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The Band Who Sold the World

By Organised Confusion

If you haven't heard about the greatest band in music history, then a word of advice: Close, Bolt and Seal your doors because Kurt Cobain is going to come and get you.

Nirvana came into being around the 1986 and through their heavily sarcastic, completely personal and effectively grunge tactics redefined the sights and sounds of music. Thwart the leather and bring in the shredders, was probably Cobains manner mode (and it might have had more to do with lack of money during the beginning) but it became a sort of idealistic symbol for Nirvana. Combine that with the hypnotic voice, the crazy drums and a lot of noise that somehow becomes ultra-rich music and voila! You have Nirvana.

The geniuses of Cobain, Grohl and Novoselic came together and released their first album, titled, 'Bleach.' This featured songs like 'About a girl,' that was written for Cobain's maternal girlfriend who had supported him through his lonesome poverty-struck period in life. Then there was 'School', 'Blew' and 'Scoff', and a whole lot of others which cleared the bushes and made Nirvana stand, albeit outside, but still near the castle of great musicians.

It was the second album that brought out the red carpets and left Nirvana overnight millionaires. 'Nevermind' went on to sell over T-E-N million copies (and still continues to be sold) and made over $550 million dollars. It was announced to be triple platinum, occupying space in both US and UK top ten charts. As Nirvana said, one day they're wondering how to clear their dues, the next day their swimming in money. This was also the album that highlighted Cobain's very dysfunctional teenage years in the song, 'Smells Like Teen Spirit', a song that also went on to define how you say hello. It also contained, 'Polly' one of Nirvana's most controversial that had Cobain in deep seat of frustration.

It was around this time that Cobain let it be known about the use of sarcasm, the double-edged words and the privilege of the lyricist to take blame for neither. So the next time you try to decipher what Cobain meant, stop, instead take a break and get a breadth of what he felt and the songs would sound like a whole new horizon. It should also be mentioned that much of what Cobain wrote was different from what he sang (that's why the lyrics never match) As I said, it's all about the feel of things.

Then of course, came In Utero and Insectiside, Nirvana's last two albums. 'The Man Who Sold The World' featured in In Utero, and might be a one of the leading causes for disappearing repeat button in your hi-fi remote control. 'Come as you are', 'Sliver', 'Dive' and a whole host of other songs had come into existence by then, and had deeply rooted themselves in the minds and memories of all those who like good music.

In 1994, Nirvana recorded an unplugged (acoustic) performance in MTV, the last of their shows, but it was quite enough. Those who were actively criticizing Nirvana were silenced by the stunning and very simply described, Beautiful, performance of the band. Unfortunately, in April 5, '94, Kurt Cobain committed suicide, ending his deep empathy for the flaws of humanity, all his health difficulties and his depression.

And what is Nirvana without Kurt Cobain?

So the band stopped being in physicality, but rightly put, stepped with Kurt Cobain to the new world of immorality and that is why it continues to sell in the shops and play in the players.

In case, if you're wondering how I came to have such and amazingly awesome, pen-name, well, this was what Cobain planned on calling his band (as per his journals that he wrote before he even had a band) but for several reasons (the main being he predicted I might want it) came to call it Nirvana.

Remember when life was simple and games were simpler, and you 'oohed' and 'aahed' over Wolf 3D? Well, if you're nostalgic about games like that, fear not, we now have another of our own Deshi version of a 'Seek and Kill' game...

Four developers from BUET: Mahmudul Alam Dipu, Mehrab Shahriar, Naimul Khan and Mehadi Hasan has developed a new FPS game. Actually, it's still a demo. Released in early January, the game consist of one level in which you get to play as Bipul Arman. An experienced and talented Intelligence officer, he gets to protect an important conference Earth Summit 2004 from a bomb threat and thereby save the world.

The Story: In the 2004 Earth Summit, nation leaders from around the world will have a conference in Dhaka, working on their way towards world peace, stability and utopia. But shadow looms ahead as there is a suspicion of a bomb attack on the conference amid the tight security. However, top officials are only seeing this threat as a hoax and are refusing to provide extra security without sufficient proof of any attack.

But Bipul Arman, a talented intelligence officer doesn't want to take any risks. Based on his instinct and experience, he knows that something is terribly wrong. So he decides to infiltrate the conference building undercover, killing all the security people, so that he can search for any suspicious element that could be used as a proof that the impending bomb attack is not a hoax.

As the game starts, you find yourself in the back alley of the building in which the conference would take place. The building is located in a remote mountainous area of Dhaka, in a wide plateau surrounded by big mountains. The security is absolutely state-of-the-art Grade-A pentagon material.

There are suited rifle wielding guards at every corner who starts shooting at you the moment they notice you. Should you try to sneak past the guards, you'll be stopped by security doors that require special ID cards to open. And there are also automatic wall-mounted Miniguns (or BFGs) that starts shooting at you if you venture in too far. Also there are laser beams that criss-cross many doorways, so that no one (except anyone who knows how to crouch) can pass.

Eventually, as you try to and kill all the guards, bypass laser beams, deactivate automatic Miniguns and hunt down for any hints or clues about the attack.

The game is available for everyone to download. The size is 20 MB. Link: http://tinyurl.com/46evq

Play the game and tell the developers what you think.

The Age of Empires series has always been one of our favourites. After the Age of Conquerors and the Age of Mythology, Ensemble's finally back on the historical track with the announcement of Age of Empires III. Having had my fill of Orcs and Nazis, I was understandably intrigued. So I decided to hunt down information about this newly announced title.

"Age of Empires III (there's no subtitle). The period we're covering is basically from the end of Age of Kings until the industrial age. This is a game about taking the European power that you governed in Age of Kings and sending it across the sea to struggle for control of the New World. The teasers on our website are building up to launching the Ensemble Studios' Age of Empires III site.

The colonial time period is a good fit for an Age game. Although military technology has advanced, the fundamentals of combat haven't changed from the Age of Kings time period the way they would, say for WWI. That is, the game starts with a lot of units familiar from Age of Kings, like Pikemen and Crossbows. Even in the later part of the game, where there are lots of gunpowder units on the battlefield, cavalry still fight hand-to-hand with swords. Other aspects of the time period work well with our gameplay, such as exploring an unknown map, starting a new town, eventually coming into contact with other players, and having to resolve differences (usually by force). That is pretty much the story of colonization and conquest of the New World in a nutshell."

Well, this sounds does sound like awesome gameplay… but the best thing about it yet is the in-game screenshots. They are absolutely gorgeous Grade-A wallpaper material! Check them out: www.ensemblestudios.com/

The usual links:

According to the Skeptiseum, many "abductees" are just people having "waking dreams" or fantasy experiences. Created by the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal, the Skeptiseum displays the results of its investigations into the paranormal. View the list of spine-chilling exhibits -- from ghosts to psychic phenomena -- and then delve into the truth behind them. In the harsh glare of the Skeptiseum's spotlight, many of these anomalies appear to be frauds or old wives' tales. The site claims the infamous Big foot footprint is an elaborate hoax, as are crystal balls. And Zener ESP cards just don't provide scientific evidence that we know what you're thinkin'. Before you pay your astrologer a visit, consult the Skeptiseum. It may just save you a fortune in fortune-telling.

"God action figure, complete with Kingdom-Come Kalashnikov AK-47 assault rifle"
It's probably only a joke site… and it's pretty offensive. But it's also very funny.

Automatic flatterer
Check this out. You'll like it.

An extremely addictive game

How to create miniature oranges
Man! That needs too much patience. Still, they look good in the end.

Artwork of UFO's
The truth may or may not be out there. Despite that uncertainty, Matthew Hurley is convinced of one thing: UFO art is most definitely out there. He collects images of frescos, tapestries, illustrations, oil paintings, and early photographs depicting unidentified flying objects. Thousand-year-old "petroglyphs" tell the story of an alien ship crash-landing in Death Valley, and saucer-shaped objects are the subjects of ancient French cave paintings. Chinese illustrations depict flying cars, and silvery saucers are hidden in a Buddhist mural. UFOs work their way into religious art -- witness a red saucer in a 15th-century painting of Jesus and spot the spaceships behind a Yugoslavian fresco of Christ's crucifixion. Other alien artwork illustrates a light battle in the skies of Nuremburg in 1561, a UFO hovering over Renaissance Rome, and a red fireball suspended above China in 1890. Hurley also points out various hoaxes and misinterpretations -- for example, the Bayeux Tapestry shows an actual sighting of Haley's Comet in 1066, not a UFO. As for the rest of these images, we may never know what they mean.
You can email me to niloy.me@gmail.com or visit my blog at niloywrites.blogspot.com

Willys Jeep

By Mood Dude

We generally call whatever big four wheel drive vehicle we see as Jeep. But did you know that the word Jeep is an actual brand name and that the first Jeep came about during the World War 2. The Willys Jeep changed the face of warfare. Before its arrival two years into WW2, heavy machine guns, light artillery, men and supplies were transported in large trucks. These were cumbersome and were not fit for all kinds of terrain. There had been several attempts at producing a small, maneuverable all-terrain vehicle during the '30's but all failed. The US army took up the issue in the summer of 1940, some 135 manufacturers being invited to submit designs for an all-wheel-drive machine with an 80-inch wheelbase and carrying capacity of 600 pounds. A tiny company called the American Bantam manufacturer of the British Austin Seven under license won the contest with its general Purpose Vehicle (quickly dubbed Jeep) by coming up with the blueprint under a week. The idea was great but the small company lacked resources to produce it in sufficient numbers. Fellow automotive minnow Willys Overland was contracted to manufacture the Jeep, Ford later building several thousand. Within 1941-1945 there were about 380000 built. The Jeep is considered to be the single most important machinery in winning the war. The basic shape evolved a lot over the decades but has remained an icon.


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