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Me and my Grandfather
By Kaarina Kaisar, Class-VII

my grandfather, Lt Col (Retd) MA Hamid, is an idol of pride for me. He was born in 1932 in an ordinary family in Sylhet district, but from his childhood, had the urge to prove himself one in a million.

Grandpa joined the Pakistan army in 1952, and in 1955 he was commissioned from Kabul Military Academy, after which he joined the 14th Punjab regiment and in 1963, the East Bengal regiment. During the Independence war of 1971, he was captured in Peshowar, along with his family, but managed to escape and made a perilous journey back home through Afganistan. It thrills me just to think about it.

My grandpa's army-like, sternness contradicts with his true personality. Grandpa is the perfect family man. He knows his responsibilities towards his house and duties towards his family. On one hand he used to discipline his children strictly and on the other hand, loved and indulged them. My grandmother, Rani Hamid, became a National chess champion because of his support and encouragement. At times, grandpa is very stern and strict but at other times, immensely affectionate.

He has not only gained full marks as a father and husband, but also as a grandfather. I remember how he once bought me a blue bicycle. After I rode it for some months, Grandma asked him to buy a better cycle and he bought.... the same cycle. After some months, the second cycle broke down and he bought me the very same blue cycle, again! This proves his forgetful nature... Yet those were the best gifts for me in my childhood.

Being the eldest grand-daughter in the family, I think I have received the most love, care and affection from all the family members and relatives. I hear that my grandfather and my mother would argue about who got to hold the baby (me). I have also heard that grandpa used to tie a rope around my walker and pull me across the floor. I probably had loads of fun when he did that; because observers say that I used to pull my feet up and laugh out loudly. Many grandchildren have been added to the family since then, but I still believe he loves me the most.

Now, I would like to highlight the other sides of his career and passion for sports. Because of his encouragement and support his entire family achieved the honour as a sports family. He has also written a good number of books. Besides being an army officer and writer, MA Hamid, is the Founder President of Handball Federation in Bangladesh and has dedicated 25 precious years of his life for its promotion. Now he has been nominated for the National Award, 2006.

Anyway, I will keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best. I pray to God,, "May everyone get a grandfather like mine,”

Bright light
When the night is over,
The moon and the stars go down,
The black dark goes away.
And then the sun comes up-
The bright light comes in the
Way of dark night.
By Zaima Nousheen Aurony
Age: 9 Years



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