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Tonatuni Utsav in Dhaka

Tonatuni, a cultural organisation, launched its five-day festival in Dhaka on 10th October. The festival was opened with a colourful function at Osmani Memorial Hall and the President opened the festival. Amongst the distinguished guests present were Momtaj Jashimuddin, wife of poet Jashimuddin and Sandeep Ray, film director and son of Satyajit Ray. Awards were distributed amongst well-known artists as well as upcoming stars. The awards ceremony was followed by a cultural show. Tonatuni staged its show Toray Badha Ghorar Dim based on the works of Satyajit Ray. The programme came to an end with the recitation of poems by the film celebrity Soumitra Chatterjee.

The Tonatuni Utsav 2003, was running at the National Museum till September 16. One of its features was a photography exhibition by Shankar Majid. The exhibition, which was named "Rhythm on Stage" was based on contemporary stage productions held in Dhaka between 1999 to 2003. There were pictures taken from shows such as Nityapura, Peer Chan, Moyur Shinghashon, All My Sons, Crucible, and many others. Shankar Majid is well known for his relentless efforts to capture the true essence of theatre productions. He tries to recreate movement through still photographs and to explore the world of dynamics. The exhibition portrayed how Dhaka's theatre has evolved over time.

The main attractions of the exhibition were the works of author and filmmaker, Satyajit Ray. Amongst the items on display were his numerous sketches and drawings, his music copy, letters he wrote etc. Scenes from his most famous movies were also on display. There were scenes from Goopi Gain Bagha Bain, Aranyer Dinratri, Apu Shanshar, Pratidwandi etc. There were also scenes from the movie "The Inner Eye"- a documentary film on Benode Behari Mukherjee, which was a tribute to a teacher at Shantiniketan. Photographs of the great man himself, taken by Hirak Sen, were also on display. There were pictures of him during shooting, with the actors, in his study, on the set etc.

The Tonatuni festival also celebrated the life and works of poet Jashimuddin. Pictures of the poet with his family, his Rabindra Bharati degree, his original book covers, invitation letters that the poet received, etc. were hung on the wall.

The exhibition also featured wooden sculptures, which portrayed certain scenes or events. There were some exceptionally good ones such as "Anonder Gaan", "Bhogno Prashad" and "Shokuner Din Guli: 1971"At the exhibition, the organisers were selling books, CDs etc from the Tonatuni publication. Both adults and children could be seen poring over books near the stall. The exhibition was a huge success in Dhaka and it attracted many visitors. The organisers' effort to bring out the best of
Bangla literature was very well received.

By Ayesha S. Mahmud

Earthquakes that ROCK

Seems like earthquakes are the craze everywhere; they certainly are here in Chittagong! I knew that Chittagong was on a fault line, but the amount of earthquakes occurring in the last months (July, August), and even some minor ones continuing in September, were astonishing and definitely very very scary!

The details are a bit vague in my mind, but I do remember my indifference when the 1st earthquake (and quite a huge one) hit Chittagong. I just remember waking up at around 6:00 in the morning and finding my entire bed shaking like it was the end of the world. And you know exactly what I did? Not much - I just went back to sleep thinking that it was one of those freaky dreams that always seem so real (after all I had gone to sleep late the last night talking to a friend whose birthday it was). The next day was the 27th of July, and we had friends' outing planned. We cruised all around Chittagong, and I was just being dropped off at my cousin's place, when my friend's dad called him on the phone and told him that yet another earthquake had occurred. Since we were in the car, we didn't feel anything and soon assumed that it was just a minor shake.

Reality hit when the car stopped just outside Equity, my cousin's flat. The whole building looked empty, and almost all the occupants of the flats were out in the parking lot and in the ground floor. My friends were equally freaked out checking out the huge number of people. Somewhat bewildered, I walked towards the lift. As soon as the doors opened, I saw two men and a lady coming out. One of the men was clutching a microwave. They came out, put the oven on the floor and then went back inside the lift, joining me as I stepped inside. The last we saw (and heard) before the lift doors closed was the lady yelling at the two men "aibar TV niye ashte bhulbe na kintu" (Don't u dare forget to get the TV this time!).

Considerably panicked by now, I asked the two men what exactly was going on. They replied that we had the earthquake to thank for this. Since Equity was a relatively tall building, during the earthquake, the whole building had rocked (literally!). Since my cousin was on the 8th floor, I took a wild guess and decided to hit the roof. Once I went up, I noticed a few other families there too. Just as I was going back down Aarisha (my cousin) came up with Naty, Arham (my six-month year old cousin) and my Mama and Mami. Later my Mami confessed that during the aftermath of the earthquake when she saw me in the roof suddenly arriving out of nowhere, she thought she was seeing ghosts!

Slowly, I managed to pierce together all the mixed details of what actually happened. The earthquake had struck just moments before Maghrib Azan. Life was normal until certainly my Mami felt a pushing force noticed that Arham's cot suddenly rolled across the room. My little cousin was apparently unaware of everything going on; just enjoying the rock 'n' roll feeling. Next she saw the chandelier shaking with such force that it threatened to drop down. Putting two and two together, she realised that this was an earthquake and grabbing all the kids and rushed up to the roof with Mama.

After that earthquake, we had other smaller ones (many just minor tremors but earthquakes definitely). Tremors in which chandeliers shook slightly, glasses clinked, doors vibrated, etc. the magnitude isn't that important, but what's scary is the frequency at which they are striking. Different people have come up with their own personal theories about why suddenly there are so many earthquakes at once. My dad claims that its because of the excessive extraction of gas from a place called Shangu Valley, which lies around 40-50 km away from the coast of Chittagong. According to him, the pressure differences seem to be the major cause of such major earthquakes. Another aunt thinks it's because of "Allah's ichcha" (it is what Allah desires). The weird timing of the earthquakes (just after Fajar Azan and just before Maghrib Azan) seems to have brought about an ominous feeling of foreboding in many minds.

It seems that the earthquakes are also striking Rangamati (a hill-district near Chittagong) and on an even frequent basis. It seems that earthquakes have succeeded in creating many considerably huge cracks in a few hills. The fear is now so deeply embedded in the minds of Rangamati people, that a few families have even gathered and living together saying "morle amra ek shathe morbo (if we have to die, we will die together). Hopefully this won't continue. Scary, VERY SCARY!

By Jennifer Ashraf.

Campus News

Modest in victory generous in defeat...

"Modest in Victory Generous in Defeat" Keeping these words in mind from Ms. Lubna Chowdhury the principal of Bangladesh International Tutorial(B.I.T.) two teams.

Left the B.I.T. grounds last Saturday(20th September, 2003) and made their way to the final of the VOLLEY BALL TOURNAMENT hosted by the American International School/Dhaka(AIS/D).

The BARACUDAS BOYS A team having Md. Shafiqul Anam as the Captain, Taieef Rahman as the Libero, Ayaz Mahmud Ghani, Sabbir Mahmood as the best Booster and Nayeem, Nazib as the best spikers made it possible for the BARRACUDAS BOYS team to be the CHAMPIONS in the tournament. Moreover this can be mentioned that this is the first time in History that the AIS/D BLACK A team has lost in their own ground.

The girls' team did play well and tried hard but they secured the Runners Up position in the AIS/D tournament.
B.I.T. is not new in the volleyball arena. They have won often in most of the volleyball tournaments in Bangladesh. Some of the events, which can never be forgotten, are as follows, Bangladesh Volleyball Federation Champion in 2003, Runners Up in 2002, 2001 and 2000. Our girls team also took part where they achieved the Third place in 2003 and 2002.

Looking at these achievements and hoping to achieve
more in the near future the principal of B.I.T. is looking forward to improve the sport facilities in the school, so that the students get prepared to challenge any team in Bangladesh.

By Zia Ashraf

Science Fair at Cephalon

The recently concluded Science Fair at the junior section of Cephalon- which constitutes of students upto class V111- was a spectacle to watch. Though it was only a one-day affair, everyone concerned had to put in a lot of hard work. I say 'everyone concerned' because Mujib bhai and Kamal bhai had to work as hard as the students, running to different shops to purchase whatever the students needed for their projects. The teachers were each allotted different projects to guide. Throughout the week-long preperation, it was hulustul karbar at Cephalon and it was all worth it.

As the clock struck 9, the guests started pouring in and enjoying the fair. The Solar System with its glorious light effects drew everyone's attention and so did the projects of 'Making our roads safer,' 'Getting Dhaka City right,' 'Energy at low costs' and many other well thought out projects. Class 111 startled the onlookers with their fiery display of the volcanic eruption.

The added attractions were the Magic show by a Class 11 student, clad in a gorgeous suit of clothes, and the puppet show on the necessity of vaccination- performed by students of both classes V1 and V11. These additions were instant successes, if the continued applause from the audience at the end of each show is anything to go by.

All the walls exhibited posters, and the whole school was decorated to add to the effect the projects made. Indeed, science and technology are amongst the key factors contributing to a nation's development. The Cephalon students have proved that the new generation cannot be held back.

By Mabroor Wassey

Did you know ?

Hey guys how are you all? This time I'm presenting answer of some very easy question. Hope you'll enjoy. You can mail me if you have any question or suggestion at 'good_4nothing@hotmail.com'

Why did the hen cross the road? To prove she wasn't chicken!
Why shouldn't you try to swim on a full stomach? Because it's easier to swim on a full swimming pool!
What is the coldest part of the North Pole? An explorer's noes!
What do computer operators eat for lunch? Chips!
Where do rabbits learn to fly? In the Hare Force!
What is the only true cure for dandruff? Baldness!
What should you buy if your hair falls out? A good vacuum cleaner!
Why is the soil in my garden always dry? Because you have leeks!
Why do cows have horns? Because they would look pretty silly with bells on their heads!
What self-defense method do mice use? Ka-rat-e!
What did the stupid burglar do when he saw a 'WANTED' poster outside the police station? He went in and applied for the job!
30 people were sheltering under an umbrella, how many of them got wet? None - it wasn't raining!

By Good 4 Nothing






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