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Saying goodbye to the wonder years

Time is one thing that never waits for anyone. It moves on…leaving you with little but memories to hold on to. You start school, and before you know it, you're attending your own graduation. The kids you used to play with grow up to become totally alien to you. The world around you changes, and you change along with it.

Why does our view towards life change, as we grow older? Some say it's fate but you can't blame everything on fate. I think we make our own destinies. Our views usually change towards life as we grow, and as our brain gets more developed we start thinking differently.

When we are infants, the outside world is an unknown place that does not exist in our universe. We are cherub-faced brats who are forgiven anything, be it breaking a priceless vase or losing an expensive object. Like the old Police song, every step we take, every move we make is greeted with rapturous adulation from the grown-ups, because we are miracles of creation to them.

Then comes the day when we bid this carefree existence goodbye and start our schooling. Thus you see many tearful toddlers being dragged off to their kindergarten classes by seemingly heartless teachers, while their anxious parents watch, pained by the anguish of their charges, but unable to do anything. This phase in life opens up a whole new world for us. We come into contact with the realms beyond our own homes. We start making friends with whom we study, bug teachers and play. To us, going to school, studies and friends gradually gain greater importance.

As we move upwards from class to class, some of our friends might change their schools; relationships might change, but the memories remain, and the good-byes are bittersweet. Think back, and you're bound to remember that one classroom you were loathe to leave, that one teacher you cried for when you moved up a grade, that one friend you wished you hadn't lost touch with.

Soon, the light-hearted school days give way to the turbulence of adolescence. When we finally turn to teenager we start having this inner belief in us that we have grown up. And so when our parents starts scolding us for studies, irregular routine and what not, it seems to us that our parents probably hate us the most. That's when we long for the simpler times we've left behind, and the memories of those times are so much more precious because of it.

Even though this battle of wills with our parents is a sour initiation into this part of life, there are other, more pleasant sides to life. Like having the first crush, getting the driving license, and even taking pleasure in wicked endeavors like bunking classes. This is the time when we learn and take a lot of things from the world. We party...we go to concerts and we study and then last but not the least we "CHILL OUT" with our friends.

Then finally, Graduation Day arrives, filled with mixed feelings. Awe at the ceremonies, collecting the certificates and taking pictures. Euphoria because we've finally made it. Excitement at the thought of what's to come. Nostalgia because life will never be the same again. It is the same feeling that a bird probably feels on its virgin flight. Life will never be the same again.

The pictures are taken, the last bow is made. Reality crashes in, and life becomes all about moving ahead, about building careers and facing responsibilities. The ties of the old life gradually begin to loosen. 'Forever Friends' are scattered all over as each takes his/her own route, and some are lost forever, only to remain as distant memories.

But when you finally achieve your goal, you are tired...what remains are the memories of the wonder years which you end up sharing with first your children and then grandchildren.

Time runs faster than you can imagine. Be happy and enjoy every step of life because you own it.

By Tashmia Zaman


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