroad with permission from a court for medical treatment. Despite knowing that, another court has shown him as a fugitive."
BNP acting secretary general
About a journalist's query regarding whether a fugitive accused can get the opportunity to appoint a lawyer to organise his defence in the court.

"So, an arrogant public representative is not less dangerous than such a driver."
communications minister
about indecent comments made recently by lawmakers at the parliament.


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