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Scholastica & Notre Dame

Scholastica Education Fair (Feb 17th Feb 18th): A very informative Education Fair mainly for the parents was held in Scholastica Senior Section, Uttara. The fair demonstrated the diversity, care and teaching methodologies offered by the school to students of all classes, as junior, middle and senior section activities were displayed. Each department was individually presented in stalls by the school faculty. Along the entrance, the Scholastica Admission Department was open giving out forms stating “Ignorance is a disease, education is remedy.”

Among the interesting stalls were the science stall where actual frozen models of octopus, snake, sepia, starfish, salamander, round worm were displayed and were watched very keenly by parents and students alike. Plant cells were displayed through microscope, distillation and other experiments were also being demonstrated. Alongside, the Bangla stall was also acutely popular where parents gathered around to teach their children about famous Bengali persons for eg. Zainul Abedin, Qamrul Hasan, Syed Jamil Ahmed, Sanjida Khatoon, Fakir Anwar Hossain Montu Shah etc. about whom were displayed. The stall also emphasized that for the children to properly learn and be engaged in Bengali literature, the parents have a major role alongside the school.

The STM Hall was highly decorated with all the annual play props, instruments, trophies, and art and project exhibitions. The cafeteria also had a good sale as all hungry parents and students devoured singara, sandwich and chicken biriyani (which they should have as lunch also during the normal school days). The Scholastica Website was also launched on the 19th and was displayed in the fair… you can also check it out at www.scholasticabd.com - its pretty informative. Anyway, the fair was not fairly but very much successful as the parents left being clarified about a lot issues regarding the school.

Other Scholastica Events: A seminar on “Healthy eating and Health Living” was held on the Scholastica STM hall on Feb 20th by Dr. Ng Tay Meng of Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore. During the one hour seminar, the consultant gastroenterologist talked about the simple and basic actions that eventually lead to both physical and mental illness. He also talked about stress and frustration and how to be relieved from them.
Okay, how many schools have counselors and psychiatrists to help the students refrain from mental pressure and frustration and indiscipline which are by far so common in our age? Well, Scholastica seems to have taken this case strictly and have appointed counselors and psychiatrists to help the students tackle the troubles of the age!

NDSC Golden Jubilee Science Competition Prize Giving: The prizes for the Notre Dame Science Club (NDSC) Golden Jubilee Science Competition were given out on the 3rd of March. The respected science minister, Dr. A. Moin Khan was present in the opening ceremony of the program in the morning. Other notables present were Father R. W. Timm, CSC, Dr. Md. Ibrahim, Dr. Md. Jafar Iqbal, Motiur Rahman, Shusanto Kumar Sarkar and many others.

With huge panels hung up in the NDC field, the prize giving begun at roughly 2:00 pm. The crests and certificates were distributed by Father Banjamin Costa, CSC, with a lot of screams and shouts from audience, especially for the female winners. The winning projects of different categories were “Natural Projector,” “Easy System, Nice Life,” “Thread preparation from Banana tree roots,” “Variable uses of Kuchuripana and other waste products,” “Multi Project,” and “Black Magic.” Mr. Habib Abu Imam was declared as the “Science Club Man” of the year. A raffle draw was also held following the ceremony with a TV as the first prize… who got it, I have no idea.

In a short interview with Shusanto Kumar Sarkar, moderator of the NDSC, he said, “NDSC was initiated to influence science outside the classroom; so that science does not stay limited to just what is taught in class. Although this year's projects display was not as first-rate as last year, nonetheless, the students made the projects themselves and several ideas were marvelous. I believe the Science club is a must for every teaching institution, and the government should also take initiatives to promote science in our country. The winning certificates from our competition are not given its proper value due to the ignorance of science in our society. Whereas, should there be proper funding and proper utilities, a few of the displayed projects can actually be implemented and help improve our lives”

The program ended with a short cultural program where Mahmud Zaman Babu and X-Notre Dame student, Bappa, made their entrance. Babu sang his famous “Banglai Gaan Gai” version of the song and Bappa was greeted with the chorus “Amar Bap, Tomar Bap, Bappa, Bappa!”

Adnan M. S. Fakir

Basketball at Green Herald

The small outdoor basketball court was in quite an uproar. Teams and spectators from different schools had gathered to watch the matches of a very exciting three-day long tournament. There were heated matches on court, spectators cheering on their schools and coaches screaming their lungs out! This was the scene at the Green Herald school for the three days (1st, 2nd and 3rd February) during which they hosted the 9th Mother Dolores Basketball tournament.

Girls' teams were from Sunbeams, Scholastica, Green Herald and Sunnydale. Boys' teams were from Sunbeams, Scholastica, Aga Khan, Green herald, WCA ( Chittagong School), St. Joseph, BIT and Summerfield. They had separate categories for junior and senior boys. On the 1st and 2nd the primary rounds were held and those who won the most matches went on to the finals. The format of the game was slightly different for the girls; instead of the usual four quarters there were only two ten-minute-long half times. The the finals for the Girls, Junior Boys and Senior Boys were all held on the last day, the 3rd. First match was between WCA and St. Joseph (Senior Boys). It was a tough match but finally St. Joseph secured the champion's title and Amit from their team was awarded best player. Next match was between Scholastica and Sunbeams (Girls). Although Sunbeams had beaten Scholastica in the previous rounds, things seemed to go wrong with the girls and they lost to Scholastica in the finals, the score being 24-17. Best player was Lami from Scholatica. Lastly it was the junior boys' final played between Sunbeams and BIT, where BIT with their very agile players won the match (score: 11-27) and Rezwan from their team was declared best player.

It wasn't only the participants who had a blast, but the spectators who also had a great time cheering and meeting people and basically 'socializing' i guess. This tournament is held every year at around this time and it is truly a wonderful experience for all those who are a part of it. I sincerely hope that Green Herald keeps up this tradition since it provides a platform for players to display their skills and for different schools to come together and enjoy an event together

By Midnight Maiden

Good Samaritans at Sunnydale

As part of their annual community-service programme, students and teachers of Sunnydale donate to various charitable organisations.
This year, the students, the faculty, and the Board of Directors at Sunnydale school contributed Tk 100,000 to the Ahsania Mission Cancer Hospital, Tk 75000 to the SEID Trust, and Tk 75,000 to Utsho Bangladesh. That comes down to a whopping total of Tk 2,50,000 in donations.

Cultural programme 2006 at Radiant International School

Radiant International School observed their biennial cultural event on March 5. This year's event had a history-based theme consisting of recitation, songs, dances, a musical sketch, and a short stage-play written by the playwright Humayun Ahmed.

F1 auto fair 2006 tomorrow

Petrolheads have a reason to live tomorrow so drive safely and head to the Gulshan Park behind Wonderland.

F1 Auto Fair has been the pioneering, exclusive and unique auto-vehicle show in the country. The F1 Auto Fair has been held for the past two consecutive years with huge response from the audience and media at large. The Auto-Fair showcases some of the most exclusive vehicles running on the road and vintage collections that are very rarely seen. Along with the showcase there are interactive events for the crowd such as “The Performance Factor” where the driver's skill would be tested. Moreover there are different stalls offering a wide variety of reconditioned vehicles and accessories. This year the F1 Auto-Fair 06 is going to be held this Friday 10th of March 06 at Gulshan Youth Club field.

The highlights of the show include more than 100 exclusive, unique and modified vehicles as well as a fireball spinning show. There will also be contests for different categories.

Like every year reconditioned cars, CNG conversion, car decoration, and equipments, accessories etc in total of 25 stalls will be on display for general viewing. Cars and related items will be on showcase both for sale and display. The best cars from the classic and modified private collection, a major attraction of the show will also be judged by audience voting. The day long fair will commence at 11 am and end at 8 pm. A few of the choice vehicles Mustang, Buick, Porsche, Dodge Charger etc.

For more information, call 0171180700, 0189405547,0173014791 or log on to www.f1bd.net

Candles of colours

Seventeen candles.
Seventeen pieces of my heart.
Seventeen flickering messengers of light.
Seventeen symbols of a beautiful art.
Lights are off, curtains are closed,
But darkness, beware.
For I am not alone.
I have gathered the fallen angels,
And created a rainbow of light.
Shadows surrounding me, shadows inside my heart,
Festivity starts here, tonight.
The star-studded sky
Will not enchant me for once,
Magnificent, how much it may be.
Deep down, I am as proud as the sky itself.
I have stars of my own;
A tiny piece of the very sky lies before me.
So, as I sit before my stars,
Arms folded around the legs, watching
And savouring the sheer beauty of the silence.
I am lost in thoughts, I am hypnotized.
Dancing lights daring the shadows and the darkness,
Would that they were my guardians.
Would that they could read my thoughts.
Would that they'd glow on forever,
As the saviours of my long-lost existence;
That I once so much used to treasure.
By Raisa Rafique


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