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By Hitoishi Chakma

When these days everyone is busy fiddling with a guitar or drumsticks let's try out something different and classy. For YOU, we have reviewed five totally hip musical instruments. You choose one and just go to the places mentioned below for their basics.

Violin: Though the smallest member of the strings family, it is said to be the highest tuned. Also it does not have any frets. That means over time you will need to get a feel of which note can be found where. Price ranges between Tk 3500 to Tk 6500.

You can get violin lessons at Alliance Francaise (AF). The admission fee is Tk 1000 and course fee Tk 1500 per month. There are lessons being taught in Baridhara's AF too. Then there are Omni Music School and Dhaka International Music School (DIMS). At Omni the admission fee is Tk 1500 and then you'll have to pay a monthly fee of Tk 1200. While at DIMS it is taught pretty cheap at Tk 200 per month and you will need to spend just Tk 500 for the admission. In each of these institutions lessons are taught once every week.

Sitar: Sitar is one of the key ingredients of classical music and it is also one of those instruments that delivers the needed twist when you are attempting fusion music. It is priced between Tk 8000 to Tk 12000.

Get lessons on sitar from Ustad Shahadat Ali Khan in Rampura. Lessons are taught once a week and it will cost Tk 1000. Address: 130, West Rampura, Wapda Road. Phone: 01715001340. Omni Music School has started their own sitar lessons. The admission fee is Tk 1500 and monthly fee is Tk 1500.

Piano: Now it is one of those instruments that I cannot afford to buy. One of these cost Tk 225,000 and onwards. The good thing is you can choose not to buy one! Most music schools have sufficient number of pianos and they allow the students 'practice time' after the classes are over for the day or during breaks.

Get basic piano lessons from Alliance Francaise. The admission fee is Tk 1000 and the course fee depending on age ranges from Tk 1400 to Tk 1600 per month. Dhaka International Music School offers a two-year course on piano. The admission fee is Tk 1000 and there is a monthly fee of Tk. 800. Piano lessons are offered at Omni Music School too. They charge Tk 1500 as admission fees and Tk 1000 as monthly fees. At Omni piano lessons are taught in a group of four while at the other two places, students are taught on a 'one on one' basis. Omni holds 'one on one' classes on Fridays only.

Tabla: A long time back when there were no drums to keep all the instruments in sync there was the tabla. You master it and you will be wowing audiences in no time. The prices range between Tk 2000 to Tk 4000.

Lessons are taught in Bulbul Lalitakala Academy. It is a four-year course. The admission fee is Tk 600 and the monthly fee is Tk 200. Dhaka International Music School is another place where you could get tabla lessons. The admission fee is Tk 300. And the monthly fee is Tk 100.

Cello: It is somewhat like a big violin but sounds a lot lower. If you want to play something big and bad, the cello is the weapon of choice. It is not widespread yet in Bangladesh so cello lessons are hard to find.

It is taught in Alliance Francaise, Dhanmondi and Baridhara. The course fee is the same as that of the violin. In order to buy a cello you will need to place an order and depending on the make a cello can cost around Tk 15000 and onwards. Golden Music in Mahakhali (opposite Khaja Tower) and World Music in Bashundhara City will be able to deliver you a cello within 2/3 weeks if you place an order with them.

All these instruments can be found in the music stores around Science Laboratory. And as said, for cello you will need to contact World Music or Golden Music.

The addresses of the above mentioned schools are given below:
Alliance Francaise de Dacca: 26, Mirpur Road, Dhanmondi Phone: 8611557, 9675249
Omni Music School: H: 4G, R: 104 (near Manarat School), Gushan 2. Phone: 8825918
Dhaka International Music School: 33, Senpara Parbata, Mirpur 10, Phone: 9011991
Bulbul Lalitakala Academy: 18, Satmasjid Road, Dhanmondi Phone: 7391838

If you can master one of these instruments, then I guess I will be seeing you at your concert one day. Even if you can't go that far, you will have the satisfaction of giving your neighbour a headache.



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