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      Volume 11 |Issue 29| July 20, 2012 |


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"For whose sake have they (World Bank) cheated the people of the country? I know they are very powerful."
Sheikh Hasina
prime minister
about the World Bank's decision to cancel the Padma bridge loan on allegation corruption.

"You do steal, don't you? You will be held for theft. You have turned the BRTA office into a place of corruption by looting people's money."
Obaidul Quader
Communications Minister
to some BRTA officials at a sudden visit to the Mirpur office of Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA)

"All my life I have been against character assassination. "
finance minister
about not making public the World Bank report on Padma Bridge graft

"The private universities have no teachers of their own. If necessary, teachers will be hired."
SM Nazrul Islam
Vice Chancellor, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology
about Buet teachers' threat of en masse resignation, demanding resignation of the VC

Monica! Monica! Leave, Clinton.
Egyptian protestors
during Hillary Clinton's recent visit to Egypt.


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