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Nobody's Perfect

There is no end to the mistakes one makes. Day in and day out, people commit errors. Then, we must remember ' to err is human'. It is only natural that people will do things wrong, and, quite frequently so. While I consider myself far more accurate than most, I too have made quite a few errors. It is okay to make mistakes, but, we must also take valuable lessons from them.

When I was seven, I got a pet rabbit as a birthday gift. That was probably the first animal I loved in my life. But, I did not make a home for it, nor did my parents consider it necessary. 'Swimy' used to stay in our garden for the first few days.

Later on, my mother sent him to the roof. One day, a cat killed him. Even to this date, I feel bad about this. My mother and I are both responsible for his death.

While a student of Class 3, I hardly took part in the cricket games that the students played. Looking back, I realize it was a mistake cause I could have been quite a good player. Maybe I could have played in the junior competitions, or even, in the national team. I did attend tennis classes while I was in Class 6 for a few months. The coach always told me that I had a knack for the game. I performed well as long as I played. Unfortunately, I gave up after a few months. I did not make use of this athletic talent.

When I was 15, I started using chest expander instruments. Little did I realize that I would remain a short person all my life for doing this at such an early stage, even when there were a few years left for my height to increase. I really acted like an idiot cause all my family members are short, and, I should have understood that I had very little chance of having a good height as it is. In addition, I spoiled whatever chances I had of possessino an acceptable height. The consequence is that I will remain a short person all my life.

During the same period, I was introduced to a person who ideally would be one of my best friends in the near future. I mistook his straightforwardness as bad manners, his attempts to correct me as bossiness. But, after a few years, I comprehended that he actually wanted what was best for me, but had a wrong approach. Probably I should have allowed this friendship to stay on for sometime rather than ending it so abruptly.

I was always very good at History. But, I did not apprehend that I would end up with a less than expected grade in the 'O' Levels. The cause of this was my total lack of effort in the preparation of this subject. I took it way too casually, thought I was too good, and, suffered, in the end. The same scenario occurred in the instance of 'A' Level Accounting. This subject required a lot of practice, and, I probably practiced one-fifth of what was required.

For quite some time now, I have wanted to be a superstar. Despite having the looks for i|, I can never be a model becausm of my height. This is something I simply will have to live with.

But, I should have taken singing classes and should have been trained to become a singer. At least I had a shot at that. But, 'once a fool, always a fool'.

I have many dreams and aspirations for the future. I want to be a successful businessman, a famous actor, a writer. I will do any likeable roles that come my way in the future. I want to continue writing; who knows, maybe I can publish short stories or mven novels in the coming months and years. I pray to Allah that I manage to refrain from committing mistakes that will make it difficult for these ambitions to be fulfilled. I hope that history does not repeat itself.

By Arbab Quadri

Exciting trip Sundarban and Katka Beach

Do you know I went to the largest mangrove forest? And that is Sundarban. The biggest forest in Asia. It was the most wonderful and eventful trip I have ever had! Wow so fun it was!! Do you know I made lots of friends? But first let me tell you about my exciting journey. It was 5 o'clock on January 13, 2005. My father came from his office. I was very excited.

My mother bathed me and I put on my clothes. My father was packing his bag. Our time to go to the bus stop was at 11:00 o'clock. We packed our bags took everything and went to the garage. My father gave our keys to a neighbour of ours. We reached the bus stop at 10:00 o'clock.

My father took all our luggage and kept it in the bus. Then we boarded the bus. There were many kids in there. We took a seat at the front. Many passengers came. The bus finally started at 11:15pm. When we reached in Khulna it was early morning on the following day, we had to take a country boat and go to the ship called MV Abshor. Then we had two cabins.

Our cabins' numbers were 214 and 215. The beds in the cabin were twice. I could see the view of the Poshor river from my cabin. It was really very beautiful. Then I came out of my cabin to roam around the ship. A girl suddenly came and asked my name and quickly ran away. And one thing I forgot to tell you that is my friend Samanza also went there.

We walked in the ship and talked. Suddenly a voice called out "Samanza, Samanza" Who can that be, we were thinking and saw the girl by the window who asked my name. She was calling Samanza. I asked her name and we soon became friends. Then she came out and we played together. Then my mother said me to make friends with another girl. Oh I almost forgot to tell you my friends' names.

One's name you know and the other two Nirvrida and Oni. Then we also became friends with another boy called Zihan. Then we all went to walk in the Sundarban forest. I saw the Sundari tree and took a piece of its bark. We saw inside the forest wild pigs and deer. Then we came back in the ship by speedboat. We played hide and seek etc. Then we had our dinner and went to bed. The next morning we woke up at 6.00 o'clock and went in the boat ride. By the boat we saw many birds. Such as finfoot, Aerora, Woodpecker and many kinds of kingfishers. And do you know finfoot is a very rare bird. It is mainly found in three countries, such as Switzerland, Bangladesh and Africa.

We also saw monkeys, big lizards and crocodiles etc. After seeing the scenery we came back to the ship for break fast and went to the Katka beach by the tiger point at 11:00 AM. In the beach we had lots of fun. We swam there and made sand-castles. The most interesting thing is that we saw tiger and deer foot prints. We also took its photos.

Then we went to the ship by boat. When we went to the ship we had our lunch and played "Indian Idol." I was both Farah Khan and Mini Mathur. Then we had our dinner and went to bed. We woke ux early and got zeady to go to our home. We took photos with our guide and got up in the boat.

In the bus we were thinking that when we first got up in the bus in Dhaka we did not know each other. And do you know Nirvrida and I became best friends.

When we reached in Dhaka, we took each other's phone numbers. And when we came home we phoned to Australia to tell my grandparents my exciting journey to Sundarban. Now you see it was really very nice! It was the greatest!!

This tour of mine has been very successful for the "Guide tours" It is a private company, who makes many kind of trips in Bangladesh. Last of all I want to thank the "Guide tour" for giving me a very beautiful holiday trip.

By Alvy Nower (Prima)

In fond memory of my angelic little sister…

We were passing our days quite happily. My father, mother, younger brother, a sweet little sister and myself. We were quite joyful that we had a cute sister. I had been promoted to class nine and my brother to class four. My father got hi{ promotion as a General Manager in his office. Our house was full of gaiety and mirth. We were busy with the little angel. Whenever we had time, we used to spend it with her. My father used to bring toys and dolls and mother was busy caring for her. Whenever I got a chance, I used to bring colorful balloons for her. Time ran on silvery wings with her.

On those same silvery wings she came to be of ten months. She learnt to crawl with her nimble feet and hands. She learnt to sit straight without support. What a wonder it was to see her balance herself while seated. Within a couple of months we hoped to see her toddling in a comical fashion.

Suddenly, one day, we observed that she could not sit any more. She just remained lying. We got extremely worried. We took her to several specialist doctors. Nobody could diagnose the problem. A dark black cloud overcast our family. A pall of gloom descended on all of us.

Soon, my father, along with my mother and younger brother took her to New Delhi for treatment.

Due to academic press}re, I could not accompany them xhysically. But my heart always had been with my beloved sister. After a thorough investigation and a surgery, it was diagnosed that she had a malignant type of cancer which could not be treated . The doctors advised my father not to go for any further treatment, as it would not help in any way. We were all shattered! What a big moment of pain and sorrow for all of us!

Finally, one day, she left us for her heavenly abode right in front our eyes. I could not control my tears when her face was covered with a piece of cloth. Nothing could be more heart rending than this. All that remained of hers were her toys, clothes and other items used by her. Those renewed our pains every now and then. My exams were knocking at the door. I had to pick myself up. I know that man is mortal and realized she would never come back.

After some weeks, I felt that I must overcome this shock and get back to normal life. I tried to concentrate and focus on reality. I somehow managed to bring myself out of the major setback, and - my family, school , studies and ECA became my main focus of attention and concentration. By concentrating on them, I succeeded in picking myself up from the dark abyss of pain and heart-aches, to put myself into the track of life. I realized that the fastest method for curing my depression was - work. I defeated my adversity with resolve and integrity . Having come up so far , the memories of my littlm angel , my cuty pie little sister, still haunts the innermost of my soul.

By Fahim Chowdhury

A small star in my life

“Khadiza"- my little sis brings all the light in my life. Her arrival on this earth brings all the hope and happiness in my parents' life also. I was 11 when she born. I can clearly remember that precious day when my father and I went to the hospital with my mom. We are waiting anxiously what is happening inside the operation theatre. I was feeling desperate to know, brother or sister? At last we got a fairy in our sweet family. A little member who has filled our heart with great joy and happiness. But reality is so different that I cannot realize in my 11 years old life. Two or three days later we came to know that she is not a normal baby; she is Down syndrome (mentally disabled). Nothing has stopped my parents. They did everything what they can do. They took her India when she was a baby of 11 months. I can visualize that colorful day when we all are waiting for Khadiza to return from India on her one year birthday. Wonderful arrangements made by my mama and we are all busy to decorate his house with colorful ribbons and balloons. She is a great possession to all of us. Not because she is not normal but she is more than special to us that we cannot express with a millions of words. Now she is 11 years old, learning at a mentally disabled school neir our home. Time will go in its way but a place that she made in our life will rmmain unchanged. That's why my mother calls her 'kolija', my father calls her 'maa' and I call her 'atta'…..my soul.

By Sarah Mirza

Trip to Ramgor

We started our journey at 3:30 am at night. We were going to Ramgor in Khagrachhori by micro bus. There were 11 of us, counting driver.

We stopped at a restaurant near Comilla called Nurzahan for our breakfast. Again we started our journey. It was so foggy and cold that when we talked steam came out from our mouths! We reached our destination at 11 o'clock.

It was a Bungalow. We reserved three rooms. Then we took a little rest and went to a jungle. It was not a deep or big one. We saw a small lovebird type bird. It was beautiful.

We came back took a little rest and went to see a lake. But unfortunately it was under construction so we went to a forest. It was deep so my mother, an aunt, uncle and a friend were to stay.

My father, the boys, and I went ahead.

At the middle of the forest we saw a small hut where a tribal was sitting. He said us that there are wild cocks, another kind of wild cock called Mothura, deer and wild pigs in the forest. We were lying in the hut and all of us were asleep.

When we woke up we were very hungry. We returned to the Banglow and took launch. Then we took a nap. Me and my friend went down and I climbed up trees.

At night we made one campfire. It was fun. We all sat around the campfire. Then we took our lunch and fell asleep. Next day we came back to Dhaka. That was the end of our holiday.

By Madhubanti Anashua



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