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By Gokhra and Mood Dude


And that's' basically the attempt at pronouncing the name. the way we see it, if you can pronounce it they should slash the sticker price of this outrageous car by several thousand pounds. Yes, we will measure the price I this issue in pounds because in dollars or in taka the numbers will fill up too much space.

This is not what you would call a supercar. An appropriate term would be huypercar. Its basic price starts at a mere and trifling 400,000 GB pounds. It's trifling when you have the Sultan of Brunei's bank account and passion for cars.

Then you add another 3700 for traction control because you need it with all that power. If you want carbon fibre wheels then that will set you back another 8800 pounds. There's lots of other goodies a recent addition of which includes a tiny boomerang like spoiler at the back made out of carbon fibre for a mere 4600 pounds. Now you convert the amount to Bangladeshi currency and start reading this article after you heart restarts form the shock.

What's' it got that your garden variety Corolla hasn't? For starters it has the most beautiful body parts opening ever. Just look at the picture. You don't need to see this car move. You just stare at it while it sits there lewdly displaying its innards. Only similarity with you Corolla would be the air conditioning and CD player. Everything else is out of this world.

Now there's a story with the small spoiler that is added to make a major difference. If you're a car aficionado and you don't watch Top Gear on BBC then this is sacrilege. The show always features the bets of the best being thrown about in their specially designed racetrack. It's al done by a professional and tamed racing driver who is only known as the STIG. Why? No one knows but we do know one thing. This guy can drive.

So what's with the spoiler already? Apparently Top Gear blokes have the best job in the world. They drive fancy cars all year round, burn tires all track round and don't have to p[ay for any of that. Not only that they get to do ludicrous things with supercars like these. Umm, we meant hypercars.

In one episode Top Gear was given the Koenigsegg CCX and was loaned to the TV show crew for an out and out speed test. The STIG took it onto the track and the best he managed was not up to the previous best records set by Zonda, Maserati MC12 or even the Ferrari Enzo. No, he managed a measly lap time of 1 minute 20.4 seconds before the car lost control and plowed into a tire wall. That's going to be one expensive carbon fibre bumper replacement. Costly enough to buy a new cheap car.

The reason for the cars poor performance was that the mechanic s at Koenig adjusted the car for speed reducing all kinds of drag. That meant they put on softer settings on the adjustable shock absorbers and had no spoiler (which incidentally increases drag while improving road hugging capabilities). So the back end lost control after exiting a turn.

Based on the STIGs specifications, Koenigsegg made some improvements including the pricey spoiler. With a much more stable car now, STIG managed to cut down the lap time to 1 minute, 17.6 seconds. It trumped the previous records. In supercar world, that's like leaving a distance of miles between you and competitor.

Back in early 2005, a CCR supercar had won the fastest production car title when it achieved 241 mph (387.87 kph) on at Italy's Nardo Track. However, with the introduction of the long awaited Veyron, Bugatti became the king of the hill and made the CCR second.

It's construction design includes usual supercar stuff such as a carbon fibre monocoque chassis. The engine is a twin supercharged V8 located mid-ship pumps out more than 800 bhp.

Gokhara's Pick

Review by Gokhraa

Logan/Wolverine: Hugh Jackman, Charles Xavier: Patrick Stewart, Lensherr/Magneto: Ian McKellen, Ororo Munroe/Storm: Halle Berry, Dr. Jean Grey: Famke Janssen, Beast: Kelsey Grammar, Marie/Rogue: Anna Paquin, Raven Darkholme/Mystique: Rebecca Romijn, Eric Lehnsherr/Magneto: Ian McKellen

Movies usually getting to the third installment in sequels usually fizzle out. Take for example Final Destination. Te first one was mind a owing a concept where he bottom line is that no one ca escape death albeit temporarily. People who were about to die somehow get saved by one person's premonition. But death comes back for them slicing them up one at a time in interesting ways. Can't say death doesn't have style and a humourous nature. The second one was linked to the first and also had its share of interesting sequences and a slightly dark humour approach. It was just as good. The third installment though proved to be a bomb because it was terribly slow. It would not move. The director dwelled on each sequence so much that you almost always knew what would happen and that took away the mystery. Bummer.

So what's with X-Men? Comic book superhero movies can be a hit and miss affair. Take for example every Punisher movie out so far. But the "X-Men" series, based on Stan Lee's Marvel Comics pop classic seems to hold on by sheer willpower.

The first movie, back in 2000, was a brilliant show piece featuring a lot on the coolest X-Men character of all: Wolverine. The second installment was just as good although it had way too many characters popping out of every nook and cranny without much or any character development. After all, if audience doesn't connect with a character they cannot be expected to like or dislike with all their fervor. Despite that it was a huge improvement over the first one providing an emotional epic.

So what's the last one like?
The plot:
The movie's main premise is a scientific "cure" for mutancy that sets up a war between Dr. Charles Xavier's good mutants and Magneto's bad ones.

The government has a Department of Mutant Affairs and is headed by the mutant Dr. Hank McCoy (Kelsey Grammer), also known as Beast. The Mutant Community seems on its way into the mainstream, the goal long envisioned by Prof. Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart), the head of the school where young X-Men learn to develop and control their powers. The school purrs along proudly with Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) as a role model, but then a kid named Leech surfaces, and all bets are off.

Leech's body has the power to produce an antibody to mutation. Someone decides to inject it into X-Men, and their mutant powers disappear. As a result he becomes invaluable to the billionaire Warren Worthington II (Michael Murphy), who lives in shame because his son Warren III (Ben Foster), also known as Angel, has a 16-foot wingspan.

A flashback shows young Angel in a room full of blood and feathers, having tried to cut the wings from his back. His father hates this and as a result hates all mutants in general. He displays his hate in a grand manner by buying he infamous unbreakable prison Alcatraz, imprisons Leech, begins to manufacture the antibody and campaigns for a "cure" for mutation.

He is so good at his campaign that Mutant Cure Clinics spring up around the country and are picketed by pro-Mutant militants. Extremists arm themselves with guns that can fire the antibody, and go out to shoot themselves some mutants.

But do mutants want to be cured? Having claws and the power to regenerate like Wolverine is too cool a mutant ability as is Storm ability to bring about a, um, storm.

Of course not all mutants are so lucky. Rogue's power-draining gift messes up her love life so much.

The verdict:
It's a very nice story where the "curing" of mutants stirs thoughts of "cures" for many other conditions humans are born with or chose in a way. Think of being black, Asian, gay or any similar minority being prejudiced against. Genetic and racial difference are not diseases and people must grow accustomed to the hands they've been dealt and rather resent the opportunity to become "normal" whatever normal may be.

The movie provides generous eye candy with excellent CGI material as well as the return of the oh-so-hot Famke Janssen as reborn Jean Grey (a.k.a. "Phoenix"), who apparently survived the devastating climax of "X2." Of course, if you have read the comics then you will know that all is not as well as it seems.

In the end there is just one gripe. A 104-minute movie like this is too short for a series like X-Men where there are way too many mutants involved. But despite this shortcoming X-Men pulls through with high flying colours. At times it seems to be scurrying from one plot line to another but everything does manage to tie into a wholesome whole in the end. They say it is the last movie in this franchise but you think a moneymaker like this can be terminated so quickly? Well, look out for spin-offs especially in the form of Wolverine.

Review by Shehzeen Samarah Hussain

Hey guys if you are bored stiff and are cutting away the dates on your calendar than the broth.com may just be the right site for you. Ok enough of my clichéd writing I'll just cut to the chase.

Recently I have come across this site and I must say it defines fun and enjoyment par excellence. thebroth.com connects you with people all over the world and lets you interact with them in the process of making fabulous pictures. You can make different pictures realistic or goofy with 1000 tiny tiles and chat with individuals at the same time. So 'when you move a tile everyone else can see it move immediately.'

Yeah all these pictures you are seeing are made of 1000 tiny tiles and when your creations are this awesome they can be in the top 5 in the gallery where other users can leave a comment. The Broth, the global mosaic as it is called was created by Markus Weichselbaum who is also an Australian neuroscientist. He is really a nice person because although he is the creator of broth he shows up and joins us in making pictures. This site has also been recommended in BBC and has become very popular over the last few days. But this site can get you a little addicted to it (hee hee). It encourages the users by providing award points and different award icons like for being a master at it or visiting the site more than a week. So soon you'll be chasing and competing to get more of these icons (well at least I am). If you don't plan on making something for a while just chat away and believe me you will unlock some shocking facts about your fellow users all over the world. Even if you demand privacy you simply lock your room with a password and keep those people out. The broth.com is a fresh and new site so it is likely you might experience some problems. But if you report to the forum they will fixit for you. Here everything has a solution and a cause. For example if you mess around too much then the other users can send you to the exile room (no need to worry people it's just like a detention room only less effective). But overall thebroth.com is a friendly, harmless site and most of these pictures are examples of teamwork, creativity and endurance. Well I don't want to bore you more and you will see it for yourself if you get there. So go ahead register for free and drop by. I promise it won't bite (heehee). Oh and another thing you can change your name too because I heard there is an award for really cool user names. Hope you all will come. Adieu.



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