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Should man or machine explore the space?

We have land under our feet. And above the sky. And if we cross the boundary of the blue sky, we will meet the dark, vast space. There we will meet the sun with her nine children and a lot of other stars. We all (human) are inquisitive to now more about this mysterious, thrilling universe, the space. So to fulfil the thirst of knowing what is there outside our home planet, scientist have already sent many robots as well as humans in the space and they are still sending. But an argument was there and it still going on, since the midst of nineteenth century (1957, when the first rocket was sent to the space) till the twenty-first century, to know whether man or machine should be sent to the space.

If I am to answer this question, I would say that I am neutral because I think both human and machines should be sent in the space. Here follows my ideas, which made me say that I am neutral.

First of all let me say why I support machines (robots). While going through the list of our scientific inventions, we have noticed that robots already have an impressive list of accomplishments compared to the humans. They can bring the soil or other elements from the other planets as they have dug in the dirt on Mars. They can go far away from the home planet which is beyond the human's reach as they have flown in the atmosphere of Jupiter, Neptune and the asteroid and now they are trying to go farther away from the boundaries of the solar system. Altogether we would have to say, that robots could easily adjust themselves with any space atmosphere whereas human cannot. Human went barely above the surface of the planet because they need water, air and food to keep them alive whereas robots do not need them at all.

The natural hazards in the space can also bring great threat to a man's life. A sudden burst of solar radiation can kill an unprotected space walker whereas it cannot harm a robot that much. The changes, which take place for atmosphere, like weightlessness, seriously weaken human bones, muscles and immune system. Human being can forget a thing very easily whereas a robot will never forget anything and rather they will give the perfect answer for whatever they are asked for. It is also expensive to send human than robots and moreover, if an astronomer dies then it will create a great impact on the whole human race whereas if a robot gets lost in the space then no one will mine or condole.

By reading the above information, it does not mean that we will completely neglect the idea of sending human in the space. Man is the best and the wisest creation created by God. The man creates robots. So, man can take quick decision whereas a robot cannot. Moreover, the point of view of a robot and human being is not the same. Human being have five senses, which is a gift from the God, with which they can feel the atmosphere and tell us whether that place is fit for a human to survive. Robots can only answer the set of questions, which they are recorded for whereas man can give us more in formations.

Man can accept the challenge and show the future generation that going to space is not impossible. This will inspire the future generation and make them interested to know more about the other neighbour planets. Human race must go on expanding and exploring the other planets.

As I have said before that robots are the creation of man, so man knows and can imagine what kind of atmosphere they will face outside their home planet. So, probably in future, man even can stop sending robots in the space and they will go there by themselves. Finally, man can earn their name and remain as a great hero to the future generation.

While NASA's administrator Sean O'Keefe was asked who should explore space, he expressed support for both man and machine. He said, "It's not a question of either or, robotics or humans, the strategy we try to employ is not an either or but the best of both". Now, my dearest readers, what do you think, whom should we send man or machine?

By Proggna Paromita

The "Law" of KARMA ...

There are many people who are not even slightly aware of the law of Karma; who don't even know that the many misdeeds they are committing in this life can and will be avenged - if not in this life, then the next. But then, future lives or reincarnation as many of us call it, is still regarded with skeptic expression ever time when presented to an audience.

Our mind, emotions, speech and actions are affected by this law. The law of Karma explains why illness, accidents and disasters of any kind may occurs to some persons, and why others may enjoy a happy life, free, healthy and joyful. However, we can easily escape the perils of any bad Karma if we just follow a few principles, taking care to follow them exactly as needed.

Many might ask - how exactly does the law of Karma work? Actually it is very simple and has been known for thousands of years. It is known in Christian teachings, as
well as in many other cultures. It says:

Whatever you do to others - will be done to you, in this or any future incarnation of your soul.

This law is so straightforward and logical, it is sometimes hard to believe, that some people still think they may somehow get around it. If you knock your head against a wall, it is obvious - it may damage the wall and it may hurt your head. If you knock someone by physically fighting - you may cause harm, pain, and injury to the person and the law of Karma requires you to experience the same pain. This is to make us learn to behave in a way that affects others and us in pleasant ways.

Whatever we do, we will attract people around us who have a same or similar Karma. If one is of a physically aggressive nature, he will attract aggressive characters constantly until he becomes aware of his own behavior and gets fed up with the results of his own actions, striving for a more peaceful environment. The only sure method of finding one is by changing his aggressive behavior.

All of your actions, words, thoughts and emotions affect your Karma. But my thought or emotions are my personal secrets and of no concern to others, you may say ...

Perfectly wrong. All is energy. All your thoughts, emotions, fantasies are energy and are permanently radiating. They permanently affect your environment. Some may radiate thoughts and feelings of Love, thus raising the vibration of their environment and be of a healing nature to others. Others may cause a kind of mental or emotional pollution to others, like a car or industrial chemicals.

Many people argue, saying that just someone's thoughts and emotions can hurt no one seriously. This is where they are wrong. The power of mind or emotions is far above the physical powers. The only medicine that could ever heal injuries done by violent words, thoughts and emotions is but Divine Love. The damage that often lasts for thousands of years may be so tremendous, that only love can heal all wounds. Your thoughts and emotions - no matter how secret you may consider them - do affect all others around you. It affects how you yourself deal with people in the environment and how the environment deals with you.

Thoughts and emotions are part auras and affect those who are dear, like family and friends, even when thousands of kilometers apart. Even family members having "died" a long time ago, may still be affected by such radiation of auras.

So beware of all your thoughts and emotions as well as all your words and action, because they create a reaction in your environment toward you. Be prepared to receive the kind of energy you radiate from others. Be even prepared to receive physically what you radiated in your fantasy or mind. Because a thought of violence or punishment toward any other person may hurt them even more than any physical violence and may come back as a physical reaction toward you.

Disharmony in our mind and emotions, like anger, jealousy, greed, revenge, continuous lying, verbal or emotional fighting, affects our physical body seriously - causing severe physical or mental illnesses like heart attacks, angina pectoris, Alzheimer's disease, tuberculosis, tumors, cancers, headaches, multiple sclerosis and many others.

No disease, illness, or disaster including natural disasters or accidents of any kind can ever occur without any Karma of the persons involved. Honesty is important in ourselves for all that we do. When we are fully aware and conscious of all our past actions, thoughts and emotions toward others, we learn from it and become ready for a better change in life. We may first make a firm decision regarding our future behavioral goal to achieve and then may want to learn to conduct a lifestyle in harmony with all spiritual laws.

Just as we may make a decision of something trivial like switching off the TV in less than one second, we can also take less than a second to make a conscious decision of not causing Karma and instead creating Love. Hence, it may take less than a second to stop creating Karma - it may take less than a second to start loving everyone and anyone in this World, this lifetime and beyond…

By Jennifer Ashraf.

Wanna Be a Hacker?

I asked myself lot of times - why do some people wanna be hackers? And the only answer that came into my mind was celebrity. I mean mass-media had and has a bad influence upon the world of hackers. People watch a stupid movie about hackers penetrating Pentagon's super-computers in a minute, and think this is the essence of hacking. They think hacking is easy and fun, they think it involves nothing but some skills in the field of Internet. Or worse, we read in magazines or newspapers about kids who hacked (usually by mistake) important websites. This is an artificial image.

Ask anybody what does he/she think a hacker is. The answer will be in 90% of cases: a person who is able to enter a restricted area of a computer system.

So, you that read this article may ask yourself: why do we need to hear this? Because you could be one of those ignorant who do not know what a hacker is. Then what is a hacker? Well, the answer isn't simple. There is no definition of the term "hacker", still there are some aspects that appear in the case of any such person: curiosity, intelligence, patience, an obsessive interest in Information Technology. Much simpler, we could say what a hacker is not: a hacker is not a cracker, or a script-kiddie. A hacker never speaks about his achievements or goals, never damages any data or system (except cleaning his tracks), just explores restricted areas where normal users can't enter. A hacker always desires to learn more and more.

All you wannabe's may now ask yourself if you still want to become a hacker. If hard work doesn't bother you then you may step to the next level. This is a major point in your future hacking activities. Many of you may hurry. Don't forget: hacking means patience.

Now you should start learning some basic hacking skills. Read everything that you can and remember: nobody can teach you how to become a hacker except you. Reading is the key to the world of hackers. So go out there on the net and search for knowledge. Search for any available tutorial, for any source of knowledge. You will learn a lot if you have patience. Always think before doing something that you may regret later so do not try to hack the first system you "stumble across". Hacking isn't for fame, money or pleasure, you hack because you have some good reasons to do so. If you understand this, then you are on the right way.

Another important thing is dealing with true hackers when you are just a newbie. There are some things case-sensitive: never ask a stupid question like "will you teach me how to hack?". Usually you will be ignored or worse, flamed. Be cool and don't ask too many questions. Finding a "teacher" would be great for you.

Still want to become a hacker? Well, you have your chance to go "in the wild" and conquer the world. Your advantage is that on the Internet we are all the same; the only difference is each one's brain.

Whenever you think about hackers remember this: a hacker is a chess player who's table is the electronic world. It's not a one-night adventure but a passion for a lifetime which requires a lot of work and brings only few satisfactions. Patience and intelligence is everything.

By Russell John





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