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Euro 2000 England-Portugal Quarter Finals

A different experience

We are actually talking about two people I enjoyed the Portugal- England quarterfinals with.

These two people, who happen to be my uncle and aunt, both in their early seventies, were having major problems with oblivion- a state of mind when they were forgetting things instantly and constantly. Irritated by the state of affairs, after a few 'forgets' they visited a doctor, who told them to keep a notepad handy and jot down everything they were supposed to remember.

When the match kick-started at 12: 45 am, my uncle asked my aunt to bring him some peanuts and asked her to write it down. She said that she'd remember it, and hence didn't need to take notes. When Owen scored the goal at around 12: 48 am, my uncle asked her to bring peanuts with vinegar and requested her to write down the request. She said she was confident that she could remember it.

Time passed, and we were being entertained mostly by the fabulous game of soccer and partly by the conversations of my oldie-goldie uncle and aunt. It was about 2:28 a.m. when Helder Postiga scored from a Deco cross to level Portugal with England. My uncle asked for a glass of coke along with some peanuts laced with vinegar and garnished with onions. He pleaded with her to write it down, but my confident aunt replied that she would remember, and that there was really no need to write it down.

Right before the game went into extra time, my aunt dashed into the kitchen and came back…(drum roll) with a cup of tea.

Beaming with a sense of achievement, she said, "I told you I wouldn't forget!" My uncle shook his head and said "But you did…where's my toast?"

Sometimes, the Alzheimer's disease can be very entertaining.

By Taskin


By Paper or Plastic

So what happens when a pinch of GAMEBOY ADVANCE is added to a dash of NOKIA 3300? The N-Gage: a hybrid handheld concept that revolutionizes wireless gaming. So what's the QD then? It's basically the latest addition to the N-Gage platform boasting a new design and enhanced gaming features such as improved controls and a brighter screen.

The GPRS watch phone is a new version of SAMSUNG'S long announced Wristwatch Mobile Phone, which was supposed to be so awesome, that it never came out in the market. Sad. The GPRS weighs under 80g and features 256-colour display with a resolution of 96X64 pixel.

For those of you who're not photogenic, Sony has provided the perfect solution to your problems the new CYBERSHOT DIGITAL CAMERA DSC-F828. Its 8 Mega-pixel CCD image sensor is your key to gorgeous enlargements, flexible cropping and professional image quality.

The X505ZP is an awe-inspiring machine wrapped in a mesmerizing razor-thin integument. The system weighs no more than 1.85 pounds and hosts the following features:
·Intel Pentium M Processor Ultra Low Voltage 1.10GHz
·Microsoft Windows XP Professional
512MB RAM and 20GB hard drive

'A wearable computer jacket with organic film electro-luminescent (OEL) display' what the hell is that supposed to mean? No idea. But the photo of the jacket is cool. So whoever's interested to know more about the OEL can check out some of the car stereo systems under Pioneer (apparently the same technology is used)

The super-slim iPod defines what a digital music player should be. It's lighter than two CDs, can hold up to 10,000 songs, numerous digital photos and even serves as a personal voice recorder. And with a price tag of $299, it's more than what you can possibly ask for. You can also check out the smaller (and less powerful) version of the iPod the iPod mini that comes in 5 colours and costs around $250.

'If the Calendar Girls were making cars, this is what they would look like.' Yep. That's the line that caught my attention. Apparently the car has been specifically designed for female drivers to provide them with maximum comfort. Although Volvo will never actually take this car into production, it's satisfying to know what the future has in store.





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