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The week in re(ar)view

Committees, such a wonderful word. We love it. We love forming committees. So much so that whenever we want to do anything we want to form one. Why? Who knows? But apparently that's how things are done. Think of the voter listing or something as important like deciding to ban something. We will need to form committees to do all the thinking. But don't we need a committee to thinking of forming a committee? And what about those amongst us who are a bit of a rebel and want to abolish committees? For that we need to form one just to decide if we can abolish or not.

Shoot to learn
We had DU and all the other “U”s where students spent as much time studying as they spent learning how to maim, kill or be killed. But that's all done in hush-hush. Now we will be having a university where you can learn to kil as per curriculum.

A university is going to be set up at the Dhaka Cantonment to properly run the educational institutes of the Army, Navy and Air Force.

Around 40 percent seats at the university will be reserved for armed forces personnel as well as their family members while the rest will be open for all.

They say
Till June 29, reports have been coming in that there have been fertilizer crises in the country. To support that we got new that urea price is to go up. Considering that it is the major ingredient it was a logical conclusion that fertilizer is scarce. That and the farmers screaming, “FERTILISER IS SCARCE, DAMN YOU!”

Apparently not. Government issued a press note saying there is no fertiliser crisis in the country. But then again governments are known to see things that are not necessarily there. Think of the biggest government in the world with their big, big eyes seeing weapons of mass destruction in an oil rich nation. Maybe it was all the oil fumes that confused them.

Heat brings pythons down to city
Snakes are in the city. No, not lawyers. Not even your best friend who took your money and went out with the love of your life. These are actual snakes. And here we were thinking that we had managed to kill off all creatures with our unplanned urbanization. Just goes to show we need to try harder or this world will survive for years to come. 10 years at least.

Locals caught two pythons in the city as the snakes took a wrong turn while on a family trip. The conversation goes thus:

Wife python: I told you take the left turn at the last river.

Husband python: Stop nagging me woman. I took a shortcut.

Wife python: That shortcut was a sewer pipe.

With the latest capture, a total of five small and large pythons have been caught from different parts of the city and the district in the last seven days.

By mood Dude and Gokhra

RS Mailbox

The one-stop junction for love, hate and all that you have for RS. Send in you queries, praise, suggestions, complaints, grudges and even write-ups to risingstars@ thedailystar.net.

On june28 the article called the enduring tale of scar face was very facinating.frank is one of my favorite player and I knew more about him.his blistering pace and his pinpoint crosses makes him one of my favorite player.i want rising star to provide information about other players.
Rs you are great.
Atiq 52, Sylhet

Metro thoughts
I was scheming through this week's rising stars and I came across this article about metro sexuals. I found it very interesting. Although I dont agree with it, I am not going to make any argument here! All I want to say is that its your choice what/who you want to be.

Every thing in your life that is happening is a result of what choices you make. You want to impress the general female population by being clean and knowing literature, cinema and colors or you want to wait.....for the one perfect women who sees the real you......under all the outside shiny things and reconstructions and loves you - that's your choice. You want to learn differentiating shades of colors and taste of wines or you want to do something more constructive and challenging - that's also up to you! You want to spend time justifying your dressing by taking statistics from Italy or you want learn a thing or two about protecting yourself from those street maulers waiting to get their hands on anyone that looks like an "easy target" - thats also absolutely your call!

The truth is you dont have to be metrosexual to be sensitive and caring. You can be tough enough to overcome difficulties in life and learn to be sensitive and understanding when it is necessary. Being interested in theatres and arts doesnt make your heart grow bigger, it doesnt make you kind and respectful. Its the refining of your inner self that makes you a better person. You can walk on the street like a road warrior but still be sensitive enough to understand the miseries of a street begger and offer him some help - I have seen people like that. On the other hand you can be a clean sweet-talker but pure evil inside - I have observed people like that too!

And as far as impressing the ladies goes - you can impress ladies all you like or you can impress yourself and be secured about who you are. It's once again about your choice, isn't it?

The end of the toothless warrior!
Chris Benoit is one of my fav wwe superstars.I'm really shocked & sad at his unexpected death. Now he is with his best friend, Eddy Gorrero.

Of course, you do know that Benoit killed his wife and child and thn committed suicide. More monster than hero material. ~ RS Desk

It's the Time to Disco!

Back in my days the single greatest social event of the month used to be a concert preferably a concert with Artcell or Black. It was perceived to be a great place to hang out, listen to good music, smoke outrageous amount of weed or cigarette, listen to more good music, jump up and down with the crowd, watch some scantily dressed girl and perhaps hook up with some of them…although I really doubt how successful that was. Times change and so did the single greatest social event of the month. Nowadays we don't hear much about concerts…but we hear a lot about Disco Parties! Yep, they are the new rage in Dhaka.

Look around you. From Gulshan to Uttara to Dhanomondi, you will see malls lined with Disco Parties in venues where traditionally concerts were used to be held. These parties feature Dhaka's “top” DJs and feature one or two very interesting peculiarities, such as for example, Free Ladies Entry or dress code such as Shiny and Red. The dress code is understandable. You wouldn't want to go to a disco wearing a Fatua, but what in the world are the organizers thinking by giving ladies “monetary incentive” to visit a party. I have seen that only in the Frat Houses in the US where ladies are allowed free into a party but others have to go through a guest list. Hmm…it doesn't bode too well for the spirit of the party if it's a place where guys go solely in the hope of impressing some ladies with their shiny and bright clothes. Personally I believe that disco parties should ideally involve good clean fun…but I sometimes have too much hope for the world. Other than that little personal conjecture, in general the disco party trend is a neat one, which gives the youth of Dhaka something else to do other than play Pool, buy CDs, watch Prison Break and showing of their expensive cell phones. Disco Parties also add a dimension to the musical scene of Dhaka and should be interesting to watch out for.

Dear readers,
It's not easy being a youth in Dhaka. Whether it's fighting for the right to wear what you want to wear, or enjoying the experience of virtual socialising with friends without being bothered by unsavoury elements who want to 'make friendship' with you, the battle for self-expression continues.

This week, we explore just that in our themed issue 'Welcome to our world'.

We explore many things that fascinate the young people of this day. Although, if we had to incorporate everything it would require a few more issues. We covered everything that we considered to play a major role in defining what our lives are like.

From food to fashion, music and the cacophonous din of loud tricked out cars, and just about everything in between, we think we’ve covered it all. The stories and insights reveal snapshots of all the conflicts and comic relief that come as part and parcel of being a young person in Bangladesh. Although, some of the material are more Dhaka centric, the trials and tribulations fo going through young adulthood in this day and age are pretty much the same no matter which end of the country you are in. If you feel we missed out something of importance, drop us a word at our email address.

In the meantime, come celebrate (or commiserate) being young and full of dreams. Till next week, stay dry, stay cool, and keep smiling.

In the summertime when the weather ain't fine.........

When a dog who wouldn't think twice about taking a bath jumps right in and squirms in the shallow puddle for relief, it shows just how hot this confusing summer is.















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