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Prince of Persia:
The Sands of Time

Playstation 2

By Paper or plastic

A recent survey among computer owners produced the following results a massive three quarters of the interviewees claimed to have come across Jordan Mechnar's PRINCE OF PERSIA during their initial years of purchase of a computer. Yep. That's right. Most of us have maneuvered the prince through his diverse adventures and endured a decade or more waiting for successive addendums. An abortive effort was made to satisfy our craving for the prince but unfortunately PRINCE OF PERSIA 3D was not sufficient, abandoning us in abysmal despair.

However gamers can now breathe again for after an excruciating hiatus, the prince has returned once more determined to mesmerize gamers ranging from old-schools to newbies and pay homage to its classic originator. The prince introduces an impressive repertoire of acrobatic moves and ornate scimitars and an arcane dagger hosting some of the notorious sands of time, which presents its owner with the throne of command of the delirious forces of time - nice. The fluidity and finesse with which the prince performs his somersaults and 'wall-runs' are nothing short of outstanding crediting his awe-inspiring (if not ridiculous) techniques with none other than the renowned PS2 game-pad. The sarcasm and humor the prince provides gamers is perfectly compatible with his affable personality and often reduces tension during intense situations (it was not without reason that it gained laurels amongst other voice-acting nominees).

THE SANDS OF TIME once again finds the prince in a formidable situation he would rather not be in; of course the problem is his own doing. Mom always said, 'If you release the sands of time, which turns everyone within a palace into vicious monsters, because you were gullible enough to believe what some treacherous Vizier told you, then you deserve what you get!' right so to speak. However the prince is not alone a devious Farah aids him in his quest for redemption. And Farah is (?) the princess of a conquered Kingdom where the Dagger of Time once resided. And she's in dire need of a makeover so that's one heck of a reason not to purchase the game I mean where's the fun if the princess has more facial hair than the prince? (incase confusion arises - Farah's the one in red).

The visuals are an absolute delicacy for the eyes. The labyrinth gothic palace and the engraved hieroglyphics on various structures are gorgeous; and the gigantic rooms and intricate Persian furniture are amazing. Although the character models are not among the greatest (since when did UBISOFT give kindergarten kids the responsibility of drawing characters in their games?), the pace of the game more than compensates for the graphical deficiency. Of course SPLINTER CELL was a game under UBISOFT and as Sam Fisher changes his outfit ever so often - so does the prince (kinda). The prince's attire doesn't change but instead converts into a beleaguered combat-endured outfit, which gives him a more 'Hero' appearance. THE SANDS OF TIME presents gamers with multiple camera angles. However, their efforts have been in vain for getting around certain situations is difficult and time-consuming often intimidating gamers to perpetrate some depraved acts on their PS2s something to regret in the future.

The FINAL FANTASY series are renowned for presenting some of the greatest unrivaled audio in gaming. However, the audio in THE SANDS OF TIME definitely provides strong competition, accurately punctuating every situation whether in a confrontation against monsters, or during solving a brain-teasing puzzle an apt addition to the game inspiring gamers to purchase the soundtrack.

THE SANDS OF TIME possesses the ingredients for a great game a blend of romance, drama, irony, betrayal and a load of monsters beggin' for a whoopin'. So what else do you need?

Movie Spotlight
Batman Begins

ALl you Batman fans out there have something really cool to look out for except you gotta wait for about a year. The new movie is coming out on June 17th, 2005.

Synopsis: A new beginning for the Dark Knight, focusing on his younger days and pitting him against the international nemesis Ra's Al Ghul, as well as the nefarious Dr. Jonathan Crane, known to comic fans as The Scarecrow. This film examines Batman's origin, and circumstances lead him away from Gotham City and off to London, utilizing his skills as a detective as he tracks down the shady but brilliant Al Ghul.

Starring: Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Katie Holmes, Gary Oldman, Liam Neeson, Ken Watanabe, Cillian Murphy

Directed by: Christopher Nolan

Cell Watch:
Siemens SL55

By Niloy

This mobile proves that the value of beauty is almost worthless. This very phone is alleged to be "the best looking phone out there" by most critics. However, as with most other beautiful things, its beauty is only skin-deep. The phone comes with a host of reliability and reception problems.

Colour screen
WAP 1.2.1 (GPRS)
2 Games plus Java downloadable games
10 Polyphonic ringtones (16-voice) + facility to download more
Infrared modem
Voice control and voice recorder
Weight: 79g
Size: 82 x 45 x 22 mm
Standby Time: 200 hours
Talktime: up to 3 hours

Pros: The best looking phone in the world. You would probably agree about this too. And the ring tones aren't so bad either. After pressing a key, the mobile does seem to response, although after a few seconds.

Cons: Absolutely everything else. The software frequently crashes, deletes everything in it (address book entries, messages, pictures, downloads etc.), bad reception, faint colour display, agonizingly slow key response… and many others. No camera (you can buy an attachable one, though), no radio. Games take ages to load.
We can only pray to almighty God that Siemens would actually test their mobiles before marketing them.

Sites Unseen

By Niloy

Recently, my dear readers were sending me requests, lots of them. They were requesting sites about hacking, sites with more "mature" content, sites about music, bands and hot celebrities, sites with "illegal" downloads (warez sites, not porn) and surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly, sites about O' and A' levels. And there were more, a lot more, but they weren't requests that I cannot fulfill. I must beg for forgiveness, as it's indeed a crime not to fulfill requests, which people send by wasting their valuable time (and money: internet is quite costly here at Bangladesh).

I've never liked hacking much. Yes, I know that it's fun to hack into your best friends email account and send a nasty email to his girlfriend. But I've never been tempted to do anything like that (after all, he's my best buddy!). In my opinion, Internet is the result of mankind's feeble attempt to create the satisfying illusion that we're in control, that we are not weak, not pitiful insignificant creatures without any reason or purpose. Hacking, on the other hand, is an excellent way of destroying that illusion. Shattering that illusion is one of the cruelest things we can do to ourselves.

As for the warez sites, they are illegal. We here at the Daily Stars are not supposed to support anything illegal. Well, of course, I can slip in a few warez sites at times, but I really shouldn't. It's something like using the "F" word in the Rising Stars. Recently, we carried out a small protest at the RS demanding the right of being able to use the magic word (if Times and Reader's Digest are allowed, then we should be allowed too). And naturally, we were not allowed. Still, we can slip the word in at times without detection, but we really shouldn't do that. Honestly though, I do visit warez sites once in a while, although I hate being bombarded by porn ads while looking for a piece of pirated software.

The Internet is a world for people to cherish their dreams, to indulge in their interests and, well, to seek information. But Internet isn't for teenagers who wish to study (although, little kids and adults will find the internet a nice place for learning). According to Mr. Internet, teenagers are supposed to "enjoy the time of their life" and not to study. Maybe that's the reason why there aren't good sites about O' and A' levels. I faced this situation last April, when trying to find sites that would help me with my exams at May, I only found one "merely satisfactory" site: the official EdExcell site. So folks, there won't be any helpful "study" sites in the Sites Unseen, because there aren't any sites like that. But if you know about any such site, please let me know. I would really love to be proved wrong about this.

Stuff to discover
Our brains are possibly the most powerful computers in the world ("possibly" because, any alien could have left his computer in earth). It provides us with sensation, it governs our thoughts, and it drives us to explore our desires; it is the human brain. This organ is so simple and yet so complex, and at the same time embodies an unsurpassed fragility. But most importantly, the human brain has a unique desire to learn about itself and it endeavors never to rest until the ultimate truth of its existence is revealed. Visit this site and satisfy your brain's subtle desire of discovering itself.

Stuff to watch
Here's what makes a site worth watching: excellent pictures, nice interface and fast loading. This site has it all. So it's somewhat worth watching. But what makes it more appealing is the fact that all of the pictures in this site is taken on the go (on roads, in journeys). And these pictures are accompanied with small notes jotted down just after snapping them. Nice experience.

Stuff to download
I was shocked and surprised when I found out that so few people know about this site. I mean, this is the best download site out there… so why bother rummaging through random freeware sites and google's pages when you can visit this site and find the required software easily? This site has a HUGE collection of softwares, tons of user reviews and discretions about them and, well, almost everything else you would expect from the best download site.

Get a break now
And learn about the tall buildings out there. All the skyscrapers are detailed here, even the ones in the near future and past (World Trade Centre). Brilliant photos marked by the slick flash interface, makes the experience enjoyable. You should bookmark this site for a while.

Then fell happy
This is one that would make you smile your evilest smile. It'll help you to play an evil little prank on your friends. That's it. I'm not saying anything more… I don't want to spoil your fun. Check out for yourself!

Or get sad
One man's desperate struggle against his kidney failure, neatly described and photographed by a photojournalist. "When I learned my kidneys were failing, I turned to the Web for more information. I was disappointed in what I found. While there are a ton of sites filled with statistics and jargon about renal failure and countless kidney organizations and support groups, there was no detailed story of one person's battle with kidney failure, dialysis and transplant. I was looking for someone's complete story that could give me some idea of what was ahead."

That's all for this Sites Unseen. Hope you enjoyed is as much as I did. Anyway, if you are interested about any particular subject, let me know (niloyx@yahoo.com). I might just have a good link for you.


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