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The week in re(ar)view

City footpaths provide survival training Recent eviction drives have somewhat freed up city streets and sidewalks from encroachers but the walkways still remain virtually unusable for thousands of pedestrians.

Pedestrians find most of the sidewalks poorly maintained and covered with all sorts of garbage including human waste. Other items include scattered litter, construction materials and debris, missing or damaged slabs, potholes leading to underground sewerage lines and missing manhole lids.

Someone could get rich if they offer a survival course where contestants have to go through the whole course and get through with their noses intact.

How to be a millionaire
Sonali Bank trade union leader BM Bakir Hossain is a man on the Anti-corruption Commission's (ACC) list of 50 corrupt persons. He joined Sonali Bank as a clerk in 1977, where he is now a deputy accountant with a salary of Tk 7,500 per month. All you MBA's must be chewing on your fat books with rage right about now.

Of course, despite his official designation is, he is now a millionaire who enjoys a large number of properties including a six-storey building at Malibagh in Dhaka and a market in his village home in Narail.

Will Smith should be making a movie about these rags to riches to jail stories.

Bangladeshis take to arms
On Feb 22 the Rapid Action Battalion (Rab) unearthed an arms manufacturing factory in Tejgaon industrial area. Disguised as an arms buyer, a member of Rab-1 contacted arms dealer Titu Howladar, 25, and made a deal for buying several arms last night.

Following his information, a Rab team then raided a workshop, Bismillah Engineering and Servicing Centre, and found various arms making instruments and a lathe machine.

The Rab men also arrested the owner of the factory, Abul Kalam Azad, and seized the tools.

Lead stomach linings invented for Bangladeshi people
On Feb 21, 2.5 lakh sacks of rotten dates and 600 litres of adulterated coconut oil. No wonder people are going so bald these days(the coconut oil). But that's not all. On Feb 18, over 1,000 tonnes of ghee were seized. Apparently these were imported 25 years ago and sent the consignment to Eastern Refinery to destroy it. Maybe the importers thought that ghee would mature like wine. You would definitely become intoxicated form this particular ghee.

On Feb 19, 230 tonnes of milk powder were seized that were to be used in condensed milk. A mobile court raided Abul Khair Consumer Products Ltd in Chittagong and seized the milk powder to be used as ingredient in its Starship brand condensed milk. Sigh! Those childhood memories of licking condensed milk straight out of the can and occasional diarrhea within 5 hours make such sense now.

By Gokhra and Mood Dude


There are many events happening in the present world, but what do the young generation of our country have to say about it? “Vox-Pop” (Voice of the Population) allows the young minds to voice their opinions for the entire nation to hear.

This week's topic:
“Can Professor Yunus make a significant difference to our nation by forming a political party?”

“People know Dr. Yunus as 'Banker to the Poor', and joining politics would change his identity.” Rubab.

“It's really encouraging to see that Professor Yunus is joining the political race. Unlike the rest of the so called 'civil society', he is actually brave enough, and is trying to do something for the country. So I would say to him, 'Go on dude...we are right behind you!'” Ankan.

“If the people participates in the way he dreams them to be participating, then yes. But in the cynical view - the mud-wrestling that is our political environment, will probably mar Yunus's ideas and ideals too much - especially for it to make any significant difference. still, my hopes will be with Yunus." Jitu.

“Yes, I want to believe that he can carry out his promises. He doesn't seem to be the typical politician. Perhaps he can make a change.” Naima.

“It is not possible to be in politics without being corrupted. At this point, it may make some difference to have new ideas, but I don't know what will happen in the long run.” Perdita.

" At a stage like this, is inexperience really the answer? I don't agree with that!” Safwaan D. Shams

Out of all the people interviewed, 54% did believe Professor Yunus could make a significant difference, 33% thought he could not, and 13% were undecided.

Compiled by Iftikhar
With BIG thanks to Alvi, Emil, Nayeema, Faria, Shehtaz, Osama and Anika

RS Mailbx

Your one-stop junction for love and hate for RS. We prefer the love. Send queries, thoughts and suggestions to risingstars@thedailystar.net

Distorted accents
Interesting and much appreciated articles on Ekushey (RS February 22) and the importance of both Bangla and English languages. The writer made excellent points for both languages. Te distortion of Bangla language has gone to extremes and apparently many people find that quite cool. I know several people who have unusual accents to their Bangla that keeps dropping off at times to reveal their true roots. What's with the cover-up?

The week in Re(ar)view is utterly, utterly depressing and funny at the same time. Contradiction? It's all about corruption and some more each week making me feel that Bangladesh is up to no good. But then again, the current news of illegally constructed property being demolished, rotten food producers getting caught and rich people going to jail is a welcome news. Possibly the proverbial silver lining. Maybe we can finally hope for a better Bangladesh. The cynical “Re(ar)view duo's” mood is catching.
Arefeen Kabir

RS needs more pictures related to the news instead of arbitrary shots. An example was the Sunnydale basketball tournament report published don February 15. There was the picture of a basketball hoop but it would have been much better if the actual game or players could be shown. That makes it more interesting.

We accommodated pics of some lovely basketball players this week. RS desk

Time to save a life!

I was in the Book Fair when suddenly my cousin yelled, "Ori, run!" "What the..." I began. But I was unable to finish my sentence. A strong hand grabbed me from behind. I spun around, expecting a monster or something. But no. It was a harmless man in a white apron. The BLOOD MAN!!

For the last few years, I have been tormented by the volunteers of the Blood Donation Program. But thankfully, due to my age(hey, I am not that young), they backed away. Although I cannot donate my blood this year, some of you out there can! Just imagine, only a bag of blood can bring a smile to many faces and can even save lives. Won't it feel great to return someone's life back to him or her. And to add a cherry on the cake, the procedure is painless and takes only a few minutes.

"Most people make excuses to avoid us. They say that they are too young to donate blood, and the ones who can say that they have diabetes!" said one of the volunteers. "Some are also afraid of the needles!" he added. But the truth is, people are afraid that they might get infected by diseases like HIV if they use needles used by infected people. But the good news is that Quantum Foundation takles this threat by using new needles for every donator.

Whenever you think of donating blood, just remember that you are saving more than one life. So come forward to help us in this campaign, because the life you save, could be mine.

Voluntary Blood Donation Program
Quantum Foundation
119 Shantinogor, Dhaka-1217 (west side of Eastern Plaza)
Phone- 9351969, 8322987
Website: www.quantumbd.org
By Redwan I. Orittro

You know you're weird when……

1. You enjoy deliberately confusing people.
2. You carry dozens of pens in your pencil box.
3. You keep a blanket ready in your bed even at summer
4. You devote at least an hour everyday to ponder if Harry Potter is going to die.
5. You think flying cockroaches aren't scary.
6. You take off your shoes before entering a library to show your reverence for books.
7. You want to write one of those fat (and wonderful?) books of philosophy yourself someday.
8. You don't pluck your eyebrows (girls only).
9. You don't watch television
10 You don't spike your hair with gel (boys only).
11.When everybody talks about the newest Playstation, you silently wonder about the reason for their zeal.
12.You don't know what terms such as 'rebonding' and 'mascara' mean, even though you are a girl.
13.But you know what 'sang-froid' means.
14.And by the way, you can't help but proclaim, “It means 'calmness in danger or difficulty'.
15.You study on Valentine's Day.
16. And love every moment of it.

By Anika Tabassum

Top Tunes

The hits that are heating up the music charts this week

1. Boka Manushta- Sumon & Aurthohin-2
2. Shopnochura-3- Mixed album by Tony
3. Live Now- Mixed album by Ershad
4. Shorjo Dibosh- Striking
5. Daak- Yaatri

1. Din Bari Jae- Bappa Mojubdar
2. Bi-Protip- Lalon
3. Hok Kolorob- Arnob
4. Boka Manushta- Sumon & Aurthohin-2
5. Ichchhe- Tahsan
6. Shopnochura-3- Mixed album by Tony
7. Best of Salma (Cloese-up1)
8. Best of Nishita (Cloese-up1)
9. Shono- Habib
10. Faissa Gechhi- Hyder Husyn

Source: Piano, Sings, Ghuri.
By Sami, Fahmim, Shovon.
Courtesy: www.tunesbd.com

Appreciating art

Alliance Française is starting special course for the art connoisseurs who want to take their knowledge just that much farther. The art appreciation course highlights understanding and appreciating different genres of art. The course involves slideshows and discussion on various topics conducted by noted teachers and artist art critics. Registration fee is 2000 taka with classes taking place every Friday from 6-8 PM. A total of 25 classes will be taken with registration ending on March 8, 2007.

Contact: Alliance Française, 26 Mirpur Road, Dhanmondi Dhaka 1205. Registration takes place between 9-12 AM and 5-8PM.

Resource material and information will be provided by artists Aminul Islam, Rafikunnabi, Rafiq Ahmed as well as art critics Syed Borhanuddin, Nawajes Ahmed Khan Jahangir, Syed Manjurul Islam and Nahid Akhter.


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