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THERE were five friends. They read in a college. Their examination was over and the friends decided that they would go for an outing. One said, “Lets go to Cox's Bazar.” They felt it would be fun to go and see the sea.

So, one day they went to the station. The train arrived at 9 O' Clock in the morning. It was late. They had tickets in the air-condition class. When they got in the train, they found it was completely empty. They were the lone passengers. The train even did not have a driver. They found stains of blood in the compartments. They were very and wanted to leave but the doors were already locked. They were getting worried, and searched each cabin of the train but found no body else. Having no other escape, the five friends settled down in a cabin in great frustration and fell asleep.

When they woke up, they found one of them was missing. The train was moving. They searched for the missing friend and found him dead in one of the cabins. Although the train was moving, it never left Dhaka. They were very frightened now and felt something mysterious is happening. Even if they were in an air-conditioned cabin, it was as hot as a third class compartment.

Suddenly they heard someone screaming. They quickly got inside the cabin and locked the door properly. The train kept on moving. Next evening, another friend was found dead. This went on until only one of them was left. He was very clever. Suddenly the train stopped but the door still locked. He went to another cabin and found the cabin wall was moving. He knew that he would soon die and he was right. He really died. Then he saw that he was with his friends in the same cabin and there were other passengers as well !

By S.M.Afnan Razzaque
Age: 8 years

Life and its overtones

Life that was enlightened with laughter and joy is filled with darkness of tragedy
Life that had no pain is full of wounds
Life that had love is full of betrayals
Life that was fun and frolic is now full of tears
Life that was brimming with words of love is filled with words of hatred
Life that knew only happiness is drowned in oceans of sorrow
Life which was full of dreams has now turned into bitter misery

By Nahreen Rahman

New year 2008

Galloping with joy
Crushing evil and stale ways
Gala occasion

As the buds gain colour
As the peacocks get their feathers
Coy joy inches in

New Hue
Glee overflows
As it approaches in a snow white chariot,
Don in dainty slippers of peace,
Wearing a necklace of twelve creamy pearls,
Each containing a unique tinge,
Jets and confetti flapping in the starry sky,
Bells jingling and ringing,
Heartily welcoming the flight of gaiety,
As it arrives into earth's jade cot,
With a new convoy of seasons.

By Pavana Khan


Every cloud has a silver lining,
And my life's bounded by dreams.
I'm waiting for my fairy tale ending,
Finding my life a new meaning.
The sun rises from its den,
My eyes blinks and dreams grow in.
Early morning, curtains sled,
I gaze the world so mysteriously engraved.
In moments, the sky, the earth so known,
Seems to ask where I belong.
Reality seems to grasp me inside,
And I fear that my dreamland would change.
With hopes in my heart I gaze to cross oceans,
I sit in my imaginary land and I see my fears take motion.
Every night as a star twinkles, I grow a dream,
With every tear that falls, I sow a wish,
As I sleep,
I fear how many dreams I could keep,
How many I would lose,
Which among the dears I'd choose,
How many would fade away
And I fear the times I'll have to sigh
And live with the life that goes by.
Only if I could stay
Where I am
Only if, reality never came!

By Nasima Nuren Khan


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