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Famous foods of Bangladesh

Sayeed Mahmud Nizam

It's no secret that we Bangladeshis love food. A glance at our expanding waistlines will surely prove this point. To cater for our insatiable appetite for food, more or less each and every area of Bangladesh produces a food item. However, some areas are renowned more than others for producing certain delicacies. For instance:

- Bogra is famous for its yoghurt. Therefore, the next time you travel to North Bengal don't forget to return without Bogra's yoghurt. If nothing else, it'll help you to digest your 'light' meal.
- If you love a sweetmeat variety called 'chom-chom', try out Tangail's 'chom-chom as it is regarded as the best of its kind. Tangail, here we come!
- We all love 'Galda chingri' (shrimps). Did you know that the best shrimps in the country are produced in Khulna? So, what are waiting for? Go to Khulna and give your taste buds a taste to savour.
- Old Dhaka dwellers are regarded as some of the best food connoisseurs of the country. They usually spend their time having 'Bakhorkhani' and 'Hazir biriyani', as Dhaka is renowned for these two food items.
- For most of us, we cannot imagine passing a single day without drinking tea. Have you ever wondered which city is famous for producing this godsend beverage? Well, it's Sylhet.
- During summer we all love consuming mangoes and litchis, right? But are you aware of where they usually come from? It's the Northern district of Rajshahi that is the source of these fruits. God bless Rajshahi!
- Do you remember the Philips advert that had the saying "Macher raja ilish, batir raja Philips"? There's one area of Bangladesh which is famous for producing this "Macher raja" i.e. Ilish/Hilsha, and that's Chandpur.

Well, now you have a slight idea about which area of Bangladesh is renowned for which food item. If you didn't have plans to visit these places to enjoy their flora and fauna, then now you'll go just to have the delicacies that they produce, right? Don't be ashamed to admit this fact. After all, we Bangladeshis live to eat!

Brand of Success

Bush's win in 2000 might have pleased many, but disappointed a lot too, if not during the election, then definitely during the 2.5th world war he had created. Most people are left to regret the event that occurred then and global impact that still haunts us.

He has created gangrene in Afghanistan and cancer in Iraq, deeds that will remind us of him, probably till the end of civilisation. Diplomatically organised international confusion must the secret mantra behind success. He has given the term 'WAR' a new dimension action against terrorism. His dream of providing the Americans with running oil, free-flowing, from kitchen sinks to wash-room shower heads remains far from being achieved, although he had taken some small steps.

We might have criticized Bush a little too much for what he has done. He may be less of a thinker and more of a doer, he might well be a Nike fan and Just Do It may be his way to go.

Trying to conclude on how Bush came to throne beating Al Gore in a nail cutting (which is less exciting than nail- biting) election in 2000, we will find and interesting story in our hands. An American brand consultant examined the images of the candidates and compared them to various brands. Al Gore with his innocent good looks was considered kinder and generous; while Bush was seen as straight forward, tougher and guess what? Glamorous too. The Republicans found Bush's image to have a lot in common with IBM, XEROX and HEWLET PACKARD; while Al Gore's followers found him closely aligned with YAHOO!, ALTAVISTA and LYCOS. However, they concluded that Bush was an extension of a brand, created by former president Bush, while Al Gore's success came from the Clinton brand. Al Gore failed because he couldn't launch himself as an independent brand.wonder what the market researchers saw when they looked at the presidential candidates? Brands!





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