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Its been quite an exciting week in sports if I may venture to comment. Apart from the mountains of runs in the placid wickets in Pakistan of course.

In tennis, Martina Hingis continued her stirring comeback with a run into the quarter-finals of the Australian Open after a display of scintillating tennis. Roger Federer slugged it out in one of his hardest matches for years as he edged past Tommy Hass. And the Mancunians enjoyed a victory over their arch-rivals courtesy a late goal from Rio “I want loyalty bonuses” Ferdinand.

On the topic of football, World Cup year has kicked off in due style and the host country looks set to welcome back competitive football after their traditional winter-stop when Bayern Munich play host to Moenchengladbach at the Allianz Arena on Friday.

Chelsea continued to dominate the EPL, despite dropping points at Charlton they still have a more than considerable hold on the Championship. In the Spanish top division Real Madrid are enjoying a mini-revival of sorts as a seemingly rejuvenated Zinedine Zidane try to lift them up from their doldrums. Will the signing of Antonio Cassano help Real wrest the championship? Only time will tell. As it will do for Juventus who dropped points midweek but still look like favourites for the Serie A crown ahead of the Milan clubs, AC and Inter.

Moving on to tennis, by the time you read this the Australian Open will be over and if I were a betting man I would put all my money on Roger Federer sweeping the men's title. As for the women's one, the level of competitiveness is extreme and that is just one reason that any number of the leading ladies could yet win it.

A reader of my column whom I mentioned by name last week, was nice enough to suggest why I did not start a poll of sorts. I was open to the idea and we put our heads together to discern what we should ask. And we came up with:

Who do you think is the best players in the specific sports of:
a) Tennis
b) Cricket
c) Football

Hardly original but at least it's a start. So start typing those names people and be prepared to have to justify your answers!!

Send in your answers to ( zulquarnain.islam@gmail.com )
Till next time!
By Quazi Zulquarnain Islam


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