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By Nuzhat Binte Arif and Nayeema Reza

"Once upon a time, in a land far far away, lived a beautiful princess."

How many times have we been completely blown away by the beautiful story that followed this line?

Disney princesses, whether their journey started from a scullery or a war plagued Mongolian Kingdom, all had their perfect happy ending.

And in one way or other, they have all left us with at least one beautiful message: about a hope that never left them, a destiny that completely changed their lives and a Faith that ultimately led them to become who they are.

While many of us might simply brush it all off as a thing of the past, the truth is that these little fairy tales have touched us deeper than we think, and are still today, a part of our lives.

These Fictional women have, even though wrongly dubbed as silly, girly, and plane dumb, till date always successfully managed to capture and lead us to experience what they have experienced(in a very magically mystified and animated “magic carpet” way, of course), and feel what they have felt. For all we know, they tell us the stories of real women, who have learned to believe in life and take it in their own hands to win what they deserve.

To relive all those times spent glued to the TV screen or lost in the pages of an imaginary tale, lets visit the women who have shown us a way, given us a belief, that life can indeed be that beautiful if we want it to be...

Anastasia: From a life in a beautiful chateau with servants and maids to serve her every whim, to a life in the streets - Anastasia experienced it all. However, she also made us understand the true meaning of humility and helped us realize importance of a strong spirit and an excellent sense of humour.

Since she has the most unbreakable sense of willpower, we award Anastasia as the “Princess with the Strongest Personality”.

Ariel: We have watched the little mermaid countless times in our lives. Despite all the barriers (both physical and emotional), she set out to discover the unknown. Ariel did the undone and helped the ones in need. Indeed we the girls of today have a lot to learn from her. We award Ariel as “the Most Adventurous princess”

Rapunzel: With all the odds against her, Rapunzel did what she had to do. She unlocked herself from a life she knew she didn't deserve. In the process she brought back long hair back into fashion, helping us realize that things are not always what they appear to be.

Rapunzel is the “Princess with the Best hair”

Jasmine: In search of companionship with something other than birds and unworthy suitors, Jasmine broke free of all obstacles and escaped her sheltered life. She dared to believe in herself and grabbed onto a life she wanted for herself, not one that someone else wanted for her. This is one Asian princess who married for love and not for anything else. Jasmine is the “Princess with the strongest will”

Mulan: Probably one of the coolest princesses of all, Mulan broke off all traditions and changed the definition “Princess”. She is the one woman who showed such a tremendous strength of character (and fighting skills too!), that she left all male chauvinists dumbfounded, scratching their heads in confusion! Mulan is the “Princess with the Strongest Sense of Duty and Spirit…and kick-ass horse riding skills!”

Pocahontas: She stirred society's most controversial beliefs and made everybody realize that race and country does not matter when it comes to humanity and love. Her love for her family and nation is admirable and so we award Pocahontas the “Princess who showed the most integrity”

Cinderella: Despite popular belief, Cinderella did not have it easy for her. True her fairy Godmother helped her out, but it was her own choice that led her destiny to be changed forever when she decided to rebel against her stepmother...And for all we know, if she hadn't wanted to go to the ball so badly, her fairy godmother might not have come at all! She is the “Princess who is a Quiet Rebel”!

Belle: Despite being trapped in a scary castle with a Beast, this Beauty showed us that friendship lent its hands from the unlikeliest places. She made reading story books a “cool thing to do” and warmed the heart of a person who had forgotten he was human. She helped us appreciate the fact that what mattered in love was the heart, and not the face. Belle is the “Smartest Princess Ever!”

Hoping that the real princess that you are, still hidden in a dark corner within you, will finally show itself, this is Nuzhat and Nayeema signing off, believing that the last line of your book will read:

“And they lived happily ever after...”



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