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Session Start: Saturday, May 04, 2005
[12:21:22 AM] Faisal: Hey Sasha, you remember Zeyn, don't you?
[12:24:18 AM] Sasha: Let me see…cute guy with adorable smile and curly hair?
[12:27:21 AM] Faisal: Ooh…how come you're never that complimentary about me?
[12:27:33 AM] Faisal: lol
[12:27:38 AM] Sasha: Maybe because you're not a cute guy with an adorable smile and curly hair?
[12:27:48 AM] Faisal: Touché. Anyway…he's online. Shall I add him?
[12:28:00 AM] Sasha: why not?
(Zeyn has been added to the conversation)
[12:28:10 AM] Faisal: Introductions first…Sasha, Zeyn, Zeyn Sasha
[12:28:31 AM] Sasha: Hey!
[12:28:36 AM] Faisal: I may add here that Sasha thinks you have adorable curls
[12:28:40 AM] Sasha: Oi!
[12:28:51 AM] Zeyn: What, you're going to deny it now?
[12:29:07 AM] Sasha: lol. Wouldn't dream of it. But I wish Fais would leave the flirting to me.
[12:29:23 AM] Zeyn: Cheers!
::Faisal slaps Sasha, Zeyn, with a big, smelly tuna fish::
[12:30:59 AM] Faisal: That was me wishing you goodnight. I'm off.
[12:31:35 AM] Sasha: Adios, amigo!
[12:31:56 AM] Zeyn: Ciao.
Faisal has left the conversation.
Faisal: If I know those two at all, they'll carry it on all night. My God! Chat addicts, the both of them! What they see in this, I have no clue. I've known Sasha for only a couple of months now, and she's a pretty quiet girl up front, but online…that's another story. Zeyn has always been the friendly sort, and when he's online…well I'm telling you…one of the two of them will be in trouble tomorrow.
Monday, January 31, 2005
Zeyn: I'm late! I cannot believe I didn't hear the alarm clock! I am so busted. All because I stayed up all night chatting with friends. That's it. No more IM for me. Okay, whom am I kidding? I'm addicted to Instant Messaging…completely addicted…no other word for it. I crave it like a drug and the best part is that it is a cheap, harmless drug that has huge side effects on me, less studying being chief among them. But whatever else I may be doing for the rest of the day, I need to, absolutely need to, come home and get online. The thrill of talking to people thousands of miles away in REAL time is an appeal too difficult to ignore! Sometimes I think I have a problem…but I don't think there are shrinks that treat IM addiction…so I have to live with it…no| Session Start: Monday, May 06, 2005 |
[12:13:06 PM] Zeyn: Look who's here…
[12:13:44 PM] Sasha: hello!
[12:14:35 PM] Zeyn: Shouldn't u rather be doing something more important now?
[12:14:52 PM] Sasha: I'm right between classes...popped in to check some mail and chillax
[12:15:02 PM] Sasha: and I could ask you the same question, come to it.
[12:15:08 PM] Sasha: admit it. You were hoping to find me here.
[12:15:24 PM] Zeyn: lol. Kind of. And btw I just woke up! :P
[12:16:00 PM] Sasha: aha!
[12:16:35 PM] Sasha: I knew it! ;)
[12:16:39 PM] Zeyn: Don't get too excited.
[12:16:49 PM] Zeyn: I just finished writing something and I want you to take a look.
[12:16:53 PM] Sasha: and?…btw I hate u for having it this easy!!!!
[12:18:23 PM] Zeyn: Take a look.
[12:50:02 AM] You have successfully received C:\My Documents\My
Received Files\grave.doc from Zeyn
[12:18:28 PM] Sasha: great…I'll look at it now, and send feedback when I get home.
t that I mind…

[12:18:38 PM] Zeyn: cheers
[12:18:39 PM] Sasha: (Y)
2:18:53 PM] Sasha: God. I've got classes till 5 today.
[12:20:06 PM] Zeyn: me too, matey!
[12:20:09 PM] Zeyn: we're all in the same boat though mine doesn't leave until 2!!!.
[12:20:13 PM] Zeyn: So are the classes really boring?
[12:20:45 PM] Sasha: that's the sad part
[12:20:49 PM] Sasha: they're all subjects I love, so I really can't complain.
[12:20:55 PM] Zeyn: lol
[12:21:06 PM] Zeyn: cheers
[12:21:12 PM] Sasha: I'm the worst kind of brat imaginable.
[12:21:19 PM] Zeyn: :P…you think?
[12:21:22 PM] Zeyn: So, when is your next class?
[12:21:23 PM] Sasha: 12:30
[12:21:35 PM] Zeyn: hmm…shouldn't you be off then?
[12:22:11 PM] Sasha: Aiyee! You're right! Thanks…and bye!



Sasha appears to be offline and may not reply
Sasha: Thank God Zeyn reminded me in time! I'd have been axed for sure…I don't suppose the teacher would take too kindly to the excuse that I was online chatting with an old friend. Mom gave me a lecture today about being a chat freak. That woman is so deluded…I'm not a chat freak.
Am I?

I couldn't be. I mean. I never go to chat rooms…never chat with unknown people. I only spend a few hours online. That's not too much…and besides, most of it is work…important work. Moreover, I can stay in touch with friends without hogging the telephone. Seriously, mothers worry too much.
Who am I kidding? I actually go into withdrawal on the days that my Instant Messaging service acts up. I even dreamt of a chatting session with my friend in Singapore. If my house (God forbid) caught on fire, I'd grab my computer before anything else. If I was stranded on a desert island, I'd probably die of IM starvation before either thirst or hunger got to me.
This is serious. I need help. I wonder who's online now?
[Session Start: Tuesday, May 7, 2005]
[12:08:20 AM] Zeyn: hello!
[12:08:21 AM] Zeyn: :P..what up?
[12:08:32 AM] Zeyn: My patience has its limits...
[12:08:57 AM] Sasha: WHAT?
[12:08:58 AM] Sasha: I promised id send feedback after I got home…
[12:09:18 AM] Sasha: and besides you have been waiting less than twelve hours…
[12:09:20 AM] Sasha: and some people have exams to study for…
[12:09:48 AM] Zeyn: LOL!! I was only testing out MSN PLUS! JEEZ! Chill out!!
[12:10:01 AM] Sasha: Thank God!! You had me worried there for a bit
[12:10:02 AM] Zeyn: come to think of it, that was the intention.
[12:10:11 AM] Zeyn: Listen (jokes aside)..You are going to Faisal's tomorrow aren't u?
[12:10:14 AM] Sasha: Yeah. I think I am!
[12:10:15 AM] Zeyn: Good enough!! And look on the bright side…we can meet up!!
[12:10:18 AM] Sasha: That's the bright side?
[12:10:20 AM] Zeyn: Enough jokes…I'm out of time. I will see you tomorrow
[12:10:21 AM] Sasha: I was only kidding. Yeah will be good to see you.
[12:10:26 AM] Zeyn: You too…I haven't seen you in donkey's years!!
[12:10:28 AM] Sasha: Now where did you coin that phrase?
[12:10:34 AM] Zeyn: Tricks me trade :P:P!! Anyways, I got to jet!
[12:10:52 AM] Sasha: K! Will see you tomorrow!
[12:11:34 AM] Zeyn: Adios! L8r!!
[12:11:46 AM] Zeyn: …and get MSN plus…it ROCKS!!
[12:11:53 AM] Sasha: will do
[12:11:54 AM] Zeyn: cheers!
[12:11:58 AM] Sasha: liao!
The message could not be delivered to the recipient because he/she appears to be offline.
Sasha: What went wrong? We've got such awesome online chemistry…how come everything went so flat face-to-face? If Fais wasn't there to keep both ends of the conversation up, it would have ended in a staring match. Oh, conversation skills…where were you when I needed you most?
[Session Start: Tuesday, May 8, 2005]
[12:13:06 AM] Zeyn: hel-lo!
[12:13:44 AM] Sasha: hi!
[12:14:35 AM] Zeyn: I have something important to say.
* Zeyn apologizes profusely for being a tongue tied blast-ended skrewt today at Faisal's.
[12:14:52 AM] Zeyn: I hope I am forgiven?
[12:15:02 AM] Sasha: ofcourse…come to think of it, I wasn't too sociable as well.
[12:15:08 AM] Sasha: I guess I'm not cut out to be that sort!
[12:15:24 AM] Zeyn: Nah…you are fine.
[12:16:00 AM] Sasha: aha!
[12:16:35 AM] Sasha: I thought so too!!;)!!
[12:16:39 AM] Zeyn: Don't get too excited and try jumping off the balcony!
[12:16:49 AM] Zeyn: I wasn't complimenting you…just trying to make you feel better!
[12:16:53 AM] Sasha: I hate you so!
[12:18:23 AM] Zeyn: Say thankya!
Dear readers, welcome to the world of IM Addiction. The little drama you just witnessed is probably something you've experienced in your own life. Let's face it… virtual conversations are taking over, and there's no escape…not unless you plan to be a hermit. Be afraid…be very afraid.








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