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Thought of the week:
Thought of the week:
"Love your enemies, for they tell you your faults."
~ Benjamin Franklin ~

Hey People!
My phones' been out of order for a week now, and I can't believe how much I miss having it. I used to be the one with the most complaints about how its loud ringing disturbs my afternoon naps, and now I'm the one who misses it the most. Life is ironic indeed.

This week, we have a letter from the thoughtful 'Abstract', who writes:
"I think this topic has already been discussed many times. It is of prime importance as to what type of attitude should be adopted when dealing with a growing teenager. What makes us happy? There must be many ideas, many theories, ( it varies buddy).but family , a beautiful family that can shower us with heavenly feelings, is something that everyone wants no? What if the family is a closed window to us ? i know some so-called guardians who actually don't know how to care for their children. If they misunderstand us all the time, always eye us with a suspicion, will we ever open up to them? What do they actually expect from us? Respect? How come?"

If I understand you correctly, then you are referring to the timeless clash between parents and teenagers. Do you really feel that they are being overly suspicious? Look at things from their perspective: we live in a time of rampant violence, where drugs and other illegal substances are freely available and easily accessible, where kidnappings and bombings are common, and youths are getting involved in 'genjam' every other week. What parent would not be afraid for their kids, especially the volatile swings-either-way teens?

However, yes, sometimes some parents do overdo it. The worst part is when they expect respect without ever giving any in return. Respect is a two-way thing.

Anyway, I was just playing Devil's Advocate here. If any readers have any opinions to share with us, please write in and let us know. Till next week, take care!

Send your polls, opinions, and queries to thegirlnextdoor1@hotmail.com

By The Girl Next Doo

Teen scopes


Mar. 21 to Apr. 20
This is the month for networking, dear Aries. You need to spend some time with family. Arrange a meal out, or a picnic, or even a movie marathon. You will also enjoy getting together with friends.
Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Wednesday.

Apr. 21 to May. 21
Money matters this month. You can make some money if you get involved in a conservative financial prospect that is presented to you. Keep an eye on the spending, or you'll burn a hole in your wallet. A little hard work and discipline will help you achieve wonders at work or at school.
Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Friday.

May. 22 to Jun. 21
Get involved in a new group activity this month. Try not to get into squabbles with friends, and learn not to be so stubborn. You also have to make your significant other understand that you need some time out with friends.
Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Tuesday.

Jun. 22 to Jul. 22
Why veg out at home when there's so much to be done outside? Get out, get going, and grab life by the reins. This is a good month for snaring members of the opposite sex. Don't give in too quickly. Lay your cards on the table regarding your personal direction.
Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Tuesday.

Jul. 23 to Aug. 22
It's all about partying up and travelling this month. Don't take on any additional relationships, and avoid joining any new groups. September is all about having some good, no-strings-attached fun!
Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Saturday.

Aug. 23 to Sept. 23
Speak less and listen more, and you'll be able to learn something. Don't trust strangers or make any major changes in your life this month. Be nice to kids.
Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Thursday.

Sept. 24 to Oct. 23
Don't let anyone take credit for a job you did. Sign up for new activities with your loved one, but make sure to check out the costs before you make the commitment.
Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Friday.
Oct. 24 to Nov. 22
If you want to get into community service, this is a good month to do it. Communication will be your strong point and you should be able to persuade others to see things your way. Watch your temper, though. Try not to let your emotions interfere with the completion of your work.
Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Friday.
Nov. 23 to Dec. 21
Try not to take everything so seriously. Don't hesitate to voice your ideas and opinions. Your attitude is changing rapidly and you have too much on your plate. Take a break and chillax, if you don't want to fall ill.
Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Wednesday.

Dec. 22 to Jan. 20
Your boss won't be too thrilled if you leave things unfinished. This is the time when a little hard work and apple polishing will get you into his/her good books. Pleasure trips will bring you into contact with new and interesting people. You may find yourself changing plans for some form of entertainment.
Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Saturday.

Jan. 21 to Feb. 19
You need to spend some time getting to know someone all over again. Our relationship barometer predicts stormy weather for you and your bf/gf. Take it easy.
Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Sunday.

Feb. 20 to Mar. 20
Be careful when dealing with female members of your family. You will be in the mood to socialise. Don't overreact if your partner has a poor attitude. Don't make promises.
Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Saturday.

By Mistress of Legends

Word Power

Enhance your word-power

Having trouble with your girl friend? You spend three hours on the cell admiring her ethereal beauty, and she still co
plains that your words aren't flowery enough? Well, don't use the words in this column. She won't understand any of them, get bored, and end up dumping you for Akkas or Kuddus or whoever else drives your car. But, if you don't want to fail in your SAT exam, go ahead!
1. taciturn adj - A: lucrative. B: uncommunicative. C: cheerful. D: short-tempered.
2. aphrodisiac n - A: a photographer. B: someone who's prone to disease. C: a pediatric. D: something that arouses sexual desire.
3. altruistic adj - A: cynical. B: stylish. C: helpful. D: pathetic.
4. vivacious adj - A: animated. B: wicked. C: greedy. D: disgruntled.
5. phasmophobia is the fear of - A: women. B: ghosts. C: horses. D: knives.
6. clandestine adj - A: delicate. B: blotchy. C: elegant. D: secretive.
7. loquacious adj - A: talkative. B: decent. C: reticent. D: modest.
1. taciturn adj - B: uncommunicative. The word is derived from the Latin verb taceo, to be silent. If you are taciturn you are reserved, secretive, and always tight-lipped.
2. aphrodisiac adj - D: something that arouses sexual desire. The word is derived from Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty.
3. altruistic adj - C: helpful. The noun is altruist. If you are an altruist, you're always helpful towards the others. The word is derived from one of the variant spellings of the Latin alter, other.
4. vivacious adj - A: animated. If you are vivacious, you are cheerful, peppy and full of the joy of living. The word is derived from the Latin vivo, to live.
5. phasmophobia is the fear of - B: ghosts.
6. clandestine adj - D: secretive. Clandestine is derived from Latin clam, secretly. It usually refers to the secrecy or concealment in working out of plans which are illegal or dangerous.
7. loquacious adj - A: talkative. The word is derived from Latin loqour, to speak. The noun is loquacity or ofcourse loquaciousness.
Taking one point for every correct answer, your result is:
0 - 2 : How about getting yourself a brain transplant? That is, if you know what 'transplant' means.
3 - 4 : Good.
5 - 6 : Cool.
7 : All right. You are exceptional! But, of course, not better than I am.

By Peter Parker


Those darn knock-knock jokes…
Knock Knock
Who's there!
Saddam who?
Saddam and shut up
Knock Knock
Who's there!
Sam who?
Sam person who knocked on the door last time!
Knock Knock
Who's there!
Sara who?
Sara 'nother way in?!
Knock Knock
Who's there!
Says who?
Says me, that's who!
Knock Knock
Who's there!
Senor who?
Senor mother out and let me in!
Knock Knock
Who's there!
Spain who?
Spain to have to keep knocking on this door!
Knock Knock
Who's there!
Stan who?
Stan back, I'm knocking the door down!
Knock Knock
Who's there!
Shirley who?
Shirley you must know me by now!

By Honeymonster

Rising Soap

Return of the Rising Soap

Once more, we decide to ponder on that universal mystery: "Why did the chicken cross the road?" We decided to ask the RS staff what they think, and here's what we got:
AES: Why? Because it was late for a Chemistry class. See, the Chem teacher is such a 'small man", blah, blah…
Niloy: To find out, visit http://www.chickencrossesroad.com You can even watch it live on Webcam.
Crucified and Slayer: Send the chicken a Shout Out to show your support!
Shayera Moula: See? The chicken can cross the road…now you can Do it Yourself too…
The Girl Next Door: Ooh, that's right, chicken…that's what we all want to know. Send us a letter and share your experience with our readers.
Gokhra: Don't forget to watch 'Chicken crosses road', and also its sequel, "Chicken crosses highway!"
Maliha Bassam: I believe the chicken had every right to cross the road without having its motives questioned. Let me state here that I'm not a fan of Chickenism…
Faizul A. Tanim: Because there was a concert on the other side. Keep an eye on center page, where we'll bring you the scoop on all the bands that performed.
Dr. Freak: Scientists suggest that it is an inherent trait for chickens to cross the road.
DBB (RS Editor): Oof! I don't care! I'll fire the chicken anyway.

By Sabrina F Ahmad






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