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Oddly Enough…

Drunk man attacks bear to show how strong he is. Bear shows how stupid drunk man is
Drunk man has tried to scuffle with a bear in a zoo in Ukraine and has been heavily hit. he man and his companion, also drunk, came to the zoo in the Ukrainian city of Cherkassy. After attempting to tease monkeys, they went to the bear open-air cage.
One of the drunks, 22, decided to show his force, jumped over the gate and started to pretend a trainer. In response, the bear weighing 270 kilograms seriously hit the man. The drunk, however, started to kick the bear but the animal hit the man again and again.
After the she-bear appeared at the scene, a passing pedestrian managed to pull the drunk back to a safe spot. The attacker was taken to the resuscitation unit in a grave condition. mosnews.com

Missing a cotter pin worth about Tk 20, massive ferry crashes into marina
A missing 3 cm cotter pin set off a chain of events that led to the grounding of a ferry at. BC Ferries says a control arm connecting the engine speed control device to the engine fuel rack disconnected when a nut came off the attachment bolt.
The nut came off because an inexpensive cotter pin that is normally in place to hold it in place was missing. The disconnection of the bolt allowed the propulsion system to over-speed. Protective devices known as "over-speed trips" then engaged, and led to the shutdown of the propulsion system.
The ferry was unable to slow down and crashed into the a nearby marina, crushing 24 smaller vessels. BC Ferries official Mark Collins called it an anomaly, not a failure of the basic design. The mechanism had been serviced by a private company during the ship's recent $35-million refit at Vancouver Shipyards. ctv.ca

Two Kentucky inmates escape from prison in the back of a garbage truck. Compaction ensues
The bodies of two men who escaped from the Kentucky State Reformatory, was found today in the Trimble County landfill, according to Kentucky State Police.
Avery Roland and Michael Talbot were discovered missing from the La Grange prison at noon yesterday. They were found in the landfill where the prison's trash is dumped, police said.
Roland, 26, of Stanton was only days away from a hearing. Talbot, 24, was imprisoned for wanton endangerment and theft by unlawful taking.
He was arrested in 1999 after leading police on a chase and was serving a 10-year sentence. kentucky.com

Pet fish leaps into boy's mouth, chokes him to death
Little Samiun Ahmad had fallen in love with the four small fish that he had caught a few days ago. The 8-year-old insisted on keeping the fish as pets, not realising that he would choke on one of them in a freak accident that would cost him his life.
His father, Mr Ahmad Johari, 43, a rubber tapper in Kedah, told Harian Metro: 'Samiun brought home four puyu fish that he had caught at Sungai Gunung Rambai. 'I asked his mother to fry the fish, but he refused as he loved the fish and wanted to rear them. I never expected that the fish would take his life.'
Samiun choked to death yesterday afternoon when one of the puyu fish (climbing perch) leapt into his mouth and got lodged in his throat.
The fish was about 7cm long and 4cm wide. Mr Ahmad said: 'The fish slid into his throat and Samiun squeezed his throat to try and get the fish out, but failed. 'He screamed for help, then grew weak and fainted and died on his way to hospital.'

All these news and thousands more at Fark.com

Compiled by Ahmed Ashiful Haque

Search files faster

Everyone needs to search files everyday. If you are using Windows own built in search system then you are just wasting your valuable time. Windows own built in search system works fine but it's slow. It just searches one by one every file in HDD. Now if you are using a 200 GB HDD and searching for a little email then in that case using Windows Search is an obsolete way. Now best way to search your HDD files is using an indexing technology search engine. These search engine searches your HDD within seconds! Yes, you heard right! it's not minute it's second. Mainly these search engines use the same technology as google uses in their web search. It keeps looking every file and makes a list where the files are stored. Now I am writing about these kinds of search engines:

Copernic Desktop Search:
In my opinion this is the best search engine in this category. The best thing of this software, that it is completely independent. It doesn't require any browser or any other web viewer. It just works independently. Copernic can search word, Outlook email, all other files even "pdf" (Adobe Acrobat) files instantly. In preview pan you can see inside search of a "pdf" document. You can also preview your search result and also limit file size in search result. Get it from: www.copernic.com

Google Desktop Search:
Google Desktop Search doesn't require any description. It's just same as renowned Google web search. Same user interface and works with Internet Explorer. It takes a little bit long for indexing HDD. Annoying thing about this search engine, it sometimes asks you for net connection. But it works just fine even you are at offline. Picture preview is just like Google's web search. It can search more kind of files by installing extra plug-ins. Get it from: http://desktop.google.com/

MSN Toolbar with Desktop Search:
Just same as Google's Desktop search, it uses internet explorer. Preview pane is beautiful and has detailed information. It requires add on pack for searching in "pdf" document and very bad thing that it installs an unnecessary internet explorer toolbar.

Get it from: http://toolbar.msn.com
For comments and more information about desktop search mail me to tanjinahsan@gmail.com

By I.M. Tanjin Ahsan

RS Mailbox

A few weeks back there was an article on the front page of the RS titled "Of Super-Heroes, Fantasies and Comics". Undoubtedly it was a great piece with lots of information about comics and clearing negative views that people have about teenagers reading comic books. I'm writing this regarding some of the faults the author made. First of all he didn't mention any other name but than the two largest powerhouses in comics production (Marvel and DC, but this doesn't really count as a mistake). Then he wrote that League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (LXG) belonged to DC but as I recall LXG was always an Image Comics production. He also mentioned that DC and Marvel brought out comic versions of Star Wars and Star Trek. But it was Lucas Books and Dark Horse that released Star Wars. On the other hand Star Trek was first published in the 60s by Marvel and then sometime in the 70s or the 80s it was licensed to some other less renowned comic book publishers. The Transformers title did belong to Marvel at first but it was later handed over to Dream Wave comics.
I must also disagree with the author about his view towards comic books. It certainly isn't the last resort for nerds and retards. I fairly doubt that cretins even understand the literature value of a comic book. But one isn't supposed to waste away reading comics and losing themselves into fantasies just to get away from his daily dilemmas. A comic book is a medium of art and entertainment. It is a piece of literature that expresses more than words and pictures (that is if you are reading the right comics). It's an artwork of life itself (trust me, it is).
The author must know more about comics than I do for I only have a personal collection of 300 comic books. Despite the minor faults that he overlooked it was certainly an admirable piece.
Nafis Khalid


A Scotch expert

A man walked into a bar and ordered a twelve-year old scotch. As the bartender was busy, he decided to serve the guy whatever he had under his hand.
The fellow took a sip, spat it out, and told the bartender, "I asked for a twelve-year old scotch and not a three year-old one."
When the bartender heard that, he checked the bottle and was amazed that the fellow was right -- he had served him a three-year old scotch. The bartender wanted to see how good the fellow was, so he served him another scotch, this one a six-year old.
The guy had a sip and spat it out, complaining, "I asked for a twelve-year old scotch and not a six-year old one."
The bartender was surprised by how good this fellow was. So the barman decided to play one more little game. He served the customer a nine-year-old scotch instead of a twelve-year old one as requested.
The fellow had a sip and spat it out, stating, "I think I asked for a twelve-year old scotch and not a nine-year old one."
The bartender was very impressed and finally served him the demanded twelve-year-old scotch.
The customer took a sip and added, "This is what I asked in the first place."
At the end of the counter sat a man who had witnessed this scene. He sent a tumbler to the scotch expert and asked him to have a sip.
The fellow did so and spat it out and said, "Good Lord, that's piss."
The other man added, "Now tell me how old I am."


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