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      Volume 11 |Issue 40| October 12, 2012 |


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"The main person is Suranjt Sengupta. He had said at the very beginning that the black cat of railway would be caught. I had seen how he himself became the black cat."
driver of Suranjit Sengupta's ex-assistant personal secretary (APS) Omar Faruq Talukder
about the railgate scam in which a microbus carrying Tk 70 lakh of bribe money was being allegedly taken to Suranjit Sen's home.

"Where did this Azam come from? I have never seen him in my life; I do not even know him. Now conspiracy is being created through him. Everything is conspiracy, conspiracy and conspiracy."
Minister without portfolio
about the interview given by Azam Khan on a TV channel where he alleged Sunranjit's involvement in the railgate scam.

"Where was he during 1/11? At that time, who was he scared of that he returned people's leader Sheikh Hasina's case? Now he is so vocal."
attorney general
in reply to Barrister Rokonuddin Mahmud, who questioned the absence of the state minister and attorney general at a meeting of the pro- government lawyer's association.

"An unannounced Bangladesh-model government is functioning in the country as decisions are taken somewhere else and parliament is worthless."
former Pakistan prime minister
indirectly referring to the Supreme Court's growing influence in the country.

"If that was the case, all issues could be handled according to what a driver or chaprashi (orderly) said."
Anti-Corruption Commission Chairman
about taking the statements of whistleblower driver Azam Khan regarding the April 9 cash haul into account.

"Vadra's mother-in-law has been ruling the country so he should explain why India is being called a 'banana republic'."
Indian Against Corruption member (IAC)
about a Facebook post by Congress leader Sonia Gandhi's son-in-law Robert Vadra, in which he wrote "Mango people in banana republic.". The post came after IAC alleged that Vadra had indulged in real-estate corruption.


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