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Unwanted Criticism: Crime and Crap

Every time someone comes up with a new idea, does something differently, does something the same way as others or draws, says, writes, paints or anything s/he does, it is sure to draw criticism from a lonely life form. This person is the “critic”, which in today's polite world, has actually become a profession.

Take it from me, I hate critics. I mean, these people are so untalented, that they go on judging other people because they can't don't anything on their own. Suppose your friend paints something and you can actually feel its worthlessness from 100 miles away, you still manage to smile and say “That's good!” But just at that moment, walks in a loser and says “That is bad. It could've been better!” Now, your friend stops trusting you and Picasso here walks off with an all-knowing smirk. Ok, you know the painting reeks but would it kill a guy to shut his mouth? I feel like strangling critics but don't get me wrong because I appreciate your judgment as long as you provide an incentive for me to do better and I also have no problem for criticism when I ask for it. But uncalled for criticism is criminal and your value judgment is crap!

Hearing Simon Cowell saying “That's Terrible, horrendous, despicable and extremely poor” and every other synonym of scary and bad, surely we all laugh and the performers expect a criticism, so it is ok. But when you sing on the roads and a pedestrian says “You're a little off note, try to breathe deeply”, sucker-punch the fool and stomp him till he cries and trust me, it still isn't satisfactory. I mean, get a life people, wont you?

Don't criticize my paintings at home because its not a gallery or a museum, its my home and I can put up anything I want. I can also sing in any pitch I want when I take a shower and I really don't care what you think about the story I wrote when I was 7 years old, I really really don't. So seriously you wannabe critics, unless you are paid to criticize save your skills because you don't want to see lawyers running around trying to defend your critical mind states all the time, for free, now do you?

By Osama Rahman

RS Mailbx

Your one-stop junction for all the love and hate for RS and others just like you

The writing" Pranks, gags, jokes and hoaxes" of last week's RS caught my attention for a special reason. Well I know it was about the same old "April fool" thing. I used to do play those pranks too until I found out what the thing is actually about...now whenever you go to tell anyone about how it's not good, they'll say, "is this about how Queen Isabella of Spain conquered it hundreds of years ago and at that time promised all the Muslims they won't be burned if they took refuge in the mosque, but then locked all the Muslims up inside and burned them all anyways? Oh yea I know that". And all you have to do is wait and see how for 1 whole second their face is all solemn and grave and then it takes 1 more second for the seriousness to melt away and

on the 3rd second they all prance away to pull up some more delicious jokes and pranks and gags etc etc. Hey don't get me wrong or anything...I am a fun-loving person too, believe me...but it just bugs me that when I give anyone the title "April fool", it all just comes back to me, as I am a Muslim too...so it just seems such a slap in the face. I don wanna sound history-teacher-ish, but I just thought I should point it out for the sake of my own Muslim identity that I am much proud of.

Truly Rising Star's

Sarah Khan

I am always fascinated when it comes to reading your material. I admire the works of my all the writers. But, what bothers me is the covering of their identities. If they are to send a message to us readers, we must know who we are hearing. I have a desire that you excel in the years to come.


Preston University.

Rumours about Harry Potter Book 7:

Ok peeps, it is finalized!! The new Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is to be released on 21 July 2007. So count down the days until its release and while you do that, I'm leaving you with some popular rumours about what it contains.

1) Dumbledore will be back (rumours has it that it was Snape who actually died as both of them were under polyjuice potion)

2) One of Voldemort's Horcrux is in Godric's Hollow(Harry's childhood abode)

3) The Weasleys are the heir of Godric Gryffindor

4) Draco Malfoy has a reason for Ron Weasley to kill him, the motive of course has something to do with Hermione

5) The fact that Harry has his mother's eyes will prove to be important

6) Ginny and Neville might end up being together

7) Neville will kill Voldemort, either by protecting Harry in a battle or as a revenge for his parents

8) The mirror which Sirius gave Harry in Order of the Phoenix will be useful

9) Peter Pettigrew will help Harry fight Voldemort

10) Greyback will kill both Tonks and Lupin

Compiled by Faria Sanjana

Cool Adda

The location: Fly by Biman
How to board a Biman aircraft: All you do is get the VISA by ticking 'NO' on the form where it asks “Are you a terrorist, mentally disturbed person or a politician?” Then you buy a ticket, reach the airport, kiss your luggage goodbye and pray that your plane is the one on the right with only one missing engine.

The adda: Strap in with the belt bought from Elephant Road. Don't' expect Biman to supply you with one. You could start a simple conversation by asking your co-passenger to pull down the window blind because the flying duck is making faces at you.

Other excellent topics such as 'When Controls Fail,' 'The Rate of Human Body in Freefall,' 'Oh-my-god-I-am-gonna-aaaargh!' and 'SPLAT The director's cut” generate a lot of interest. Unfortunately it may not be quite to your interest as the other passengers may want to see you off the plane (without a parachute or even a cell phone).

Disclaimer: Statistically speaking, no one dies of flying. It's the landing among a fiery wreckage that does the most physical harm. That and also being swallowed up by sharks (landing in water), becoming at one with an ice cube (landing on snow) and surviving among debtors who have loaned you a whole lot of money.

Pros: Flying by Biman could be a right of passage for young men who want to show they are brave. Very few manage to end the flight with dry pants. Also, heart patients could use this trip to check if their new heart is up to the task of handling stress. Families could use this as the only time they will all hug. When your life flashes before your eyes you cling to anything.

Last but not least, if you are lucky, you could actually get to a different state or country.

Cons: You might not live but then again no one really does in the long run.

By Mood Dude


We all know ECAs (Extra Curricular Activities) recently are being given importance to rival academic performances. However, to what extent are ECAs important compared to studies? To find out, we asked people's opinions on the following topic: “Many students give more time and effort behind ECAs than studies. Do you think this is right?” Here are the responses we received:

“Definitely! ECAs help a person a lot. The weak students realize that they are good at something after all. Feel-good factor!” Wasif. Age: 18. BIT.

“Nowadays, I think students who are serious in studies are actually the ones who get involved in ECAs. Otherwise the less serious ones who don't care about studies don't care about ECAs either.” Saria. Age: 26. Computer Engineering.

“Practically speaking, ECA is nothing very productive, especially in Bangladesh. So it is better to utilise your time studying. But if the ECA club is academically-based, then you ought to put emphasis on it.” Farina. Age: 11. Sunbeams.

“ECA is nothing but extracurricular activity. It is something extra we learn after academics. I see no reason in neglecting our studies because of ECA. That would just be an unnecessary waste of our time. It would also cost us students our grades, and demean the sacrifices of our teachers and parents.” Shababa. Age: 15. Scholastica.

“It is a good thing and it happens too because ECAs are better and not as boring as studies.” Tazreen. Age: 17. Green Herald International School.

“There should be a perfect balance. A person shouldn't be studying twenty-four hours a day, nor should he/she go about doing other stuff. A bit of both is essential.” Dipa. Age: 17. Mastermind.

“Well, it depends on what you want to do. If a student wants, and is allowed, to study abroad, then he should concentrate on ECAs. But to put it straight, ECA has little or no significance if you are a student who plans on staying in the country. So it's better if you spend your time more wisely by studying.” Naomi. Age: 16. Scholastica.

“Studies are absolutely important! Just ECAs won't take you anywhere if you don't have equally good results to go along with it.” Akhlakh. Age: 18. Mastermind.

“If they are really good in other activities then they should go ahead. So I say yes.” Maisha. Age: 16. Green Herald International School.

“ECA is there to take your study one step forward. So, for ECA we must not put our studies one step back.” Anik. Age: 15. Scholastica.

“You should put equal emphasis on ECA and studying, depending on your ECA choice of course. If your ECA choice utilises your strengths, then you should, by all means, put your heart and soul into it. However, if ECA is just a waste of time, there's no point pursuing it.” Risana. Age: 15. Sunbeams.

Compiled by:
Iftikhar Azam
With BIG thanks to Shehtaz, Nayeema, Faria, Osama, and Hitoishi.


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