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The week in re(ar)view

Who says idleness cannot be a fruitful amount of (non)activity. We are always idle and look what we come up with. Ever wonder what's a “trumour”? It's a rumour that is true but everyone pretends it is not. You learn something everyday.

What goes up must continue upward
The theory that what goes up must come down only applies to actual objects actually going up in the air. In case of prices and other abstract things these continue going upward and the response time is very fast indeed. For example the moment the price increase of fuel was announced, a bill was passed and within minutes pump owners bought new paint to change the old markings. On the other hand, taxes on cars and even on cell phones were reduced but that apparently will take a lot longer to go down. In fact by the time it goes down it will be time for the prices to increase again.

Teaching kids not to be kids
If you want to shame children into behaving properly then take them to a session of the Jatiya Sangshad. On June 12 the Awami League lawmakers staged a walkout because BNP legislator Moshiur Rahman said that Sheikh Hasina sought blessings from Golam Azam (former Jamaat chief) by touching his feet. Yep, that reminds us of kids going to teachers complaining that someone had said a 'bad word' to them. It seems anything goes in the green carpeted hall where lawmakers can use any bit of slander, rumour or even 'trumour' to diss someone. When we say they act like kids it is a whole lot of disrespect to actual kids. We bet that if kids see such grownups acting like 'kids' they (the kids) would stop being kids.

We love holidays
Here's yet another race Bangladesh can win right after the Most Corrupt Nation honour. It can also be the country with the most holidays. Let's face it, we have so many hartals during political debacles tat we can rightfully call them holidays albeit ones spent at home. This week has seen a 36 hour hartal and there are many more to come. It's a holiday because tired workers get to stay at home and children get a break form school. Then there are people who need exercise go about breaking cars, setting things on fire and lobbing bricks as a means of becoming more active.

By Gokhra and Mood Dude

Baluchor news!

Apparently, due to an overload of visitors (especially a few “obnoxious polapain” as per the Bashundhara officials) to the Bashundhara Baluchor, the area has been recently blocked to visitors. This new off-limit to one of the prime 'romantic' spots in Dhaka has come as a great and bitter disappointment to all, especially its regular visitors mainly comprised of adventure lovers and love birds.

On inquiring one of the workers there, he said, “It is good that the area is now blocked off. This is a very dangerous area especially at night, although thanks to the RAB and Bashundhara guards, there are very few to no cases of thievery or other sort of 'bad things' in this area. Nonetheless, this new rule also lets us workers work in peace. However, seeing all those jolly kopoth kopothies around while working did make my heart happy, and I do feel sad for them. After all, there are very few places like this in Dhaka.”

Very true indeed, there are very few places like this in Dhaka; so peaceful and serene. I do wonder how long they are going to keep this off-limit for visitors, or whether this is the end to this tourist spot. However, we Bengalis can never be shackled down. If there is a will, there is a way! Therefore, if you are ready to walk more than usual, you can still visit this wonderful beauty of nature. Just remember to follow the mud-laid path on the left of all roads!

By Adnan M. S. Fakir

Theatre school at Alliance Francaise De Dacca

Friday Theatre School is a weekly theatre school students are taught theatre tools as communication skills.

The curriculum is split into three courses: Foundation, Indoor production, and a one-year long course, which culminates in an examination.

As well as preparing young people for the magic of the stage, the curriculum is designed to fulfil the following goals:

1) To provide some primary information about environment, history, Geography, existing nature and every day life.
2) To introduce better understanding about family and society.
3) To create an awareness for themselves about all kind of environmental issues.
4) To increase academic interest within children's community.
5) To allow for artistic exchange floor between student and international theatre/media practitioners.
6) To create a platform for children's ideas and insights.
Class timings are 9AM-11AM, 11AM-1PM, 3PM-5PM. There is an admission fee of Tk 2000, and a monthly fee of Tk 500. For further details, contact the reception at the Alliance Francaise De Dacca

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