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A numb embalmed body
it's dissected arteries and veins
scattered viscera's
Anaesthesized poverty in society theater
Filthy and so inhuman
Unlike those bodies which was once loved
Yet doors unending quest continues
Orthodox or paradox
Flesh full of infinite syllables .

By Sandarva Giri

Ink me in gray
or colour me pink
I exist only as wisps
of memories
And crystal facets
of expectation
I am what you desire,
But only because I am
Beyond body
Like shards of illuminated ice
and chameleons
I shed skin, reflect colour
But inside, I am absolute
Within, I am nothing.

By Alaka Halder

I wonder why
The grown ups always lie?
I wonder why
The touch me-not plant is shy?
I wonder why
There are clouds in the sky?
I wonder why
The sky scrapers are so high?
I wonder why
The birds fly?
I wonder why
The babies cry?
Will I be ever able to know
The answers of my questions.Oh!

Tashfia Ahmed
Age 11



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