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Every time the tide changes, people bare their venomous fangs, dripping with jealousy. Thus when Chelsea rose to the top, there was a lot of jealousy in the air. Recently I came across an article reeking of anti-Chelsea sentiments. That was obviously acceptable. However when opinions are tried to be passed on as facts, things become dirty!

Can anyone blame Chelsea for worthwhile investments? If you had been Chelsea's manager and had millions at your disposal, would you wait ten years to bring in new players and win the cup or would you rather buy potential players and try to provide decent competition for the title? An intelligent man would go with the latter. Hadn't it been for Chelsea, then you would still raise eye-brows at the mention of Michael Essien and Didier Drogba. Now both have made a significant impact on the club and their respective countries. Sure, they played really good at Lyon and Marseille, respectively, but they only became great at Chelsea.

The argument that Chelsea is great because of their “star-studded” squad is as ignorant a statement, as can be. If that were the case, then wouldn't Real's former president Perez's “Galactico's” change the face of football as we know it? That certainly did not happen and it doesn't seem to be happening, even though they have a star-studded squad and a great coach. Chelsea has become great via the contribution of everyone involved in the camp.

Osama Rahman

The current defending champions
Yeah, there is no doubt that Chelsea is a great team. It has great players after all. Chelsea does not need to be as big as rivals Man U, Liverpool and Arsenal because they already are. Aren't the two Premiership titles and the Carling Cups, enough to prove what a big team they are? Oh! And, by 2014, Chelsea actually aims to become the biggest club in the world. Why would they want to be as big as the other three! They are the defending champions for the last two years. Imagine hearing that the Australia cricket team wants to be as big as India or Pakistan, how silly is that?

What does anyone expect Roman Abramovich to do? After buying a football club and having all that money, wouldn't an intelligent person get the best players to build a good team? If I'd been in his place, I would have done the same thing. Hello! Any sensible and clever businessman would do that. Even Shakespeare has highlighted this point in Julius Caesar-“There is a tide in the affairs of men

Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune”
What do you expect, that Roman Abramovich, instead of making his team stronger, would donate all that money to our country? Yeah, he would have done it if he wanted to win the Nobel Prize but I am sure he wanted to win the trophies instead.

The sudden emergence and threat by Chelsea has aroused many criticisms, I get it, but illogical accusations are unbearable. I mean what kind of a charge is that “The top eleven players will always play”? Isn't that normal for any sport? Why have I never seen Christiano or Rooney sit on the substitute bench at a major game and let young players play only to give them a chance? Because that's not normal.

I am a Chelsea fan but I am not prejudiced against any other team. For me, any team which plays in the premiership is good and it can become better if it can get such players. I even respect ManU and I also want to respect ManU supporters but they are making it really tough!

Finally, I will like to say only one more thing about Mr. Asifur Rahman who wrote the article against Chelsea in the edition printed on 8th March. He seems more of an anti-supporter of Chelsea rather than a ManU supporter. And if I am right, I think he should have come up with better arguments.

Anika Saba

Everyone is buying players
I read your article "Chelsea-Fifa07", and as a Chelsea fan for more than 9 years I gotta say it isn't really that offensive to a Chelsea fan. I have all the respect for Man U but are you aware of the fact that when Man U clinched the title in 1992 it was their 1st triumph after nearly 30 years?

I noticed that you mentioned about the home grown heroes. Here is one thing you aren't aware or simply didn't mention about youth academies, financial backbone is still needed to afford good scouts all over the world, trainers, facilities and so on. And perhaps you didn't know that Chelsea was in about $60-70 million debt before Roman came. Speaking of youth academies, how many of them are playing in Man U now after that Golden Era? They got young key players like Rooney, Ronaldo, Evra, Carrick, Alan Smith, Vidic. Please enlighten me how many of them are home grown players.

About your article, I understand it's an subjective one. But even then people present with some solid reasons behind their opinion. All you were doing, "I wanna see how that happens", "eager to see", "would like to see". But why won't that happen, what are the obstacles? All in all instead of getting an article critical of Chelsea, we got half minded opinions and incoherent ranting.
The Blues Fan


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