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Dark glimpses: Ouija boards

Everyone's familiar with talk of Ouija Boards (or more commonly called Planchet Boards). Ouija boards are used to have what is commonly known as a séance. Its sole purpose is to contact people who have passed on to the other side. The meaning of the word OUIJA is a combination of the French and German words for "yes". The more common Ouija board usually consists of the entire alphabet, the words yes, no, goodbye and a pointer known as the 'planchet'. Other boards sometimes contain more detail including colours, star signs and other information. It does not matter what any Ouija Board contains on it, what matters is making it work, which not everyone can do.
In 1973 a horror movie was released which was to have a profound impact on the Ouija board and its use which still carries through to this day. The film is "The Exorcist". The Ouija board then suffered a great decline - people believed the Exorcist was real. They believed that if they touched or played with this board that they would suffer Demonic possession or bring in bad spirits. It was mainly this film that brought about its reputation for being wicked and evil. Matters weren't helped when it was widely publicised that The Exorcist was based on a supposedly true story. The media never told the truth behind the real story about a young boy who was more than likely subjected to physical abuse and suffered severe mental torment from it, and no demons or evil spirits were ever involved in the case.
What actually happens with an Ouija board is still very controversial. The greatest and most common theory is that somehow the participants of the séance cause the planchet or pointer to move with their own minds, albeit unknowingly. But can an Ouija board really hurt you? The answer is 'no'. It is not evil - it's merely a board with some black letters and a planchet. Nothing will come from a board if you leave it lying around - you do not need to burn it or throw it away if you have a bad experience - it cannot work without people making it work. And personally, I don't believe it's possible to bring spirits into this world by just 'talking' to them. The concept of ghosts and spirits flying around might exist in Harry Potter, but
I doubt if it has any place in the real world.
I guess the overall message is to be aware of what is going on, be cautious, be open minded and most of all don't be frightened of the mystical Ouija board. However, my point is: why take a chance with the unknown? Isn't it better to just let sleeping dogs lie? And, if you're very curious, I advise you to try it, but not until you find a responsible adult willing to participate with you in your 'séance'. That's all for now.

By Jennifer Ashraf

WCG close to a reality!

Ok People! Updates on the World Cyber Games issue!
As we already told you, World Cyber Games has included Bangladesh as one of its participating countries in this years Games. F1 Management Ltd (whom you might remember from the FI Auto Fair in the City), have successfully managed to become a Strategic Partner of World Cyber Games and can officially hold a WCG 2005 Bangladesh Championship.
The proposed venue, for the Bangladesh leg of the Games, have been suggested as the Bashundhara City Market in Panthapath. The organisers are confident that this will be confirmed as the venue in the coming weeks.
It has been confirmed that there will be a maximum of 1500 gamers who will be able to take part in the event. Registration will commence from the beginning of August with two strategically located booths around Dhaka.
The organisers are trying their best to give the audience the true experience of the games by using PCI Express Cards in the PC's. Gamers be aware! Playing under AGP and playing under PCI express cards are two different ball games altogether!
There will also be a press conference that is scheduled tentatively for next week.
So, keep practicing- the final exams are just around the corner!
For more information on the WCG log on to http://bd.worldcybergames.com
Also you can contact Mohammed Irfan Hussain at info@f1bd.com

By Quazi Zulquarnain Islam

Do It Yourself

Just when life seems too stressful to handle, 5 minutes of mediation can really cure various mental sufferings. It has to be deep and soothing and towards the end of the day, it simply depends on how relaxed your surrounding and internal emotions can connect together. Give this a try every once in a while. Mediation is also a brilliant therapy for illness and health!
1. As usual make sure you are in a comfortable position. Then proceed to breath deeply and regularly for about two minutes.
2. Then, while breathing deeply, mentally say the following phrases (Don't worry if you change the words around a bit)
"With Every breath I am drifting deeper and deeper".
"Deeper and deeper into relaxation."
"Breathing away any tension."
"Deeper and deeper."
"Heavier and Heavier "
"I can feel myself drifting deeper and deeper with every breath I take".
"When I have counted from 10 down to one I will be completely relaxed. I will be able to enjoy the relaxation and I will be ready to fully relax, let go of tension."
Don't say the following, simply feel it!
10 Deeper and deeper
9 Calmer and calmer
8 More aud more relax-ed
7 Just relaxing
3 Nearly in my deep state of relaxation
"Now I will relax still further"
(You can always choose to say it out loud or to yourself. Whichever feels contented to you)
"I can see a beautiful staircase with ten steps and at the bottom of the staircase is my safe place. My special and safe place. As I take each step down, I will drift deeper and deeper towards my special place."
10 ........9
8 .......7
6 ......5
4 .....3
2 ...1
"So deeply relaxed. And now I can just imagine my safe place. I can hear restful sounds, see the beautiful scene, and feel myself safe and relaxed. I can enjoy the safe place for a moment."
When you have spent time enjoying the safe place, return slowly as before and spend time gently returning to full activity.

By Shayera Moula


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